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External USB Audio Input and Output

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External USB Audio Input and Output

Nowadays many laptops do not have a port for headphones/speaker or a microphone anymore but this USB adapter from Sabrent offers both ports for your computer.

And even if your computer has a problem with the audio adapter then you are in luck as this adapter has its own adapter build in so that you can have audio again.

The USB adapter comes in black and silver so that you can make it match with your laptop and will work on both MAC and PC without the need of any drivers.

Now you can use a real microphone and speakers again after you ordered this Sabrent USB Speaker And Microphone Adapter.

Banana Telephone

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Banana Telephone

Are you worried about the radiation from you mobile phone while you are calling people?

No you can rest assure that you are safe.

Just connect this external phone horn to your phone and you are good to go.

OK this phone handset looks like a banana but that makes it even more fun.
Just image the people staring while you are talking into a banana.

Just connect the banana to your phone’s headphone jack and you are good to go. It will work with almost any phone that can use headphones with build in microphone like the iPhone and most Android phones.

Come and have a closer look at this Banana Phone Handset.

USB HUB With Microphone

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USB HUB with microphone

Never seen this before but it is an interesting item.

This is a 3 port USB HUB with a build in microphone. The microphone is places on one side of the hub and can be moved up or down.

I could see the item being an easy way to get a microphone closer to you and farther away from you computer.

The wire coming from the HUB has a USB and a 3.5″ connector so that the microphone is separate from the HUB.

This is just one of those items you just have to see, so don’t wait and go see the USB HUB With Microphone.

Mini Laptop Microphone

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laptop mini microphone

It’s hard to believe but some laptop manufacturers do not put microphones in there laptops any more.

I guess every penny saved is good for them. But now you have a problem when you want to do some voice chatting.

Luckily for you most of those laptops still have a 3.5″ port to connect a microphone.

And that is where this little laptop microphone comes in handy. Just plug it in and you are ready to go.

Of course you can also use this little microphone when you have one build in. This little microphone can just be in your laptop bag for when ever you want it.

Go have a closer look at this Mini Laptop Microphone.

Headset Buddy

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Great from two to one 3.5" plugs

OK so you have one of those nice headsets with one plug instead of one for the microphone and one for the speaker. So how do you connect that to your computer?

Simple you need this cable that makes you 3.5″ microphone and speaker connectors from you computer in to one.

Now you can use your headset.

Now you could use your headphones with build in microphone that you got with you iphone.

Go check out this Headset Buddy Cable.

USB To 3.5mm Audio Stereo Microphone Adapter

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Now you can connect your headphones or microphone to your usb port with this little converter

This little plug makes converts 3.5mm audio plug to USB so now you are able to plug in your headphones or microphone to your USB port.

This little plug is ideal because now you can decide where you audio port is. This plug supports both audio and microphone and that makes it possible to use the iPhone headphones with build in microphone.

You see a very useful tool go get your USB to 3.5mm Converter Plug.

CablesToBuy™ Mini Microphone for iPod touch

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Cablestobuy mini microphone for ipod and ipod touch

If you got an iPod touch you know that the sound recorder app is not really working for you because Apple did not give you device an build in microphone But now you can get a littl microphone just a couple of dollars.

The CablesToBuy Mini Microphone is easy it comes in a little shell so that you plug will not damage when not in use. And how do you use it? simple just plug it in to you iPod Touch (2e generation or newer) and you are ready to go.

So now you can have a great little mic so that you are ready to record audio to your iPod Touch.

Get the CablesToBuy™ Mini Microphone today and start using it real soon.

SmartTalk iPhone Headphone/Mic Adapter

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If you like me have ears that are not Apple compatible then you know how difficult it can be to try to use there headphones with build in microphone. For me the Apple headphones just don’t fit and for that reason I still use the ancient Sony once I got with my portable CD player a long long long time ago.

But I would like to use the mic so that I don’t have to hold my iPhone when I am trying to work.

So now there is a solution for that, SmartTalk offers a little cable that you can stick between you iPhone (or other device) and your favorite headphones and by doing so you add a iPhone compatible microphone to your good old headphones.

And that is not all the SmartTalk adapter can pickup calls or send the to voice mail or your can use it to play, pause or skip music so you see this little adapter can change your life like the iPhone did once.

Go check out the SmartTalk iPhone Headphone/Mic Adapter and see how you can enjoy your iPhone even more.