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Cassette Player To MP3 converter

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Cassette Player To MP3 converter

If you still have a stack of cassette tapes lying around that you really want to keep then you should check out this cassette player to MP3 converter. Just plug a flash drive into the cassette player and play your tape and then you have your favorite music, books, or what ever you had on tape available on the flash drive as MP3 so now you can listen to your old cassette tracks on your new smartphone or computer because now you have it digitally.

Come check out thisĀ Cassette Player To MP3 converter.

Cassette Tape To MP3 Converter

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audio Cassette tape to MP3 converter

Do you still have a lot of audio tapes lying around but no player to listen to them?

Now you can listen to your cassette tapes with this cassette tape player that will also convert them to MP3 for you so that you can put them on your MP3 player, phone, computer and so on.

Cassette tapes are a thing of the past so it would be smart to convert your tapes to MP3 files while you still can.

The included PC software will help you so that soon your can listen to your favorite mixed tapes on your computer.

Come read all about this Cassette Tape To MP3 Converter.


iDuck Floating Wireless Speaker

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iDucky wireless floating speaker

How much fun would it be if you can have music while soaking in the tub?

But you already have a little ducky in the tub and besides you i would not be sure if i want to share my water with a speaker.

No worries we found the solution that is perfect. Just trow out your old ducky and replace it with the iDuck.

The iDuck is a floating speaker in the shape of a little duck. The iDuck will play music wirelessly so now you can enjoy your music or maybe an audio book.

The iDuck comes with and egg shaped transmitter that you plug in to your mp3 player (any music player with 3.5″ headphone jack” and the egg will transmit your music to your duck. They can be up to 10 meters apart so store the egg with your music player save away from the water and you can still enjoy the beats.

And if you don’t have fun music to listen to then no worries the iDuck also has an FM tuner in it so that you can enjoy the radio.

The iDuck can be the best present you ever gave or received.

Check out the iDuck Floating Music Player.

Phone Holder

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mount you phone in your car where ever you want it to be

Now you get the flexibility you want with this phone holder with a 15″ flexible arm.

Just connect the holder to the car (for instance to the floor) and you can adjust the arm so that you can have your phone or other devises exactly where you want them.

The universal holder is great compared to one specially made for your phone because now you can keep your phone in it’s case.

If you want a perfect solution for holding you phone while driving then you just have to get this Arkon 15-Inch Mount for Mobile Phones.

Retractable 3.5mm Audio Cable

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Retractable 3.5mm audio cable for you mp3 player

We all know the problem the aux port on our radio in the car is far from where you phone / mp3 player is. Then you get a cable with two 3.5mm plugs witch is to short or to long but never the right length.

But now we solved that problem with this audio cable that is retractable so make it the length you want it to be.

Go check out this 2 x 3.5 mm retractable audio cable.

SleepPhones Headphones

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SleepPhones are the solution for a good night sleep. Now you can wear these SleepPhone headphones and have some relaxing music or white noise playing while you fall a sleep. No problem with your partner snoring and no problem of earbuds falling out or hurting you.

The SleepPhones Headphones have the speakers build in the band so that they are always where you want them. And you can even use the SleepPhones as eye mask.

Just wear the SleepPhones all night and then your alarm can wake you through the SleepPhones.

Go get a good night sleep and order your own SleepPhones Headphones.

Micro MP3 Player

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The Japanese like things small and yes they did it again. This 4GB MP3 player is only as big as 2 sugar cubes and that means pretty small.

When you want to listen to music just put the player in one ear and connect the cable to the other and you are ready to listen to hours and hours of music without the need of pockets or anything.

Go check out this Micro MP3 Player.

Lego MP3 Player

author Posted by: George on date Dec 1st, 2009 | filed Filed under: Music

After yesterdays Lego Camera we really wanted to show you the Lego MP3 Player. This little gadget looks great with the Lego Blocks and the option to build the cool blocks on it. Now you can show you friends how cool it is not to have an iPod.

The Lego MP3 player has 2gb of memory and that is more then enough for 1 school day. And the build in Battery will last long enough for that to.

Just hook it to the USB port and move some great songs on it and you are ready to go.

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Japanese Micro Sport MP3 Player

author Posted by: George on date Nov 24th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Music

Maybe you iPod is a bit big so why not go small like they do in Japan.

Now you can have an 4GB MP3 player with build in battery as big as two sugar cubes.

Just put in on you computer put you MP3’s on it and you are ready stick it in your ear and connect the wire for the other ear to get the stereo sound.

Go check this cool Japanese Micro MP3 Player and see more cool images and instructions.

Baby’s First MP3 Player

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You can’t start early enough and so why not start your baby off with an mp3 player?

This MP3 player is made by molded rubber that meets FDA food grade specifications to make it safe for your child to put it in his or her mouth.

It has all kind of parent features that make it adjustable to your child’s needs.

1GB is the amount of music space you have and it even comes with some preloaded music from award-winning artist Susie Tallman & Friends and Jim Weiss, award winning storyteller.

Of course you can also just put your music on it through the included USB cable. And you can make up to 3 playlists to have one for each activity of the day.

And with this kids friendly mp3 player you do not have to worry about your own iPod being used for anything your kid can think of now they can just enjoy there own music.

Check out this Baby mp3 player at ThinkGeek and let your baby fall asleep with some nice music.