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Robot And Bluebird Poster

author Posted by: George on date Jul 2nd, 2012 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

robot and bluebird poster

If you are looking for some nice robot art for at home or the office then you could be in luck.

This special looking 20 x 16 inch print shows a red background on witch you can see a robot and a little blue bird on his hand.
I don’t think the bird is tweeting this experience but it sure brings some colour in to the picture.

The poster comes in different styles from matt to gloss and is even available framed if you want.

So come see how this robot poster would look in your home or office, come see the Robot And The Bluebird Poster. 

Twitter Bird Figure

author Posted by: George on date Feb 13th, 2012 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Ollie the twitter bird as action figure

There is our twitter friend Ollie the blue bird.

And this one is not just flat and only on your screen or phone no this is the real thing a real blue twitter bird.

OK it is not a real bird that can fly no Ollie is made out of vinyl and is 4″ tall and comes in a window box instead of a cage.

If you are or know twitter addicts then this is what you should get (them).

Come check out Ollie The Blue Twitter Bird.