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Apple TV TotalMount

author Posted by: George on date Jul 26th, 2012 | filed Filed under: apple

Apple TV mount for behind the TV

After have used the original Apple TV for years now the time has come that I wanted a new Apple TV the one that works with Airplay.

Specially now the new Mac OSX Mountain Lion offer Airplay for you Mac.

So this little black box called the Apple TV is nice and small but is also another part with wires for in your entertainment unit.

But that does not have to be a problem.

This TotalMount lets you mount your Apple TV behind you TV making it almost invisible and the wires are all behind you TV.

The mount is easy to connect to the TV without needing tools or adhesive.

You wonder how the remote will work.

It will work great. The mount makes the IR sensor pointing up and that makes it bounce of the ceiling and walls so that in many cases the remote will work even better then before.

So if you want nice a neat setup of your Apple TV then check out the Apple TV TotalMount.

Do i want a new Apple TV

author Posted by: George on date Oct 23rd, 2010 | filed Filed under: apple

So Apple now offers the new Apple TV and that is great i really like it but would i buy one?

First of i have the old Apple TV and i have it less then 1 year it is the one with the 160gb hard drive in it.

I don’t really buy tv shows or movies on itunes. I normally go to the library and get what i want to see. And yes i know i am lucky that our library offers all those movies. Then when i get the movie i rip it and send it to my Apple TV and then i watch it when ever i want to. For me this is great because now the computer doesn’t have to be on to stream it (like on the new Apple TV) . But that is about all i use my Apple TV for.

What i really like about the new Apple TV is that soon you can stream content from you iPhone or iPad i think that is real neat because then you can take you content where ever you want and watch it on an Apple TV where ever you find one. But of course i don’t think Apple will update my software so that i can do that to.

Then there is Netflix witch would be nice to have on my Apple TV although i could just use my Wii to watch Netflix on my tv.

So as you probably get from this strange posts that is all over the place, is that I would love to own a new Apple TV but can’t convince myself i need one. And that is something that doesn’t happen often with new Apple products.

So what do you think? Are you gone get an new Apple TV?

Apple TV Questions you may have before buying.

author Posted by: George on date Dec 28th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Home use

OK so after a long time I finally got myself an Apple TV.

But while I was looking in to buying an Apple TV I got some questions where it was really hard to find answers about so now that I have one and figured things out I thought I should share the information with you.

1. Do files I send from iTunes stay on my computer?

Yes your files need to be staying in your iTunes if you deleted them from iTunes the normal way then they will disappear from your Apple TV as well.

There is a workaround to get the movies on your Apple TV but no longer on your computer. Simply make sure you iTunes is closed and then just deleted the movies from you library files by searching in the iTunes folder. This way iTunes things your movie is on your computer but it really is gone.

2. Can I organize my movies and TV series I put on there myself?

Yes this is pretty easy. First you can in iTunes say that the movie files are TV shows and then you can even give them a season nr. This way all the episodes of a TV show will show up in one lets call it folder.

For movies you can also organize them by kinda of movie like Drama, Comedy and so on.

You can also just move movies in the TV shows folder as i described above.

Organizing this way is pretty easy and handy. You can of course organize things the way you like. For instance I made a TV Show called Fitness and I put all my workout movies under there.

3. Can I make convert my own movies so that they show up on my Apple TV?

Yes you can just download the Handbrake software (witch is Free) and you can very easy convert DVD’s to files for you Apple TV. Not everything will work there are some specially secured DVD’s out there that I was not able to get converted the easy way. Movies I ran in to problems with where. Wal-E, Angels and Daemons and Bedtime stories.

4. The Apple TV does not have any buttons how can I turn it off?

You can’t really turn the Apple TV off. The menu offers a Standby mode but what I read online is that you don’t really turn it off. For instance you will still see it in iTunes.

For me that is not problem because I have all my AV equipment on a switch and when I am done watching everything go’s off.

That is it for now. If you have any questions leave a comment and I will try to answer you questions.

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