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Folding Credit Card Style LED Christmas Tree

author Posted by: George on date Oct 23rd, 2011 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Lights

credit card style folding christmas tree light

How fun would it be to give your friends a little present with their Christmas cards this year.

This folding Christmas tree is great fun. It has an LED light build in that works for a long time lighting up the holidays. And you can fold the tree down and then you have a small credit card size tree.

Mail it to all your friends and they will love it.

Get ready for Christmas with the Folding LED Christmas Tree.

Credit Card Lightbulb

author Posted by: George on date Dec 6th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Lights

The darkest days of the year are here and they are staying a couple more weeks. So why not carry around a little light? Now you can have a card as big as a credit card that when you fold the lightbulb out it lights up and you are the person who brought light to this dark world.

It is cool and it is so nice for the Christmas spirit when we can’t have enough little lights to make our holidays even better.

Check out this cool Credit Card Lightbulb