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Smartphone Camera Remote

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Smartphone Camera Remote

Now you can get this Smartphone Camera Remote so that you can take pictures of yourself if you like.

This camera remote is available in many colors and will work on both IOS and Android.

So now you can take a picture by simply pressing the button and that makes it great for groups shots and selfies.

If you like to take photo’s then this suppose to be part of your kit and it comes in a nice pouch so that it can always be ready for you to use.

Now is the time to get this remote so that you have it ready for when you need it so come get your Smartphone Camera Remote.

Shuttr Wireless Camera Remote For Your Phone

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Shuttr Wireless Camera Remote For Your Phone

Do you want to be in the pictures you take with your smartphone?

Now you can as this is a remote that works with many devices like iPhone and Android and even tablets like the iPad.

Just click that button and you picture will be taken.

The Shuttr remote comes in black and white and has a range of about 30 feet.

No longer do you have to take the photo without yourself in it as this camera remote will make it possible to take a great photo of yourself.

Come and have a closer look at thisĀ Shuttr Wireless Camera Remote For Your SmartPhone.

Angry Birds Air Swimmer

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Angry Birds Air Swimmer

What would be more fun then a real Red Bird in your home that flies.

Angry Bird fans will love this.

The Angry Birds air swimmer is a remote control bird that you can fly around.

The bird itself is like a balloon that you inflate with helium (not included) and then you can just fly it around.

It’s easy and so much fun.

Come and check out this Angry Birds Red Bird Air Swimmer.

Air Hogs Hawk Eye RC

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Spy your home with this Air Hog Helicopter camera

No you can have a helicopter to fly around with and take pictures and video that you can then share with the world.

This remote controlled helicopter will do that for you and while you connect it to you pc and mac with the USB cord it will also charge it self in the meantime so that you can start flying again before you know it.

If you want some great video from above this is the way to do it easy and fun.

Go check out this Air Hogs Hawk Eye RC Helicopter.

Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter

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AR.Drone RC helicopter

The AR.Drone from Parrot is a remote controlled quadricopter that is controlled by an IOS device like and iPhone or iPad.

Now when you are flying this device you can enjoy the two build in camera’s and that of course will bring you loads of extra fun.

Go check out the Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter