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Avantree Bed And Standing Desk

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Avantree Bed And Standing Desk

If you like standing when you work or work from your bed then check out this Avantree Bed And Standing Desk.

This is folding desk that comes in two sizes for just your computer or with a mouse next to it.

The folding desk is adjustable in hight and even angle so that you can use it on top of a table as a standing desk or on the couch, bed, or even the floor and that means you can work almost anywhere.

And there are little guides on the one side so that your computer stays in place when at an angle but they are removable to become a portable writing desk.

So if you want to perfect desk for working almost anywhere then come get your Avantree Bed And Standing Desk.

Lap Desk

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Homz storage lap desk for laptop and other stuff

This lap desk can make working on the couch a lot easier.

Now you can just sit in a  chair and use you lap desk to hold your laptop or paperwork. It even has a little pocket on the side that can hold pens, wires and so on.

And because you use it a lot this lap desk can be detached from the pillow so that you can wash the pillow if needed.

If you want a lap desk then go look at the Homz Storage Lap Desk.