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Solar Emergency Or Camping Lantern

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Solar Emergency Or Camping Lantern

When the power goes down you know what it is in the darkness and then you find out that some emergency lighting is good to have and that is why you should check this solar emergency or camping lantern.

The lantern fold flat when not in use and inflates when you need it and you can charge it by solar or choose the version that also allows you to use USB power.

The LuminAid lantern will even float so you can light up the pool too.

Having an emergency light is something we all should have and this lantern is great for camping to so very multifunctional.

Get ready for when the power goes down by ordering your Solar Lantern.

Desk Lamp With USB Charging Ports

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Desk Lamp With USB Charging Ports

More and more devices want to be charged through USB and there are just to little ways to charge without placing chargers any where.

But if you need a good desk lamp then this can make your life better and easier.

This desk lamp that is available in black or white has 3 USB ports 2 are 1a and 1 is 2.1a so that you can charge your phones and tables and maybe a battery pack or you bluetooth speaker.

And as it has 3 ports it is just perfect.

And besides being a great USB charger it is also an amazing lamp that offers 8 brightness settings so that you can get the right amount of light for the task at hand and when you it will remember you favorite setting when you turn it off. Pointing it is no problem either as the desk lamp has bendable neck.

Come check out this Desk Lamp With USB Charger And Phone Stand.

Retro Robot Table Lamp

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Robot table lamp

Do you need a special table lamp?

If so then this is the lamp to stare at. The base shows a retro robot that stands 6 inch tall. Complete with the nice shade this lamp will be a focal point in your home or office.

It’s hard to believe how nice this lamp looks and i would ask you if you just like the picture a bit then come and see the other photo’s of this Retro Robot Table Lamp.

Robot Desk Lamp

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Robot desk light lamp

Want a robot on your desk?

If so then this desk lamp could be perfect for you.

The lamp is shaped like a robot with a lightbulb as head.

And part of the body like arms and legs are moveable to put it in all kind of fun directions.
Each arm has a clip as hand so that you can make this robot hold things for you.

Need light in the dark come check out this Robot Desk Lamp.

Ghost Lamps

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Pac Man Ghost Lamp

The Yellow creature called Pac Man is afraid of little ghosts so to keep him out of you home you can get some ghosts but most ghosts are more annoying then Pac Man so that is not a real solution.

But now there are ghosts lamps. They look like ghosts but they are just lamps that turn them selves on when it gets dark.

They come in Blue, Yellow, Red and White. so you can choose your favourite ghost color.

You just plug them in a USB port and you are good to go.

Come have a better look at these cute Pac Man Ghost Lamps.

Mushroom USB Lamp

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A USB Mushroom lamp

You want some light on your desk but don’t fee like pulling another wire.

Hmm this mushroom lamp could be the solution. It will get it’s power through the USB port of your computer (or 4 AA batteries).

Just like the picture you can lighten up your desk by just pressing the top of the mushroom.

Go have a much closer look at this USB Mushroom Lamp.

M&M USB Desk Lamp

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This yellow M&M will help you with some light while you are working.

An M&M desk light with 5 LED’s will be a great addition to your desk. The light looks like an M&M holding a flashlight. And of course it is powered by the USB port of your computer so no extra power sockets are needed.

Go have a better look at this M&M USB Desk Lamp.

Star Trek Lamp

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Star Trek Lamp

OK even if you are only a small fan of Star Trek you have to see this.

So lets start with a little video:

As you can see this is just the coolest gadget out there.

You can now own a lamp that has a turning space ship and of course not just a space ship but the Starship Enterprise and with the turning starship and the theme of the original Star Trek movies this just has to be the coolest item out there.

Check out all the details of this Star Trek Lamp.

Homer Simpson USB Lamp

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A USB powered Homer SImpson lamp

Homer Simpson is relaxing in his chair. But this is not just a chair it is a chair with a lamp on top, does this mean that Homer could use this to read a book?

I guess you have to see for your self. This Lamp is powered by USB so just hook it up to your computer and the fun will begin.

Order the Homer Simpson USB Desk Light today!