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Moving Email Between Web Services

author Posted by: George on date Feb 4th, 2013 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Moving Email Between Webservices


Over the last months I kept moving between web mail services.

First I was with Gmail but started to be less and less happy with their service so I moved to the new Yahoo mail witch was great for a bit but started to get buggier with the day so I moved again.

This of course brings some challenges first you email address changes witch for me is not a big problem as I use an email addresses with my own domain that I forward to the service of choice so by changing the forward I am good to go at the new service.

But how do I get the old email that I want?

So there are some options.

You can forward the old email one by one to your new mail provider and this is a lot of work and not very handy as now it gets to become new mail with new date and as unread.

You can of course start to pull in through pop or things like that if they allow you to do that but that is again a hassle to setup and just for one time use.

But now I by accident I found a much easier way.

After setting up my new mail provider on my iPad I went to my Yahoo folder and selected some mail and then moved it to another folder witch I didn’t really realized was at my new mail provider and it worked.

As simple as that you can just select emails from one mail account on your iPad (or iPhone) and move it to another.
The original date stamp and read states stays to.

It’s super easy as now you only copy the mail you want on your new clean mail account.

I love it 🙂 go try it out it is super easy.

USB Webmail Notifier

author Posted by: George on date Jan 9th, 2012 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Lights

USB email and webmail notifier light

Yes you computer will tell you when you have new mail but it is such a small icon or quick sound that lets you know.

How about a BIG envelope for on your desk that you connect to the USB port of your pc.

This email notifier will change color to blue, red or green to tell you what mail has arrived for you.

It works with gmail, yahoo, outlook and pop3 so all the important ways are supported.

The 4 feet usb cable will make it easy to put your envelope in the perfect spot so that you know when you mail comes in.

Don’t wait just get your own USB Email Notifier. 

I Read your Email Bumper Sticker

author Posted by: George on date Dec 11th, 2009 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, travel

Here is one of those sticker you just need to have.

This 11 x 3 inches Bumper Sticker is of course great for on your car but what about on your laptop, office door, briefcase or where ever people who are on the edge can see it.

I would say order your i read your e-mail Bumper Sticker today and have some fun.