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Batman Car Phone Mount

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Batman Car Phone Mount

If you are a Batman fan with a phone and car then you want this Batman Car Phone Mount.

This phone holder is a nice clip that you attach to a vent in your car and the mount is great quality with a nice look and the Batman logo on it to make it look stunning in your car.

There is a metal disc included to the set that you attach to your phone or phone case and you are ready to go and there are lots of cases with the metal pieces build in to work with a phone holder like this Batman Car Phone Mount.

Batman Circuit Board Logo T-Shirt

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Batman Circuit Board Logo T-Shirt

Batman fans who like technology will like this t-shirt.

This Batman t-shirt is a charcoal color and on that you have the famous Batman logo but the logo is not the usual black and yellow not this time it is made out of a circuit board with lots of green and.

So now you can show the world a Batman t-shirt that not everybody wears no this one is special and that is why you want it.

This Batman t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and is preshrunk. And it is available in a wide selection and even different styles.

So before you do anything else you just need to see this up close so come see this Batman Circuit Board Logo T-Shirt.

Batman And Lightning iPhone 5 Case

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Batman And Lightning iPhone 5 Case

Case-Mate and Batman will protect your iPhone 5 from harm.

This iPhone case is made from hard plastic so that you phone can withstand bumps and scratches while you use it.

And this is not a boring looking case because this case has Batman on it.

As you can see above there is a picture on this case in black and white with a real muscular Batman with blue lightning around his arms.
And this case does not just cover the back, it goes around the edges to to make it even better to look at.

Like any good case this Batman iPhone case lets you access all the ports and buttons while it is protecting your phone.

If you need a new iPhone case then you have to have a better look at this Batman And Lightning iPhone 5 Case. 

Batman Android Decal Sticker

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Batman Android Decal Sticker

There is the new Batman or just the Android logo dressed up as Batman.

This die cut decal shows a black Android with cape, Batman logo and special Batman eyes.

A decal like this will look great on almost any flat surface like a car, laptop, book, fridge and so on.
This sticker is 4 x 3.75 inch and is die cut so no white parts just the blacks.

Come check out this special Batman Android Decal Sticker.

Batman And Joker Flash Drive

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Batman and the Joker Mimobot thumb drives

Remember the Robin flash drive?

Now Robin is not alone any more because his friend Batman and The Joker are now also part of Coolusbtoys.

These are Mimobot thumb drives of 4GB that come with cool goodies on them so that a real Batman and Joker fan will have lots of fun with.

But of course you can just use them as flash drives to.

Now you can have Batman hanging out of you USB port and store all your secret superhero data.

And The Joker of course loves to steal data from your computer so that he can use it for his evil empire.

Luckily these drives are sold separately so you can get evil away from the superhero.

DC Comics fans this is the time to come check out the Batman And The Joker USB Flash Drives.

Robin 4GB Flash Drive

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Robin from Batman as USB flash drive

Robin the helper that Batman can’t live without is now available as Mimobot flash drive.

This flash drive has 4GB of storage and it comes with all kind of cool Batman extra’s on it like screen savers and wall papers and more.

Of course the flash drive of Robin has great details and is just a must have item for any Batman fan.

Batman fans out there go check out this Robin USB Flash Drive.