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Flash Drives And SD Card Holder

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Flash Drives And SD Card Holder

If you have a lot of portable memory lying around then store it in this Flash Drives And SD Card Holder.

This 3D printed holder is available in many colors and can even have your logo on it.

The card holder can hold 8 flash drives, 8 SD cards, and 5 Micro SD cards.

I often have memory lying around my desk and then wen I need it I can’t find it but this storage organizer is just perfect because I will know exactly where my memory cards are.

So if you want to get organized then come and check out all the options of this Flash Drives And SD Card Holder.

SD Memory Card Carrying Case

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SD Memory Card Carrying Case

If you have a lot of memory cards lying around then you know how difficult it is to keep track of them and how easily you will loose them.

But no worries this carrying case will solve that problem for you.

Inside the case you will find 22 pockets for memory cards, 18 can hold cards up to the size of and SD or SDHC card and 4 are even bigger. There are 8 pages for you cards all ready to use and it comes with stickers for labeling the pockets so that you can organize you things the way you want.

The memory card case comes in a bunch of fun colors to so that it becomes even more personal.

Come check out thisĀ Memory Card Carrying Case.

Pelican 910 SD Card Storage Case

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SDHC storage container that keeps you files safe

OK so you take a lot of pictures and have loads of memory cards to keep track off.

This case from Pelican will keep you cards safe. It’s strong and water resistant and still small enough to take with you.

In this Pelican 910 storage case you find 16 pockets for micro SD cards and (yes and) 8 for normal SD or SDHC cards.

The cards are held in place so that even when you are working and not paying attention would stay safe.

Go check out this Pelican 910 SD Card Storage Case.

Memory Card Slot Cleaner

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Clean your memory card slots from dust and drit

We all use so much technology that we rely on but what happens when a small piece of dust comes by to play?

Right you think your camera is broke or brings you computer in for repair.

This will solve that all for you. The Memory Card Slot cleaner will make it easy to clean you slots from you camera or computer.

It will clean Memorystick, Compact Flash, SD, SDHC and USB slots easily. And it’s housed in a little knife style holder so that it can just be with you in your laptop bag.

Check what others have to say about the Memory Card Slot Cleaner.

Smallest MicroSD Card Reader

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World's Smallest MicroSD Card Reader

If you want the smallest card reader out there then we found it for you. This is a MicroSD card reader that is so small that it is just slightly bigger then the plug that go’s in the USB port. The SD card slides inside and makes it super compact.

This also means that you can use this configuration to create a super small flash drive. It comes with keychain loop so it is easy to cary around with you where ever you go.

Go read about all the details of the World’s Smallest MicroSD Card Reader.

Transcend 32 GB SDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card

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OK most of us have enough with a 2gb SD cardĀ  in our digital camera but not all of us and now you can get 32gb great for a video camera that accepts SDHC cards or maybe just for storage of data you want to hide a bit because these SD cards are small enough to be hidden out of sight.

Go check out the amazing Transcend 32 GB SDHC Memory Card