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Giant World Map Mousepad

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Giant World Map Mousepad

If you want to see the world while sitting on your desk then you should check out this Giant World Map Mousepad.

This is not just a normal small mousepad, this mousepad is way bigger and will take a lot of space on your desk but that also means it looks great in front of your keyboard and there is plenty of space to use your mouse on.

And you can get this mousepad is available in a bunch of sizes so that it fits neatly on your desk at home or the office.

Now you don’t have to worry if you mousepad is in the right spot because this is so nice and big so come get your Giant World Map Mousepad.

Desk USB And Power Bar

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Desk USB And Power Bar

If you want your desk to look nice but offer power ports and even USB charging then you just have to check out this desk USB and power bar.

This black power cord is 6 feet long and easily screws into the wood of your desk and then will offer two power ports and two 3.1 amp USB ports for easy and quick charging.

A power bar on your desk like this one will make your desk look great and now you always have power when you need it for charging your phone and your laptop.

So get that loose power bar from your desk and get your Desk USB And Power Bar.

Computer Gaming Desk

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Computer Gaming Desk

Looking for an awesome desk that can hold you gaming laptop and a screen?

If you are then this could be the desk for you.

The desk has wire frame legs with a cupholder and a hook to hang you headphones on. And on the desk you find speaker stands, charging station and a stand for you monitor. And there is a small drawer to so almost everything you can need to get ready for a night of gaming.

A desk like this is a great way to get organized and it just looks great to.

Come and take a closer look at this Computer Gaming Desk.

Flip Clock

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Great design flip clock

This amazing looking clock can be your newest addition to your desk or bedside table.

Yes this is a clock that flips the numbers just like in the olden days. This clock will flip the numbers that are printed on cards instead of using LCD’s or LED’s.

You can use this retro looking clock for decoration but it works great as your alarm clock to.

Just set the time with the dials on the side and you are ready to go.

With a clock like this you never will be late again.

Check out all the details of this Flip Clock.


iPhone Notepad

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iPhone 50 sheet notepad

OK everybody wants an iPhone but lots of people can’t afford one. Now the people who can’t afford  one can have this.

This is a 50 sheet notepad that looks like an iPhone. It has the home button and tons of other features that of course are just printed on a piece of paper.

If people are talking about how much they want an iPhone then maybe this can be a fun gift for them 🙂

Go see all the pictures of this iPhone 50 Sheet Notepad.

PC Crossing Binder

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Back to school binder with a pc crossing road sign

We all need some old fashion binders to store some of our paperwork in.

But how can we make them more fun. Simple get one that speaks to you. I like computers so this binder is fun for me.

The binder shows the typical road sign but now with a PC crossing the road.

A great binder for a pc geek who need one for home, work or school.

Check out this fun PC Crossing Road Sign Binder.

MOBO Ergonomic Computer Station

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Mobo chair workdesk for mouse, keyboard or laptop

The Mobo Ergonomic Computer station can help you get a much better posture while working behind you computer.

MOBO is an addition to your chair and brings your mouse and keyboard to your chair so that you will have the perfect way of working.

No more sore arms, backs and necks because you have the right posture.

Check out this VIDEO to see how it works.

You see this is easy to use and perfect for almost anybody.

And the MOBO can even hold you laptop.

Go order you own MOBO Ergonomic Computer Station.

Folding Desk

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4d concepts folding desk expresso great for small spaces

So you need a desk but don’t have to much space. We found the solution for that.

This desk has a foldable top. By folding the desk up you get enough space for to work on with your laptop. And when you don’t work you fold it down and you have a small bookshelf (both sides) with a small room for a printer or something like that.

Ideal for a small room that also need to do as office or just anywhere where you would like to be able to work.

Go have a look at this Folding Desk.