Cool Usb Toys

USB gadgets as far as the eye can see.


USB Button

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USB Button

Now you can have one key just ready for use and it is just an USB Button.

The button can have they key you want programmed inside it and it can even be a mouse click too.

They button comes in a nice black box with a big button and you can pick the color of the button to so that it is just what you need.

Just plug it in to a USB port of you PC or Mac and you are set as you computer does not need any software to make this work.

If you have a the need for a physical button then come get your USB Button.

Giant Foam Working Enter Key

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Giant Foam Working Enter Key

If you Enter key on your keyboard is a bit small then check out this Giant Foam Working Enter Key.

This Enter key is really big and made from foam but it works just like the one on your keyboard by plugging it in to your USB port of your pc or Mac. And with this big key it will be extra fun to press the enter key and you can even put some stress in it as it is foam so it will feel good to smash it.

A key like this is just fun to have on your desk at home or the office so come and get your Giant Foam Working Enter Key.

Stream Deck

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Stream Deck from Elgato

We all have a keyboard on our computers but now you can get this Stream Deck as a great addition to your workflow.

The Steam Deck from Elgato comes in a 6 and 15 key version and those keys are not just normal keys they are LCD displays so they can show an icon you like and they can even update stats like how many people are watching your lifestream.

You can program all 15 keys and gives it instructions you like. For instance, you can give it a complete tweet or a bunch of instructions that need to be done together.

You should and come dee the video to get a better idea about this great Elgato Stream Deck Keyboard.

Keyboard Shaped Waffle Iron

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Keyboard waffle maker

If you are crazy about waffles and a bit of a computer geek then this waffle maker is what you need.

This waffle maker does not make the typical waffle, it does make a waffle that looks like a computer keyboard. And as keyboards are bigger than most waffles that means that your waffles will be bigger too. The keyboard waffle maker can make waffles that are 10 x 3.5 inches and they are 1-inch thick.

You can use this waffle maker with a gas or electric stove, grills, hotplates, and even a campfire.

So get ready and make waffles for breakfast with this Keyboard Shaped Waffle Iron.

Qwerkywriter Retro Bluetooth Keyboard For All Your Devices

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Qwerkywriter Retro Bluetooth Keyboard For All Your Devices

If you like the feel of a classic typewriter but are sick of typing on paper instead of your computer or tablet then you are in luck as this keyboard can bring that feeling to any devices that can use a Bluetooth keyboard.

The Qwerkwriter brings the look of a classic typewriter to you and the mechanical Cherry keys are just perfect for typing for hours on end.

And this Bluetooth mechanical keyboard has a build in rechargeable battery that will get your to a month of typing before it needs a charge.

Just imagine having this keyboard on your desk for use with your PC or Mac or just use the build in tablet stand to type on that.

Come and check out this Qwerkywriter Retro Bluetooth Keyboard.

1930’s Underwood Typewriter As Keyboard

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1930's Underwood Typewriter As Keyboard

Would you like to type the classical way on a real typewriter?

Now you can get this Underwood F 19030’s typewriter that still works like it did in the olden days but this one also works as a USB keyboard for your PC or Mac and can even work with and iPad.

This typewriter would look stunning in your office and just imagine the looks when people see you type away your emails with this classic machine.

Paper or electrical this type writer is perfect for you. And it even gives you access to the special keys so that you have the full keyboard controls you need in a 1930’s package.

Come and take a closer look at this Typewriter Computer Keyboard.

Keyboard Key Storage Box

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Keyboard Key Storage Box


Why get a boring box to store things in?

If you are a bit geeky like me then you are gone love this key that is a storage box.

Yes it looks like a big key from a keyboard and it has the @ sign on it but inside there plenty of room for you gadgets, wires and many other things.

So if you want to clean up you desk then lets store stuff in this Keyboard Key Storage Box.

Keyboard Basics Chart

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Keyboard Basics Chart

It’s fun and maybe a bit geeky.

This is a chart of how to use a keyboard. It explains what keys do what based on the picture of an really old fashion keyboard.

This poster is 17 x 22 inch and is a great way to decorate your room or to use in computer class.

What ever you think it is useful for this fun keyboard chart will make people stare.

Come and have a closer look at the Keyboard Basics Poster.

Computer Keys Bottle Stopper

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Computer Keys Bottle Stopper

Drinking a glass of wine is one thing but finishing the bottle is a totally different thing to do.

But not worries we found a geeky solution to keep the wine fresh and secure in the bottle and still look geeky on the outside.

Bottle stops in the shape of computer keys. They come in a set of 3 and each key has a different message. They can say End, Esc or Save and look just like a regular key from your keyboard. And  they fit perfectly in a wine bottle.

So if you need bottle stops then check out this set of Computer Keys Bottle Stopper.

Keyboard Doormat

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Doormat that looks like a keyboard

This Doormat is specially made for a computer nerd.


Simple it has a keyboard printed on it.

And besides the qwerty layout there is a part that spells out “welcome!” in red letters.

This is a great mat for everyday use witch would last you a long time.

So if you are looking for a keyboard without any wires or batteries then get this Computer Keyboard Doormat.