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Angry Birds Lunch Box

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Angry Birds Red Bird Lunch Box


Angry Birds is so popular with the kids that a nice lunch box all themed Angry Birds would be really nice.

And now there is one. This metal lunch box is red like Red Bird and even has his face on the front. And to make it more like Angry Birds they put picture of different Angry Birds on the side.

This Angry Birds lunch box is great for school and day care but even if you eat lunch at home this Red Bird lunch box is great to play with or to store things in.

When you are ready to go back to school then store you lunch in this Angry Birds Lunch Box.

Yoshi Plush Backpack

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Yoshi Plush Backpack

There is Yoshi the fun dinosaur from the Nintendo video games.

And this time you can take Yoshi with you where ever you go as he is plush backpack.

This Yoshi backpack comes in a range of colors just like the real Yoshi.

A backpack like this is great for everyday use or just to take to your friends with your new video games in it.

What ever you are planning to do with it this Yoshi plush backpack will make you even more popular.

Come and have a closer look at this Yoshi Plush Backpack.

Little Kids Robot Backpack

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Little Kids Robot Backpack

Kids need a bag to because they need to bring all that stuff to daycare, preschool, family visits or just to see friends.

This little backpack is for kids ages 2 – and is made by Beatrix New York.

As you can see the backpack is light blue on the sides and white on the front and on there you see a robot flying above an orange cloud.

This kids backpack is easy to clean and has an extra wide compartment so that it offers plenty of storage room.

Get your kid ready to travel the world with this Robot Backpack For Little Kids.

Nintendo Controller Backpack

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Nintendo Controller Backpack

How cool would it be to after a whole summer of playing video games you go back to school with a nice video game controller backpack?

It would be almost as nice as playing those games.

And now you can because there is the Nintendo controller backpack.

It looks like a controller and is shaped like a Nintendo controller but it is a backpack.

The backpack has plenty of room for books and stuff but clearly the only thing that really matters is how awesome it looks.

And this backpack has a dual zipper with amazing little Nintendo controllers as zipper pulls.

OK enough just come and order your Nintendo Controller Backpack.

Powerbag Deluxe Charging Backpack

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Powerbag Deluxe Charging Backpack

Running out of power for your tablet or smartphone is a thing from the past when you have this Powerbag Deluxe Charging Backpack.

This backpack has 6000 mAh battery build in that you can charge before you leave the house with the included AC cable.

Now you can charge your mobile devices with ease.
The backpack has USB mini, USB micro and a Apple 30 pins adapter wire going through the bag.

So now you can charge your iPad, iPhone, Galaxy phone and table and much much more.

And this Powerbag is not tiny either.
Besides having room for you tablet and phone it also can hold a laptop, camera and more. This backpack can hold a laptop up to 17″.

Of course now you want to know how you know the charge of this bag.
Simple press the button on the side and the battery bars will tell you how much charge you have left.

Come and have a closer look at all the details of the Powerbag Deluxe Charging Backpack.

Angry Birds Red Bird Backpack

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Angry Bird Backpack with Red Bird

Time for school?

Maybe not yet but a backpack we can always use for fun, work and also for school.

This is a large Angry Birds backpack and this is a black backpack with a big picture of Red Bird on it and the words Angry Birds.

The Red Bird backpack has one big main compartment and on front of that a smaller zipper compartment and it also has two side pockets.

Now you can be the cool one again when you show your friends you Angry Birds backpack.

So don’t wait order you own Angry Birds Red Bird Large Backpack.

Robot Erasers

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Robots eraser

If you use a pencil and like robots then you are in luck.

These fun robots erasers can be yours.

12 robots come in a pack and have the robot printing on one side of them.

If you need to erase stuff then come see these fun Robot Erasers.

Robots Kids Backpack

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Olive kids Robots sidekick backpack

This backpack by Olive kids is so much fun for kids that love robots.

Robots are all over this bag in all kind of shapes and colors the robots are taking over this backpack.

Your kid will love this bag and it will work perfect for school with all different compartments and adjustable straps this backpack is great for that use.

Of course this bag is also great to ad to your robot collection.

So if you are in to Robots and need a backpack then you have to see this Robots Backpack.

PC Crossing Binder

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Back to school binder with a pc crossing road sign

We all need some old fashion binders to store some of our paperwork in.

But how can we make them more fun. Simple get one that speaks to you. I like computers so this binder is fun for me.

The binder shows the typical road sign but now with a PC crossing the road.

A great binder for a pc geek who need one for home, work or school.

Check out this fun PC Crossing Road Sign Binder.