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Hard Candy Cases iPad Stylus

author Posted by: George on date Mar 7th, 2011 | filed Filed under: iPad

Hard Candy Cases stylus for iPad2 and other tablets

If you are looking for a sexy stylus for your tablet then you found it. This stylus from Hard Candy Cases is Sexy.

The Stylus looks like a nice and shiny cigar. But it is better then a cigar it is a pen and a stylus. If you remove a cap (one on each side) you find or the pen or the stylus. Unfortunately there is no way in telling what you are gone find because there is no marking on it.

Weight wise this stylus is heavy but in my use it does not bother me as it fits nicely in my hand. So it has a pen, how does it write?

For me the pen works fine good flow of ink and a great fit in my hand. But if you don’t like then you could replace it with a Parker Pen Refillwitch fits perfectly.

OK now the stylus. In the past I tried a couple of cheap once witch all have a hard top and i have to say they where terrible. The Hard Candy Cases Stylus is different. First of all the top is much bigger and it’s not hard. The stylus tip is flexible so you can change the pressure you put on it and get the right feel very easy.

I only tried the stylus on my iPad and my iPhone and both work great with this stylus but it should work just as well with all those new tablets coming to market.

So do I use it? Not really normally I just use my finger to use my iPad but if i want to draw something I get the stylus out. But I now only have one thing on my desk and use the pen of this Stylus daily and i am happy to not have to have extra things cluttering my desk.

One thing that is a downside in my view and that is that the Hard Candy Cases stylus is round because now it roles everywhere nothing to keep it in place.

Final thought. would I buy this stylus again if i know what i know now?

Yes i would ok i use it way less then i expected but it’s there when i want to use it and it works great. Having the pen build in is a huge plus for me. I recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about getting a Stylus for there iPad it just works.

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