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10 Port USB Charger

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Sabrent 10 Port USB Charger

Now there is this 10 Port USB Charger from Sabrent which is a great way to quickly charge all your devices.

This USB charger has 10 ports that all can charger at 2.4 amp so that your devices are fully charge quickly enough.

A big charger like this is great for at work or maybe school and also the office. If you have like 10 tablets to charge everyday then this can help with that.

The charger offer 60watt (12 amps) and is smart so that it charges at the highest speed and also has an overcharge protection.

So if you need to charge a lot of devices then come check out this Sabrent 10 Port USB Charger.

External USB Audio Input and Output

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External USB Audio Input and Output

Nowadays many laptops do not have a port for headphones/speaker or a microphone anymore but this USB adapter from Sabrent offers both ports for your computer.

And even if your computer has a problem with the audio adapter then you are in luck as this adapter has its own adapter build in so that you can have audio again.

The USB adapter comes in black and silver so that you can make it match with your laptop and will work on both MAC and PC without the need of any drivers.

Now you can use a real microphone and speakers again after you ordered this Sabrent USB Speaker And Microphone Adapter.