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LED Lightbulb With Emergency Battery

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LED Lightbulb With Emergency Battery

We all have lightbulbs in our home and most people these days get LED bulbs as they save a lot of electricity but did you know that you can have a LED lightbulb that has a battery build in so that when power goes out you still have light.

This LED bulb is just like a normal light bulb but when the power to your home goes down then this light will work as normal and it will bring you light fo hours.

I would say that everyone should have a lightbulb like this in their home because then you never have to worry about having light when there is an emergency.

So come check out this LED Lightbulb With Emergency Battery.

USB Fan With Programmable Message

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USB Fan With Programmable Message

We all know those USB fan’s that have the flexible neck and are great to get some cool breeze going on at those hot days in summer.

Now you can get this fan that is similar to that fan but this one also projects a message, it looks like the message is hanging in the air making it fun to look at.

You can program the message on a Windows PC and you can program 8 messages of up to 26 characters each. And the fun thing of the fan is that it will remember the message so you can give it to friends and they will see your message.

This fan has blue LED’s to display the message.

If you want a fan for those hot days then why not one like this USB Fan With Programmable Message.

Iron Samurai LED Watch

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Steel bracelet watch

Us geeks want special tech looking stuff and that is where this watch fits right in.

This Iron Samurai LED watch looks just like a metal bracelet but build in to the bracelet is the watch.
You can see the time show in the band by LED lights.

Not only does this watch look amazingly high tech it is also dirty cheap so that means that we geeks can change things up as it doesn’t break the bank.

Come have a look at all the details of this Iron Samurai LED Watch.

LED Binary Watch

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LED binary watch

Watches are so boring but now you can get a fun watch.

This watch does not have normal watch face with arms that move around to tell time.
No this watch tells time binary by making LED’s come on to tell you hours and minutes.

Not only will this watch tell you time it also will make you look awesome and geeky at the same time.

Come check out this special LED Binary Watch.

Lightbulb USB Flash Drive

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LED lightbulb thumb drive

How fun does this look.

An USB flash drive in the shape of a lightbulb.

OK maybe not the most practical flash drive out there but this one will give light when you plug it in to your USB port.

Not only does this flash drive work like any other flash drive and loves to take care of you important data, it also gives light and is a keychain.

fitting it in to you laptop is a bit difficult because it is kinda thick but this drive is so amazing that you would love to own one.

Now is the time to go storage shopping and for this Lightbulb USB Flash Drive.


Folding Credit Card Style LED Christmas Tree

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credit card style folding christmas tree light

How fun would it be to give your friends a little present with their Christmas cards this year.

This folding Christmas tree is great fun. It has an LED light build in that works for a long time lighting up the holidays. And you can fold the tree down and then you have a small credit card size tree.

Mail it to all your friends and they will love it.

Get ready for Christmas with the Folding LED Christmas Tree.

Hello Kitty USB Lamp

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Hello Kitty USB LED Lamp

Want a nice little lamp for the dark nights working?

Just plug this Hello Kitty lamp in your USB port and you are ready to go. It will make your setup look nice and the build in 6 LED’s will give you plenty of light without the need of an extra power socket.

Hello Kitty fans just have to check this lamp out so just go see the Hello Kitty USB Lamp.

Red Robot USB HUB

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4 port usb hub robot

Robot collectors are gone like this USB HUB robot. This HUB has 4 ports build in to the arms and legs of this red robot. And you can move the arms and legs to the position that works for your USB wires. Besides being a real useful robot it also has two LED’s as eyes.

Go have a better look at all the options of this Red Robot 4 port USB 2.0 HUB.

Green Science Windmill Generator

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Windmill generator that generates free light

If you want to teach your kids about renewable energy you should have a look at this windmill generator set.

The windmill is pretty easy to assemble and all you need is a plastic bottle to mount it on and then the wind will do the rest.

When the windmill start to turn a LED light will go on and now you have free light.

Maybe it is even great to take camping.

Try this Green Science Windmill Generator.

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle

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Want to say something to people facing you? Why net get this Scrolling LED Belt Buckle?

Easy you can store up to 6 different messages with a max length of 256 characters each that is plenty to get a message accross.

So have a closer look at this Scrolling LED Belt Buckle