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Sony Playstation Logo Cap

author Posted by: George on date Apr 24th, 2017 | filed Filed under: Videogaming

Sony Playstation Logo Cap

If you are a true gamer that prefers Playstation then you should check out this cap.

The baseball cap is light gray in color with black visor and details. On the front of the cap, you will find the Playstation logo.

So now you can wear this hat normal or backward and people will know that they can talk gaming with your and this is a snapback hat so that it will fit almost all the Sony Playstation users.

Time to get your hat on and you should be thinking about this Sony Playstation Logo Cap.

Mr. Robot Evil Corp Travel Mug

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Mr. Robot Evil Corp Travel Mug

If you are a fan of Mr. Robot then how about a travel mug with the Evil Corp logo on it.

The black travel mug shows a big white E at an angel with below it the words “Evil Corp”.

Made from stainless steel this travel mug is just perfect for all the true fans of the TV series and of course you need your morning coffee and afternoon tea out of a perfect vessel and this travel mug could be that vessel as it looks perfect, keeps your drink warm and is much better then a paper cup.

Come and order you Mr. Robot Evil Corp Travel Mug.

NeXT Computer Mouse Pad

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NeXT Computer Mouse Pad

Even though I don’t use a mouse pad any more this mouse pad is one that I would want on my desk.

This mouse pad is white and on the white it has the Next Logo from that other computer company Steve Jobs founded and later sold to Apple.

It is just fun to own a geek piece of history like that and I am sure that it would not mist and on your desk specially if you use a Mac.

And this is a quality mouse pad with a non slip back so that it stays perfectly in place while working on your computer.

Come have a  closer look at this Next Mouse Pad.

Nerd Logo Sticker

author Posted by: George on date Mar 14th, 2014 | filed Filed under: Stickers

Nerd Logo Sticker

Are you a nerd and you are proud of it?

Maybe then it’s the time to put a sticker on it to prove it.

This sticker spells the word “Nerd” and they did it in the style of the Nintendo logo complete with the red border and the rights reserved R on it.

And this nerd sticker is great for almost anywhere. It’s a vinyl sticker that last indoors and outdoors so maybe it’s great for on your car, laptop, phone, fridge or maybe for above you bed.

Let the world know what you are with this Nerd Logo Sticker.

Tardis Bigger Inside T-Shirt

author Posted by: George on date Jun 29th, 2013 | filed Filed under: T-shirts

Doctor Who Tardis Bigger Inside T-Shirt

A computer nerd know about the Intel inside logo and this t-shirt shows something that looks a lot like that logo.

But it’s not…..

Instead of Intel Inside it says “Tardis bigger inside” and we Doctor Who fans of course know that the blue box that the Doctor uses to travel is much bigger on the inside.

This fun Doctor Who t-shirt comes in a range of styles and colors for men and women and they even have a hoodie if you want that.

So if you are a true fan of the Doctor and his Tardis then you should check out this Doctor Who Tardis Bigger Inside T-Shirt.

Atari Logo T-Shirt

author Posted by: George on date Feb 8th, 2013 | filed Filed under: T-shirts, Videogaming

Atari Logo T-Shirt

OK so you are in to video games and would like gaming t-shirts to fill your closet.

But do you have the classics?

How about an Atari t-shirt?

This black Atari t-shirt is perfect as it has a little bit of a worn look and the colors and layout definitely look retro.

The main stripes of the Atari logo is orange and each letter of the word Atari comes in a different color.

We geeks should all remember the classics and have something as fun as this Atari t-shirt in our collection.

So lets not wait and just order this Atari Logo T-Shirt.

Atari Logo Vinyl Decal

author Posted by: George on date Dec 20th, 2012 | filed Filed under: Stickers, Videogaming

Atari Logo Vinyl Decal

OK people have Apple logo’s on their cars but what if you like Atari better?

No worries this vinyl decal is the Atari logo and it is in white making it ideal for you car window or anywhere else you would want to see this sticker.

The Atari logo decal is 4 x 3.4 inch and will definitely look retro on what ever you now.

Come and order your Atari Logo Vinyl Decal.

Android Showing It’s Teeth Sticker

author Posted by: George on date Aug 29th, 2012 | filed Filed under: Stickers

Android Showing It's Teeth Sticker

Google’s Android may be a just a friendly phone operating system like Apple’s IOS but this sticker shows that dark side of Android.

This sticker shows a green Android but this one is ready to attack it even shows it’s white pointy teeth.

This Android sticker is die cut so that it would look great on almost anything and it is weather proof so you could even stick it on your car.

Come and have a closer look at this Android Showing It’s Teeth Sticker.

Doctor Who Tardis Door Poster

author Posted by: George on date Aug 23rd, 2012 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Doctor Who Tardis door poster

Doctor Who fans will love this poster.

This is not just a poster no it is a poster of the Tardis and it is big as big as a door so that you can decorate your rooms door as the Tardis of the Doctor.

On the poster you don’t see much more then a big picture of the Tardis and the Doctor Who logo.

The Doctor Who poster is 21 x 62 inch and of course is shipped in a sturdy tube.

If you want to make people believe that they enter the Tardis instead of your room then this door poster is the perfect way of doing that.

Come get your own Doctor Who Tardis Door Poster.

Apple Hoodie

author Posted by: George on date Jan 22nd, 2012 | filed Filed under: apple

Apple hoodie

Apple fans know how difficult it is to get your hands on a Apple t-shirt or other piece of clothing.

But we just found this hoodie. You never know if Apple is gone pull this product as soon as they find out that this is out there but in the mean time you have to see it.

This hoodie first of all has a big Apple logo on the side of the hood and you can choose between the current logo just the Apple with the bite out of it in white or black or the rainbow Apple and they even have one with the world on it.

After you choose the hood then you can pick the back. Here you have the options of an iPhone, the word Mac, the rainbow logo but moving or the words “Think Different”.

And all these options are available on a hoodie that comes in black or white as pullover or a zip up.

So if you want to show the world you Apple love then this hoodie can save you a trip to the Apple campus.

I am thinking about getting a black zip up hoodie with the Logo from the picture and “Think Different” on the back.

Check out all the option and pictures of this Apple Hoodie.