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USB Fan With Programmable Message

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USB Fan With Programmable Message

We all know those USB fan’s that have the flexible neck and are great to get some cool breeze going on at those hot days in summer.

Now you can get this fan that is similar to that fan but this one also projects a message, it looks like the message is hanging in the air making it fun to look at.

You can program the message on a Windows PC and you can program 8 messages of up to 26 characters each. And the fun thing of the fan is that it will remember the message so you can give it to friends and they will see your message.

This fan has blue LED’s to display the message.

If you want a fan for those hot days then why not one like this USB Fan With Programmable Message.

USB Mobile Fan

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USB Mobile Fan

We all know the problem.

Hot summers and you are working behind you computer and you are hot way to hot.

You could of course get a big fan but often that lead to papers blown everywhere.

I found this little fan that works amazingly well.

The fan blades are just pieces of plastic and the fan has big bendable neck connected to a USB connector.

It fits perfectly in my iMac so that the fan comes besides my screen giving the perfect amount of air flow to make me a bit cooler and not making a mess of my desk.

And this fan is dirt cheap for less the $.50 you can’t have a try on your computer.

It is also handy because the blades fold up and the flexible neck to so you can put it in your laptop bag when you are traveling.

Come have a closer look at this USB Mobile Mini Fan.

Airplane Fan USB Powered

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USB Airforce airplane desk fan

Desk fans most times are boring looking but not this one.

This fan looks like a airplane.

And the fun part of this fan is that you don’t need a power socket. This airplane shaped fan gets it’s power through USB.

Just connect the plane to the USB port of your computer and you are ready to go.

Get a nice cool flow of air with this USB Airplane Desk fan.

M&M USB Desk Fan

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M&M usb desk fan for a cool breeze at your desk.

This red M&M will make sure that you are cooled down. He will hold up a fan that you just have to plug in to the USB port of your computer.

By doing so you will be fresh all day long because now you have a fresh breeze holding you and you M&M candy cool.

Go get your own personal M&M USB Desk Fan.