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Celluon Magic Cube Bluetooth Keyboard

author Posted by: George on date Oct 22nd, 2011 | filed Filed under: Mice / keyboard

Celluon Magic Cube laser keyboard and mouse

Portable devices are great but doing a lot of text input is not that easy.

OK you could carry a bulky bluetooth keyboard witch works great on most phones and tablets but it defeats the purpose of being mobile.

But how about getting a projection keyboard that connects to almost all the fashionable devices through bluetooth.

The Celluon Magic Cube is a small box with build in rechargeable battery that projects a keyboard in front off you on a flat surface. Now you can start typing on a real size keyboard. And if you need a mouse no worries the Celluon Magic Cube can take care of that to.

Come and see all the details of the Celluon Magic Cube Bluetooth Projection Keyboard.

LG Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakerphone

author Posted by: George on date Sep 17th, 2011 | filed Filed under: travel

LG Bluetooth Solar Carkit

Bluetooth carkits are a good way to drive without the need to hold your phone to your ears. But where is that dam charger when you need it?

LG has the perfect solution for you! The carkit that LG made runs on solar power. Just stick it to your windshield and you are good to go.

They say that 2 hours of sun will give you 1 hours of talk time. And fully charge the LG HFB-500 speakerphone will give up to 960 minutes of talk time witch of course will extend if it is in the sun while you are talking.

Stop using those annoying bluetooth headsets and start going solar.

Go order your own LG SolarPowered Bluetooth Car Kit HFB-500.

Microsoft Bluetooth Number Pad

author Posted by: George on date Aug 23rd, 2011 | filed Filed under: Mice / keyboard

A bluetooth keypad made by Microsoft

Keyboards having seem to be loosing there number pads for a while now. But how do we crunch our numbers without these handy keypads?

Of course there are wired number pads out there but why be completely wireless and then have something ugly like that.

Microsoft has the solution.

A bluetooth number pad that you can basically use on any computer that has bluetooth so yes even a Mac.

And this wireless keypad is ideal for travel to. If you need to do a lot of number typing on your trips then why not have this bluetooth number pad in your bag.

Those people who want one for travel will be happy to know that it even comes with storage pouch so that it does not get damaged.

OK ready to do some numbers? Go and get your own Microsoft Bluetooth Number Pad.

Bluetooth Bracelet

author Posted by: George on date Jul 30th, 2011 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

A bluetooth bracelet that tells you who is calling and makes you never loose your phone again

Our cell phones are always somewhere we can’t get at quickly but most calls are not important any ways. But how do you know what call to get and witch one to ignore?

Simple get this bluetooth bracelet that has a caller ID and will buzz on your wrist to tell you someone is calling. You never have to miss an important phone call again.

And there is another great feature that is a must for people who loose there phones. Once paired with the bluetooth bracelet  the bracelet will let you know when you get more then 5 meters away from your phone.

And if you don’t like this stainless steel version then you may want to look at the black neoprene one.

So don’t wait till you loose your phone again just go check out this Bluetooth Bracelet.

Verbatim Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

author Posted by: George on date Jul 17th, 2011 | filed Filed under: Mice / keyboard

Verbatim Foldable bluetooth keyboard for tablet computers

You got yourself a tablet but still carry around you laptop because typing on it is not that great if you have to type a lot.

Verbatim made you a solution that could work fine for most of us.

A bluetooth keyboard that folds up in to a little box tiny enough to take around together with you tablet.

And yes of course it works with the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tab, Playbook and most Android tablets. Yes basically anything that support a bluetooth keyboard should be able to use this Verbatim keyboard.

The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries and that means no charging and a battery that you can get almost anywhere in the world.

And this Verbatim Foldable Bluetooth keyboard even comes with a storage case and a has a build in iPhone stand.

The keyboard is the size of a regular keyboard (like my bluetooth Apple Keyboard) and that makes work on the road a whole lot easier.

Go check out more details of this Verbatim Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard.

Darth Vader Bluetooth Headset

author Posted by: George on date Jul 7th, 2011 | filed Filed under: travel

Star Wars Darth Vader Bluetooth headset

A Star Wars fan from now on will only be on the phone because now he can use a Darth Vader bluetooth headset. This headset will make calling handsfree from your cell phone a lot easier.

And this headset of Darth Vader comes with it’s own lanyard so that you can carry it around all day long. With the standby time of 120 hours and talk time of 5 hours it’s almost impossible not to use it all the time you need to use you phone.

And to make it even more fun this Star Wars headset is even video game compatible.

So complete your Star Wars collection with the Darth Vader Bluetooth Headset.

Bluetooth Soundbar

author Posted by: George on date Jun 14th, 2011 | filed Filed under: Music

foxL bluetooth soundbar a bluetooth speaker or anywhere

Sick of not being able to listen to your music when ever you want?

Now that worry is a thing from the past. The foxl v2 sounbar speaker will make it happen.

The Bluetooth foxl v2 speaker is portable and even has a build in battery that give music to your party for up to 8 hours but of course you can just use the included ac adapter to keep your party going and going.

Great audio quality and base will make you want to only listen to this foxl v2 speaker and because it is so portable that will not be any problem.

Use it when you go camping or maybe in the kitchen while cooking but i guess you get the drift you can use it almost anywhere.

Just connect any AD2P bluetooth device like your iPhone or most other phones and bluetooth music devices.

Check out the funny video of the foxl v2 Bluetooth Sounbar Speaker.

Bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Case

author Posted by: George on date Jun 5th, 2011 | filed Filed under: Mice / keyboard

Bluetooth keyboard case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you have an AT&T Galaxy Tab (yes it only seem to work with that model) then you can now make your Galaxy Tab in to a laptop.

This bluetooth keyboard case will make your tab in to a combination that make writing on them a pleasure.

Now you can tell all your friends you have a tiny laptop while you really just own a Samsung Galaxy Tab, o wait tablets are cool so do we want a case?

A well you think about it yourself and if you like it go check out this Bluetooth Keyboard Case For The Samsung Galaxy Tab.

BluBridge mini-jack Rx

author Posted by: George on date Jun 3rd, 2011 | filed Filed under: Music

Bluetooth receiver for stereo music on any device

We all know the problem get in to your car connect the wire from your phone to the stereo and yeah now we can listen to the music on our phone.

Some modern cars now start to have a bluetooth option build in that connects your phone automatically when you get in and lets you play your music without any wires.

I like that idea a lot because the wires are always in the wrong spot and always tangled.

After some looking around I found the BluBridge mini-jack Rx witch does that exactly.

Just connect the BluBridge mini-jack Rx to the aux port of any stereo and you are set to go. Press the button and it connects to your phone.

The BluBridge mini-jack Rx has a build in battery that charges through mini USB and comes with plugs and wires to make connecting it a breeze.

Now you can stream your music from your phone in your pocket to your stereo.

Of course you can use this device also at home to stream your music to your home stereo.
They say it has a range of 10 meters (33 feet) so that should be plenty.

Another use is to connected  it to your headphones who then don’t have to be connected to your phone any more.

The only downside I found till now is that you need to press the button to reconnect your phone every time you want to use the BluBridge mini-jack Rx I guess that is to prevent the battery from draining but that is holding me back from buying it right now.

Check out what other think of the BluBridge mini-jack Rx Stereo Bluetooth reciever.

Rocketfish Bluetooth Stereo Headset

author Posted by: George on date Oct 24th, 2010 | filed Filed under: Music

A couple of months ago I got so sick of wires from my headphones that i started the quest for some reasonable priced bluetooth headphones.

It is difficult to find anything in stores and if they have something then there is no real choice because they maybe just have the one kind.

But after a long search i ran into these headphones from Rocketfish the price was just under $70 dollars and although that is more then i would have liked to spend it seemed to be one of the cheaper once.

The headphones come with a usb cable and charging plug and that is all you need.

Just charge them and wait till the light turns blue and you are good to go. I use this headset daily for walking or running and the battery life is great i normally need to charge them every 2.5 to 3 weeks and to me that is fine. One thing i don’t like is that it doesn’t really warn you when they are gone run dry. OK they do but only like 5 minutes before and when i am in the middle of a run that doesn’t help me much.

The ear pieces slide nicely over my ears and stay in place nicely even when running they don’t move. I can even wear my sunglasses with them although i can imagine that this would look pretty funny 🙂

The Rocketfish RF-MAB2 also has a build in microphone so you can use it to do handfree calling and ok i tried  it and it works but i never really used it so that is all i am gone say about that.

I use this headset with my iPhone 3G and pairing is real easy and if you do it once you never really have to do it again. Apple doesn’t support all the buttons on the Rocketfish headset but the once for vollume and to pause work fine but no next and previous tracks sorry, it would have bin nice but Apple does not support that so it won’t work on any bluetooth headset.

So these headphones work great and offer great sound on a rare occasion maybe once a week the sounds start stuttering a bit and although it would be great if that didn’t happen it does so i live with it. The solution is pretty simple turn my bluetooth on my iphone of and on and i am good to go.

My final verdict about the Rocketfish RF-MAB2 Bluetooth Headphones is that i would not want to live without them any more. It is so much better to listen to my music without having to deal with wires getting stuck. The sound quality and battery life are great so this works fine for me.

If you are thinking about some Bluetooth headphones i would say have a look at the Rocketfish RF-MAB2 Bluetooth headphones.