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Game Boy Watch

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Nintendo Game Boy Watch

If you want to know time and like Nintendo then you want to get this Game Boy Watch.

The wrist watch is not like an Apple Watch as this just tells time but it does look like a small version of the classic Game Boy like Nintendo was famous for.

And yes it is a shame that you can’t play games on it but it does have Game Boy sounds.

So now you can have the cool way to tell time all thanks to the retro Game Boy design.

No need to look at your phone to see time, just order this Game Boy Watch.

Nintendo Game Boy Teether

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Nintendo Game Boy Teether

If you have a baby then you know it is going to need some teeth and when they are trying to come up that is going to hurt them but a nice teether can help with that and now there is a Game Boy teether.

The Nintendo teether is made from 100% food grade silicone and is BPA, PVC, Vinyl, Phthalate, and Lead-free.

The teether can go in the freezer to make it cool and that will soothe the gums of your baby.

The teether will make your baby into a true gamer even before they really understand how screens work.

Come and surprise your baby with this cool Nintendo Game Boy Teether.

Heath Changing Game Boy Mug

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Heath Changing Gameboy Mug

If you like classic game consoles then you probably like the Game Boy and if you do then you should get this mug.

The square mug is made from ceramic and on it you can see a Game Boy that is off but then you put hot coffee in it and it comes on and on the screen, you can see Mario rescuing the Princess.

So now drinking hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate will feel like you are playing on your Nintendo Game Boy just like when they were the hot thing to have.

And because this is a heat changing mug you have to wash it by hand and you can not use it in the microwave.

So get ready for a day of gaming while drinking lots of coffee from you Nintendo Gameboy Mug.

Game Boy Laundry Basket

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Game Boy Laundry Basket

We all need a spot to put our dirty laundry and if you are a bit geeky like me then you want something geeky to put the dirty laundry in.

And now I found this laundry hamper that looks like a game boy. Unfortunately you can’t play games on it but it does look like a little hand held game console that got a big bigger.

This laundry hamper is not just amazing looking it also great to use it’s big enough for many clothes and has handles on the side for easy carrying and even has a strong frame so that it is always ready to get those stinky socks.

Come and have a closer look at the Laundry Boy Laundry Basket.

Game Console Women’s Dress

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Game Console Women's Dress

If you want to look like a sexy game console then this is the dress is perfect for you.

This bodycon style dress is form fitting and does not have any sleeves.

But on this dress you can see a screen with the message “Game Over” and below that all the buttons you need to get the game started.

And this game console dress comes in many colors. We showed you the orange on the picture but it also comes in white, green, purple, yellow, dark and light blue.

So if you just want a fun dress to game in or a costume for a geeky dress up party then you need this Game Console Women’s Dress.

Nintendo Game Boy T-Shirt

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Nintendo Gameboy costume t-shirt

If you always wondered how it would feel to be a Game Boy then you are in luck.

By simply wearing this t-shirt you become a Game Boy.

The whole front of this t-shirt looks like a Nintendo Game Boy but no game is playing so you still have to be the fun person you are.

And this amazing Game Boy t-shirt comes in men and women’s sizes from Small – 4XL.

Now a night away from your game console will be easier as you are wearing one on your chest.

Come and take a closer look at this Nintendo Game Boy T-Shirt.

Nintendo Game Boy Suitcase

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Nintendo Game Boy Suitcase

Are you a gamer geek that is looking for a new piece of carry on luggage?

How about a Travel Boy suitcase? This suitcase is grey and looks like the Nintendo Game Boy everything you remember from the Game Boy is printed on this suitcase.

And it has more like 4 wheels a 3 digit TSA lock an a retractable handle.

You can’t play games on it but you can take store you games and consoles in it if you want.

The size of this strong suitcase fit within the carry on luggage sizes so that you can take it with you on the plane.

So planning your next trip should start with ordering this Nintendo Game Boy Suitcase.

Nintendo Game Boy Beach Towel

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Nintendo Game Boy Beach Towel

What does a gamer, geek and nerd have in common?

They all need this beach towel if they want to go to the beach.

This beach towel looks just like a Nintendo Game Boy and OK it doesn’t say Game Boy on it but it nicely says Beach Boy.

Made from 100% cotton this towel will be your favourite towel of them all. It measures 30 x 60 inch making it perfect for the beach, pool and shower.

Get ready to get have some fun in the sun with this Nintendo Game Boy Beach Towel.

Game Boy Case For Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus game boy case

Your Android Galaxy Nexus from Samsung needs a fun case to protect it from harm and just to look fun.

This case is made for the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus.

Unfortunately you will not be able to play on the Game boy side but a case like this will bring back a lot of fun memories from when you had you Game Boy.

Come check out this Google Galaxy Nexus Game Boy Case.

Apple Game Boy Case For iPhone And iPod

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Apple Nintendo game boy iPhone 4s case

What would happened if Apple and Nintendo merge?

Just look at the picture and you see there first product the Apple Game Boy.

This case for the iPhone and iPod Touch looks amazingly real just like a Game Boy with the Apple logo on it’s monochrome screen.

Of course it is just a case for your Apple device.

This case comes in a bunch of different versions this Apple Game Boy case is available in versions for the iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s and there is also a version that fits your 4th generation iPod Touch. And these case will fit all carrier models so no worries it will fit on your phone (if it was in the list).

Bring back the past with this fun Apple Game Boy Case for iPhone and iPod Touch.