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LEGO Nintendo NES System 71374

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LEGO Nintendo NES System 71374

Now there is this LEGO Nintendo NES System 71374 set and it is really cool.

If you like the classic video games systems and your like LEGO then this is what you need.

This set includes the NES system with controller and game and there is a TV with a stand too and all is made from LEGO.

And that is not all as the cartridge fits inside the console just like on the real one and the TV has a lever on the side that makes the game on the screen move and even Mario is moving just like it would with a real Super Mario game.

This set is so cool that it deserves a spot in your home so come get your LEGO Nintendo NES System 71374.

LEGO Duvet Cover

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Lego Duvet Cover

Now everyone that loves to place LEGO blocks can sleep in style all thanks to this LEGO Duvet Cover.

The duvet cover is white on the back but the front is covered in LEGO brings in many colors and sizes and has a hidden zipper to make your duvet fits securely inside it.

And you can get this LEGO duvet cover in many sizes like Full, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, and King.

Now you can dream about LEGO bricks while not having to worry that the bedding is made from actual LEGO as that would make it really heavy.

Get ready for a nap under your LEGO Duvet Cover.

LEGO Robo Creator Set 31062

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LEGO Robo Creator Set 31062

If you like LEGO and robots then you just need this Robo creator set.

The Robo Explorer set is number 31062 and includes 205 pieces including a light brick.

And as it is a creator set it includes building instructions for 3 different robots.

First, you can build Robo Explorer that is a really cool robot with tracks so that it can explore faraway planets. And this robot is about 4 inches tall. And besides the main robot, you can also build a robot dog and a robot bird and that means you can enjoy many building sessions as you can keep changing the robots.

Come get your LEGO Robot Explorer Set.

LEGO Minecraft The Village Set 21128

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Lego Minecraft The Village Set 21128

If you are crazy about building then you probably like LEGO and Minecraft and this time you are in luck because both came together and here is the LEGO Minecraft set that makes you build a village.

The LEGO set is rated ages 8 and up and has pieces including pigs and other Minecraft creatures.

And yes you have to build the village that includes multiple buildings and many open up so that you can go inside the houses.

1600 pieces of LEGO is a great start for your real world Minecraft set and this LEGO building kit has number 21128 and would be a great addition to your LEGO collection.

Come check out this LEGO Minecraft The Village Building Set.

LEGO Figure Evolution T-Shirt

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LEGO Figure Evolution T-Shirt

It does not matter how old you are, you can always play with LEGO and this t-shirt is perfect for you if you enjoy building things with LEGO.

On the t-shirt, you can see the evolution of a Minifigure and it all starts with a small piece of LEGO and from there it grows up into the little characters we all know and love.

You can get this fun evolution t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and yes it does come in many sizes and even in many colors so that you can get the LEGO t-shirt you enjoy best.

Come get your LEGO Evolution T-Shirt.

LEGO Blocks Women’s Swimsuit

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LEGO Blocks Women's Bathing Suit

If you are a women that likes LEGO so much that it is hard to go to the pool because you are gone miss you colorful blocks then you are in luck.

Now there is this one piece swimsuit that is covered in fun LEGO like blocks. Wearing this swimwear almost makes you feel like you are made from LEGO.

Just imagine how much fun it will be to go to the pool or the beach while wearing bathing suit that just is perfect for you.

So if you want a swimsuit that fits your personality then come check out this LEGO Blocks Women’s Bathing Suit.

LEGO Clockwork Robot Minifigure

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LEGO Clockwork Robot Minifigure


Now you can add a robot to you personal LEGO land.

This is the clockwork robot minifigure that came in series 6 and you can have it.

If you are a LEGO fan who likes robots then this can’t be missing in your collection.

So lets not wait any longer and order your LEGO Clockwork Robot Minifigure.

Building Brick Light Switch Plate

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Building bricks light switch cover plate

We all have them those boring plain flat light switch covers.

But now you can replace two of them with these once that you can build on.

This building brick light switch plate will work with many famous bricks like:

  • Lego
  • PixelBlocks
  • Mega Bloks
  • KRE-O
  • K’NEX Bricks

And there could be more.

Just imagine the possibilities of these fun plates with you LEGO figures on it or when you build a construction that blocks the switch.

You options are only limited by your imagination.

There are two switch plates in each set so that two of you boring light switches can become cool.

Now come and get your own Building Brick Light Switch Plate.

Build On Brick Mug

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Build On Brick Mug

The time of normal ceramic mugs with all kind of fun prints on them is over.

Now there is a mug you can build on and I really mean that.

This 12 ounces mug is made from BPA free plastic and lets you build on it with all kind of bricks (not included)

The build on mug lets you use:

  • Lego
  • Mega Blocks
  • PixelBlocks
  • KRE-O
  • K’NEX Bricks

So now you can use all your fun bricks to make you mug look fun or maybe even give it wheels so that it can drive around you desk.

I can only imagine how much fun a mug like this is and how limitless the options are to make something amazing.

Get planning and start by ordering your Build-On Brick Mug.

Robot Minifig Poster

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Robot minifig poster

Are you collecting LEGO figures?

If so then you are gone love this poster of a robot minifig on an amazing 8 x 8 inch mini poster.

So if you like robots and little LEGO figures then you have see this LEGO Robot Poster.