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Tesla Logo T-Shirt

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Tesla Logo T-Shirt

Now you can show the world that you like electric cars because this is a Tesla logo t-shirt.

On the shirt you can see in black the Tesla logo and below it the company name.

You can get this t-shirt in 17 different colors and in sizes Small – 3XL and it will look great on both men and women. And if you want a hoodie instead then you are in luck as you can get the same Tesla logo on a hoodie.

So show the world that electric cars are the future by wearing this Tesla Logo T-Shirt.

Porsche USB Flash Drive

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Porsche car key thumb drive

So you like fancy cars but can’t really afford them.

But how about a USB flash drive that looks like a real Porsche car key.

The USB connector fold out just like the key would. And the Porsche logo on the outside make this flash drive look like a real car key.

With a capacity of 8GB the drive is a great size to hold most of you important information when you are on the go.

Get ready to hang this on your key chain. Come get your Porsche Car Key USB Flash Drive.

Jaguar XKR Wireless Mouse

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Jaguar car mouse

The time of boring computer mice that all look the same is definitely over.

If you look at this Jaguar car then you don’t expect it to be a mouse but it is.

This Jaguar is a optical wireless USB mouse with working headlights. And if you don’t like dark blue no problem this Jaguar comes in different colors.

If you are a car nut then don’t wait just come and get your Jaguar Wireless Car Mouse.

Mini Cooper Flash Drive

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Red Mini Cooper 2GB data drive

A life without a flash drive is like the early pc years without floppy disks.

But why get a boring flash drive if you can get some that fit so much better to your personality.

How about a flash drive in the shape of a Mini Cooper?

Yes a red Mini Cooper car can be you next flash drive. The USB plug comes out the back and of course retracts so that you do not have to notice it.

And to make this car flash drive even more fun they even made the headlights work on the car.

Why settle for something boring when you can have this special Red Mini Cooper USB Flash Drive.

Nascar Flash Drive

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Car shaped USB flash drive based on a Nascar Racing car

Boring USB flash drives are a thing of the past.

Now you can have a cool USB flash drive in the shape of a racing car. Or to be more precise a Nascar Racing car, the Dale Earnhardt Jr. National Guard Nascar car.

By removing the front of the car the USB stick comes visible and then you can just plug it in to your USB port and use the 4GB of storage space that this flash drive has to offer.

Start you engines and go get your own Nascar 4GB USB Flash Drive.

Phone Holder

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mount you phone in your car where ever you want it to be

Now you get the flexibility you want with this phone holder with a 15″ flexible arm.

Just connect the holder to the car (for instance to the floor) and you can adjust the arm so that you can have your phone or other devises exactly where you want them.

The universal holder is great compared to one specially made for your phone because now you can keep your phone in it’s case.

If you want a perfect solution for holding you phone while driving then you just have to get this Arkon 15-Inch Mount for Mobile Phones.

Cigarette lighter to 110V adapter

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12v to 110v use you car chargers at home

So you have a lot of wires and don’t want to carry them all on your road trip.

With this little adapter you can use the chargers that you use in your car to charger your phone, gps and so on in a normal power socket in your home or a hotel.

It will give up to 800 Ma withs would be enough for a phone and stuff like that.

Go check out this Cigarette lighter to 110V adapter.

Nissan GT-R Flash Drive

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Nissan fans would love to own an GT-R but they are a bit pricy so maybe this 4GB flash drive of a black Nissan GT-R will do.

Have a closer look at this Nissan GT-R Flash Drive.

iPad Car charger and FM Transmitter

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You take you iPad on the road with you and now how to you keep the charge up and how do you get your music to the radio if you don’t have and aux port?

This will do this is and FM transmitter so it will transmit you music to your radio and on the same time charge you iPad to.

If you have an iPad then this is the item you need to have for your next road trip.

Check out thisiPad car charger and FM Transmitter.

Macally mCup cellphone holder

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Great cup holder with phone / ipod holder

We all know the problem we like a portable media players and phones close to us in our car but most times that will mean that they are lying somewhere loos waiting to get lost under you seat.

But when you get one of these cup-holders holders your problem is solved. The mCup fits in almost any cup holder because the cup size is adjustable and can hold almost any phone, iPod or Iphone and it can even hold it swiveled to you device will be secure and holder is soft so it will not scratch you device.

And because the holder is adjustable it will hold your iPhone in it’s case and that is a nice extra feature.

Go check out the Macally mCup Cup Holder for Devices