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Minecraft UNO Game

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Minecraft UNO Game

Now there is this Minecraft UNO Game that is a great game to play with friends at home or on the go.

UNO is a really famous card game that most people know about and maybe even played and now there is a special Minecraft version with Minecraft themed cards and even some special rules like if you get the Creeper card you get 3 more cards.

You can play this card game with just one or many more friends so now you just need to find a great occasion to play a game so turn of you phone, computer and TV and enjoy this Minecraft UNO Game.

Circuit Board Puzzle

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Circuit Board Puzzle

Now you can get this Circuit Board Puzzle that is just perfect for anyone that like electronics and would like something todo.

This jigsaw puzzle is available in different sizes from 30 – 1000 pieces so that there is the perfect puzzle for your experience level and each puzzle comes in a nice metal tin with the a picture of the puzzle on top.

As you can see the jigsaw puzzle shows a piece of a circuit board and it does look like a fun project that could be tricky to make as it has a lots of similar items on the puzzle all in the same color too.

So lets get puzzling by ordering your Circuit Board Puzzle.

Alarm Clock With Claw Game

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Alarm Clock With Claw Game

Now you can get this really special Alarm Clock With Claw Game.

Yes, this can be your alarm clock while also be a fun claw game so that it can keep you busy when you can’t sleep.

And the claw game comes with prices and even come with coins to get the machine running.

Having this claw game on your nightstand will be just amazing because it just looks so cool and that it can wake you in the morning is a great feature.

So if you want your own claw game and getting up in time then come get your Alarm Clock With Claw Game.

Jenga Tetris Game

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Jenga Tetris Game

Do you like Jenga and Tetris?

If you like both then now you are in luck as Hasbro made this special Jenga version from Hasbro.

This is a Tetris Jenga game with not just plain straight pieces but like with Tetris they come in different shapes and sizes making the classic game a bit more challenging.

Board games are great for when you are out of power and can’t play the real Tetris or if you want to go old school with friends.

So why not give it a go? Come get your Jenga Tetris Game.

Super Mario Yahtzee

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Nintendo Super Mario Yahtzee

What do gamers do on a night without power?

How about going back to the basics playing some board games?

Now there is a special collectors edition of Yahtzee, it’s the Super Mario version.

This Super Mario Yahtzee game has a special dice cup that looks like a Mystery Block and yes it is yellow and has a question mark on it.
And the game has special dice and score pad to.

Not allowed to play video games today? Why not play Super Mario Yahtzee it’s fun and at least is based on a video game.

Just get ready for the day you can’t use the computer by ordering your Nintendo¬†Super Mario Yahtzee.

Angry Birds Board Game

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Angry Birds board game

Are your kids spending to much time playing with there iPod touches or maybe your iPhone playing Angry birds?

If so maybe this can get them doing something else.

This is Angry Birds Knock On Wood a board game based on Angry Birds. Now you can build the structures and make the birds fly to destroy it.

A great way to have fun with friends and family and you are allowed to destroy things.

Get ready for hours of real fun with this Angry Birds Board Game.