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Nerd Life T-Shirt

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Nerd Life T-Shirt

OK so you are a nerd and you are proud of it how to you get the rest of the world to know?

Simple wear this Nerd Life t-shirt that shows a computer that looks a bit like a classic Mac and says “Nerd Life” around that computer.

You can get this nerdy t-shirt in men and women’s styles and in sizes Small – 6XL and it is made from 100% cotton and comes in many colors.

Now you just have to leave the house and show the world that you are a nerd by wearing this fun t-shirt.

Don’t wait just come and order your Nerd Life T-Shirt.

Geek or Nerd Shoes

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Geek or Nerd Shoes

Now you can have cool shoes that tell the world you are a geek or a nerd.

These shoes are black and on the top, they have two letters embroidered and together the shoes spell geek or nerd and you can choose which one you want.

The black shoes are available in a wide selection for women’s sizes so that they just fit you perfectly.

And the slip-on shoes are black with a white sole and that together with the white embroidery makes for a cool contrast.

Get ready to be the geekiest women on the block when you are wearing these shoes.

Here you can get the Geek Shoes

and Here you can get the Nerd Shoes.

Nerd Logo Sticker

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Nerd Logo Sticker

Are you a nerd and you are proud of it?

Maybe then it’s the time to put a sticker on it to prove it.

This sticker spells the word “Nerd” and they did it in the style of the Nintendo logo complete with the red border and the rights reserved R on it.

And this nerd sticker is great for almost anywhere. It’s a vinyl sticker that last indoors and outdoors so maybe it’s great for on your car, laptop, phone, fridge or maybe for above you bed.

Let the world know what you are with this Nerd Logo Sticker.

8 Bit Sunglasses

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8 Bit Sunglasses

We know how sunglasses look and most of them are boring and round.

But if you are a bit of a computer nerd then you love these glasses as they have an 8 bit look like it is made from pixels.

Besides looking different they offer the same feel and use as normal sunglasses and of course offer UV protection as well.

So if you want some new glasses that look a little bit different then get these 8-Bit Sunglasses.

Nerd Street Sign

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Nerd street sign

We all know who rules the world so lets get a street named after them.

This street sign says “Nerd st” and is made of PVC and printed with quality ink that easily last 5 years outdoors.
And the nerd street sign is 4 x 18 inch and really looks like a real street sign.

So make your nerd friend feel special when you name a street after them.

Come and check out this Nerd Street Sign.

Chuck Nerd Herd T-Shirt

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Chuck Nerd Herd T-Shirt

We nerds know Chuck the Nerd that became a special agent.

And now you can get your own Nerd Herd t-shirt just like you have seen on TV.

This Chuck t-shirt has a small Chuck logo on the back and a big Nerd Herd logo on the front.

And this black 100% cotton Chuck t-shirt comes in a range of sizes to fit your size needs.

Time to show the world that you are a tech nerd, order your Chuck Nerd Herd T-Shirt.

Nerdy Birdy T-Shirt

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Angry Birds red bird dress up as a nerd t-shirt

Angry Birds are the hot item and spin offs of the Angry Birds show up to.

Like this version of the Red Bird but now as Nerdy Birdy with glasses and a bow tie.

This shirt is for the females here that love to enjoy some Angry Birds and like there nerds.

You can get this t-shirt is sizes Small to X Large.

Get nerdy with this Nerdy Birdy T-Shirt.

Statement Socks

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Statement socks that say Nerd, Bacon, Bookworm or Geek

OK so we found out already that when you like things on this website then you are different then the rest of the population on  this planet.

And now we are showing you some cool statement socks that will make you stick out a little bit more.

The socks have statements like Bacon, Bookworm, Geek or Nerd on them and they do not come in one big set so you can choose the one your prefer.

Size wise the socks will fit from a women’s size 6.5 to a men’s size 12. The socks come to the knee to most of us and if you are real tall then they come a bit lower 😉

And the socks are made out of 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex because a real geek wants to know these things right?

So now we got it all clear and then now it is time to check your sock drawer and see if there is room from these nice colorful Statement Socks.

Sheldon Nerd Alert T-Shirt

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Dr. Sheldon Cooper nerd Alert T-Shirt

Nerd Alert with Doctor Sheldon Cooper holding it’s face on this great The Big Bang Theory t-shirt.

Who doesn’t like Sheldon and who doesn’t like nerds? Everybody who comes here probably likes both so i would say wait no longer and go get your Big Bang Theory Sheldon Nerd Alert T-Shirt.

Geek By Choice Mousepad

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Geek by choice perfect by design the perfect mousepad for geeks and nerds

This mousepad says “Geek by choice perfect by design” and that makes it a perfect mousepad that will leave a lasting impressing to anyone visiting your desk.

Go check out this Geek By Choice Mousepad.