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LEGO Clockwork Robot Minifigure

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LEGO Clockwork Robot Minifigure


Now you can add a robot to you personal LEGO land.

This is the clockwork robot minifigure that came in series 6 and you can have it.

If you are a LEGO fan who likes robots then this can’t be missing in your collection.

So lets not wait any longer and order your LEGO Clockwork Robot Minifigure.

LEGO Minifig Flash Drive

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2GB Lego minifig USB flashdrive

This looks like any minifig from LEGO but it isn’t. This minifig is a 2GB flash drive that can hold all you data for you.

I think this minifig would look so nice with this LEGO USB HUB.

If you are a minifig collector then this would be a great addition to your collection. And this Lego minifig drive can be used as keychain to so you can take it with you everyday.

Go checkout this Lego Minifig Flash Drive.