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author Posted by: George on date Nov 7th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Applications, iPhone / iPod Touch

Apple Store Applications for the iPhone and iPod touch come in different price ranges, but the price does not always determine quality. For instance, the application I’m reviewing here is the best I’ve found in its class and it’s FREE.

ShopShop is, as the name goes, an application that helps you with your shopping. It is an electronic version of a shopping list.

Just add the items you need to the list, and ShopShop will remember the names in a database, so that next time you can select the same items from the database instead of typing their names again. ShopShop also lets you specify a number in front of each item, as in “12 eggs” or “5 apples”. Most times my list just reads “bread, fruits,…” and so on.

The nice thing about ShopShop is that you can cross off what you’ve already picked up. It places a red line through the item, so that you can still see it and uncross it. When you’re all done, you can touch the Clear button on the top left all the red-line items will disappear from your list.

ShopShop also offers the option of making multiple lists. I use it to make lists for different stores, which is very handy. You switch between lists by tapping to the left or to the right of the bottom row of dots (each dot represents one list). Unfortunately you can’t move pages like you can in most other iPhone/iPod touch applications.

Bottom line: ShopShop is a great piece of software for an unbelievable price (FREE!). In my opinion, it’s one of only a few applications that would be worth paying for. It simply does what you need without bombarding you with options. For me this application keeps my shopping lists nicely organized.

ShopShop is a must-have application, so get your copy today before they start charging for it!

TickerPicker v2.0

author Posted by: George on date Mar 24th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Applications

Looking for some help with your stock portfolio?

This application can help you out with that. TickerPicker version 2.0 offers you almost all you would like to have in a stock application.

First you can make your watch list on there you put the stocks you like to follow. On this screen you can also see the current price and the daychanges. By default the list is refeshed every 5 seconds so you can see your stock move.

And then there is the Stock chart this screen (as you see above) shows you Candlesticks, volume, RSI and MacD so basicly everyting you look for to help you decide to buy or sell.

The graphs may look a bit small and they are it helps to turn you device to landscape and you can zoom in.

After using TickerPicker for a couple of days I have to say it is neat it does what it says it does and it does it well.

What I personally would like is a way to keep my portfolio in here so that i could track my gains in one application. But besides that it is just a splendid application for a very low price.

If you are still interested after read this little review then click on TickerPicker to bring you to the itunes page.

SipPhone on iPhone

author Posted by: George on date Mar 16th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Applications, iPhone / iPod Touch

Why not use different ways of using your iPhone then just a cell phone. SIP is a great way to get low cost phone calls and now it even works on an iPhone.

As you read yesterday’s story about how to configure your iPhone to use MagicJack then you know how I did it. But today I will just focus on how SipPhone works.

SipPhone is simpe just download SiPhone on iTunes and for $6.99 you can start using it. OK the application is not free but for that amount you get an application that can help you to get your phone bill down.

After you downloaded and configured SipPhone you are ready to go and beside the different look it almost works the same as the normal phone on your iPhone it just looks a bit different. On the bottom of your dial pad you have two buttons one said Cellular and when you use that you use your normal phone and one that says SIP (should be green to use it) and that one is used to make your SIP call.

And that is all to it. you have some settings like the ringer for when people call you but that is about it.

It uses your normal address book to find you contacts to call and by default it will use the SIP phone so no worries that it calls through your wireless.

For me SipPhone is a great way to bring my bill down. I spend a lot of time in locations where WiFi internet is available and now I can use that free internet to call.

If you have a SIP account somewhere and an iPhone then why not use it go try out SipPhone on iPhone yourself and see how easy it is.

And I guess that this application would work on an iPod Touch to as long as you get a microphone. (did not test this)

Call for free on your iPhone with MagicJack

author Posted by: George on date Mar 15th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Applications, iPhone / iPod Touch, VOIP / Phones

As an iPhone 3G owner I thought form the day I got my phone that it would be great if I could use the WiFi to call with for instance Skype. As you may remember I use MagicJack to make my phone calls through the computer and for less then 20 dollars a year I can call anyone in the US and Canada and get great international long distance rates as well.

And then I found a post somewhere that you can get Magicjack working through SIP and that made me trying to find a Sip application for the iPhone and that was easy there is an application called SipPhone (review will follow) that you can use to call through WiFi. Then of course I needed to get it working and this is how I did it and it was not as easy as I thought but with lots of help I was able to get it working.

First of all you need to find you SIP information from your MagicJack plug and YES that means that you need to have MagicJack before you can use it on your iPhone.

There are lots of ways out there to find the SIP information but I used the program MJ Utility Suite (i used version 1.6). With this program it is easy just click the button to get the SIP info and you get what you need. Probably you need to edit the configuration a bit to point the right spots but when it is right you will get something like this:

Login Information
ProxyUserName = E**********01
ProxyUserPassword = ABCDEFGHIJ

UDP Ports
SIPUDPDefaultPort = 0
SIPUDPPortRangeStart = 65535
SIPUDPPortRangeEnd = 49152

Other SIP Data
SIPCallerID = E**********01
UserDomain =
ProxyName =
ProxyIP =
User-Agent = MagicJack/1.80.466c (SJ Labs)

So now you are almost ready to go. But you need to find out what city your proxy uses and you do that as followed. Look at the ProxyIP (mine was as you can see above) then go to this WIKIbook for MJ Support and there you can see what proxy belongs to the IP address.

Now we have everything you need to make SipPhone work with MagicJack. So download the SipPhone application from the itunes store and start it and put the following settings:

On main screen under Accounts, select edit, select add new SIP accounts.

Username: E**********01       <<<<<< PUT IN YOUR INFO
Password: ********************    <<<<<<< PUT IN YOUR PASSWORD (case sensitive)

Select Advance

Auth User: E**********01       <<<<<<<<<<< PUT IN YOUR INFO
Proxy Server:        <<<<< PUT IN THE PROXY CITY (mine was Detroit)
Registration Timeout: 3600

Go back to main screen and select Settings on bottom right.

Ringtone: Classic
Prefix for contacts: leave blank
Outbound proxy: leave blank
RTP Port: 4000
SIP Stun Server: leave blank

After you do all this go to Dialer and you should see the cellular and SIP buttons turn green. Make calls!!!

So now you are ready and you can use MagicJack on your iPhone. Be carefull and do not use Magicjack at home and on your iPhone at the same time!

I am just gave it a small test till now and it is great to be able to call in a grocery store with you iPhone using there wireless internet (free hotspot)

Tomorrow I will give you my experience with SipPhone so come back and read about that.

Briefcase Lite

author Posted by: George on date Mar 8th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Applications, iPhone / iPod Touch

We iPhone and iPod Touch users know how difficult it can be to get your files on your device.

For instance i love to get some PDF ebooks on my iPhone but the only way that I could figure out was emailing them to me but that is not really a solution is it.

But then I found Briefcase lite a little application that lets your iPhone or iPod connect to your pc (in my case a Mac) and just move some files to your device.

It is so great that now i can carry around my PDF’s, Excel sheets and lots more just on my iPhone. The documents that you can open are basically the same once you can open through the emails on your device but now just without the interference of the mail application.

There is a payed version available to that ads a few features like being able to create folders on your device and getting your device connected over the internet when you are not using you home network.

If you are looking for something that brings your files to you iPhone or Touch then go have a look at itunes and try Briefcase lite.