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Coffee Table Convertible To Desk

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Coffee Table Convertible To Desk

If you are working from home right now and need a nice desk then check out this Coffee Table Convertible To Desk.

This is just like every other coffee table in the normal setting and then you open it up and then you have a true desk as the table top comes up so that it becomes a nice desk that can hold up to 100 lbs. And as you can see there is 3 storage compartments under the table and even a big compartment under the table top.

And if white is not your color then you are in luck to as it comes in brown too.

You have to see this desk a bit better so click on the picture to see it in all its glory.

When you have to work from home and don’t have room for a separate room to work in then check out this Coffee Table Convertible To Desk.

Soges Adjustable Computer Desk

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Soges Adjustable Computer Desk

Now there is this very versatile Soges Adjustable Computer Desk.

This desk is great as a desk you can sit behind but also great as a standing desk and that is not all as there are two surfaces that can go up and down separately and the front one you can even change the angle.

It is also great as you can put you monitor a bit higher on the back surface to get the perfect hight for your work space. And if you like to sit sometimes and other times you like to stand then you are in luck as you can adjust it into a standing desk in no time at all.

Come and take a closer look at this Soges Adjustable Computer Desk.

Avantree Bed And Standing Desk

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Avantree Bed And Standing Desk

If you like standing when you work or work from your bed then check out this Avantree Bed And Standing Desk.

This is folding desk that comes in two sizes for just your computer or with a mouse next to it.

The folding desk is adjustable in hight and even angle so that you can use it on top of a table as a standing desk or on the couch, bed, or even the floor and that means you can work almost anywhere.

And there are little guides on the one side so that your computer stays in place when at an angle but they are removable to become a portable writing desk.

So if you want to perfect desk for working almost anywhere then come get your Avantree Bed And Standing Desk.

4 USB port desk charger

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4 USB port desk charger

We all know that how annoying all those USB power chargers are on your desk but now there is a desk charger that looks amazing in your desk.

This is a 4 USB port desk charger that fits in a round hole in your desk. You can make a hole in your desk or use one you already have for cable management. The desk charger fits in a 50 and 60 mm hole (holders included) and when you do you will see 4 USB connectors on top of your desk.

The USB charger can give up to 2.4A to each port and the desk charger can give up to 6A  and 30 watt. The USB desk charger just plugs in from the bottom and can be used between 100 and 240 volt so that it can be used in many places around the world (US power cable included).

So clean up your desk by adding this 4 USB port desk charger.

Computer Gaming Desk

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Computer Gaming Desk

Looking for an awesome desk that can hold you gaming laptop and a screen?

If you are then this could be the desk for you.

The desk has wire frame legs with a cupholder and a hook to hang you headphones on. And on the desk you find speaker stands, charging station and a stand for you monitor. And there is a small drawer to so almost everything you can need to get ready for a night of gaming.

A desk like this is a great way to get organized and it just looks great to.

Come and take a closer look at this Computer Gaming Desk.

Adjustable Standing Desk

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Adjustable Standing computer Desk

A lot of people start to prefer standing desks and if you are thinking of something like that then you should have a look at this desk.

This is a standing workstation desk witch comes in a 3 color versions Cherry (on the picture), grey and oak.

You can adjust the height of the work top between 35 and 49 inches so that you get the perfect height for optimum productivity.

Below the work top there is a keyboard shelf witch is retractable and then there is two more shelves for other needs like maybe a printer, scanner, external hard drive.
The Safco standing desk comes on wheels so that you can move it around and they have locks to make it a permanent fixture.

So if you are thinking of doing you computer work standing then have a look at this Safco Standing Workstation Desk.

Lap Desk

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Homz storage lap desk for laptop and other stuff

This lap desk can make working on the couch a lot easier.

Now you can just sit in a  chair and use you lap desk to hold your laptop or paperwork. It even has a little pocket on the side that can hold pens, wires and so on.

And because you use it a lot this lap desk can be detached from the pillow so that you can wash the pillow if needed.

If you want a lap desk then go look at the Homz Storage Lap Desk.

Folding Desk

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4d concepts folding desk expresso great for small spaces

So you need a desk but don’t have to much space. We found the solution for that.

This desk has a foldable top. By folding the desk up you get enough space for to work on with your laptop. And when you don’t work you fold it down and you have a small bookshelf (both sides) with a small room for a printer or something like that.

Ideal for a small room that also need to do as office or just anywhere where you would like to be able to work.

Go have a look at this Folding Desk.

M&M USB Desk Fan

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M&M usb desk fan for a cool breeze at your desk.

This red M&M will make sure that you are cooled down. He will hold up a fan that you just have to plug in to the USB port of your computer.

By doing so you will be fresh all day long because now you have a fresh breeze holding you and you M&M candy cool.

Go get your own personal M&M USB Desk Fan.

Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315

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We laptop users all know the problem you put your laptop on your lap and try to work. Often it will get pretty hot in your lap and then the touchpad’s they work but not as great as a mouse do they?

OK Logitech solved these problems for you by designing the LapdeskN315. The Lapdesk is a small pad that you can place between your lap and your laptop and it will keep the heath away and it comes with a slid able mouse pad to so now you can use a real mouse while working.

Go checkout this great travel solution the Logitech Lapdesk N315