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Scosche iKit puts your iPad in the car

author Posted by: George on date May 3rd, 2010 | filed Filed under: iPad

OK so now you have your iPad and you love it I hope and you love it so much that you take it everywhere.

I can see myself enjoying it on the road with maps on it and my music.

But a loose iPad in a car is not that safe is it.

Scosche is working on a kit that mounts your iPad to your dash. Go check out the video below and see how it works.

The idea is great and it looks pretty nice to. What I don’t like is that the radio is gone 🙁 this way you can only listen to music from the iPad no more local stations that tell you about traffic or weather. Maybe it would work better if they make this holder on a arm you can move.

What do you think?