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Geek or Nerd Shoes

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Geek or Nerd Shoes

Now you can have cool shoes that tell the world you are a geek or a nerd.

These shoes are black and on the top, they have two letters embroidered and together the shoes spell geek or nerd and you can choose which one you want.

The black shoes are available in a wide selection for women’s sizes so that they just fit you perfectly.

And the slip-on shoes are black with a white sole and that together with the white embroidery makes for a cool contrast.

Get ready to be the geekiest women on the block when you are wearing these shoes.

Here you can get the Geek Shoes

and Here you can get the Nerd Shoes.

Geek Certified Sticker

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Geek Certified Sticker

Now there is a nice die cut sticker that says “Geek Certified” and that means that you can stick them anywhere as you are the geek that can certify things.

This vinyl sticker is just perfect to bring some boring things to life and that could be your laptop but just as well your car or maybe the fridge.

The sticker is removable without leaving residue if you think the certification lapsed.

So let’s stick some stickers but first order your Geek Certified Sticker.

Pixel Hand Oven Mitts

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Pixel Hand Oven Mitts

Do you remember the pixelated hand as mouse pointer?

If you do then you will love these oven mitts as they are shaped just like that cursor.

The oven mitts come in a pack of two and each looks like the hand. Each pixel oven mitt is 11 x 8 inch and of course keeps you hands save while you hold something hot.

A geeky nerd will love this for the kitchen as they look so much better then oven mitts with flower on them.

Come have a closer look at these Pixel Hand Mouse Pointer Oven Mitts.

8 Bit Sunglasses

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8 Bit Sunglasses

We know how sunglasses look and most of them are boring and round.

But if you are a bit of a computer nerd then you love these glasses as they have an 8 bit look like it is made from pixels.

Besides looking different they offer the same feel and use as normal sunglasses and of course offer UV protection as well.

So if you want some new glasses that look a little bit different then get these 8-Bit Sunglasses.

Computer Geek Parking Only Sign

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Computer Geek Parking Only Sign

We all know about those parking signs to make spots only available for some people.

Now you as computer geek can have your own spot.

On this plastic sign you can see a person with his head in the monitor of a computer and the words “Computer Geek Parking Only” and below that “violators will be hacked” and that is even more fun.

The signs is great for in or outdoor use and is 12 x 8 inch.

So if you parking spot needs a fun sign then check out this Computer Geek Parking Only Sign.

Geek Beanie Hat

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Geek Beanie Hat

Are you a proud to be Geek?

If so then this winter you can show the world how geeky you are.

This blue beanie hat has a white rim and in white the word “geek.” embroidered on it.

So now you can keep your head warm and be a geek.

Come and check out this Geek Beanie Hat.

Geek In Training Baby Bodysuit

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geek in training baby bodysuit

Geeks are born and if you are a geek then your of spring will likely be one to.

To make the world aware of what you are teaching your baby you should have a look at this bodysuit.

On this bodysuit you see the word Geek in a 8 bits font and the words “in training” and there is also a mouse pointer.

This all makes it a fun printed piece of baby clothing.

And this bodysuit comes in a range of colors in long and short sleeves and will fit babies from 3 – 24 months.

Get your baby ready to become a geek and start with this Geek In Training Bodysuit.

Super Geek T-Shirt

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Super Geek t-shirt

Are you like me a true geek?

If not then do you know a true geek?

For those geeks we found this amazing Super Geek t-shirt.

On this t-shirt is says in a fun font the words “Super Geek”.

And of course you can  get this t-shirt in different styles for men, women, kids or maybe a baby. And sure colors can be changed to.

Come have a closer look at this Super Geek T-Shirt.

Load Life Syntax Error T-Shirt

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Load Life syntax error t-shirt

You need to be a bit of a computer geek to enjoy this t-shirt but if you are then you will like it.

This black t-shirt says ‘Load “LIFE” Syntax Error’.
And sure you can get this t-shirt in different styles for men and women.

So if you life has some bugs then maybe you should be wearing this Load Life Syntax Error T-Shirt.

Geek T-Shirt

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geek t-shirt

We all know how important geeks are for the world.

But how do people know that you are a geek?

That problem can be solved pretty quick by wearing a t-shirt that says so.

Like this one that has a special Geek written on it. And this t-shirt comes in boys and girls version with long or short sleeves and in different colors.

Tell the world that you are a geek by wearing this Geek T-Shirt.