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SipPhone on iPhone

author Posted by: George on date Mar 16th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Applications, iPhone / iPod Touch

Why not use different ways of using your iPhone then just a cell phone. SIP is a great way to get low cost phone calls and now it even works on an iPhone.

As you read yesterday’s story about how to configure your iPhone to use MagicJack then you know how I did it. But today I will just focus on how SipPhone works.

SipPhone is simpe just download SiPhone on iTunes and for $6.99 you can start using it. OK the application is not free but for that amount you get an application that can help you to get your phone bill down.

After you downloaded and configured SipPhone you are ready to go and beside the different look it almost works the same as the normal phone on your iPhone it just looks a bit different. On the bottom of your dial pad you have two buttons one said Cellular and when you use that you use your normal phone and one that says SIP (should be green to use it) and that one is used to make your SIP call.

And that is all to it. you have some settings like the ringer for when people call you but that is about it.

It uses your normal address book to find you contacts to call and by default it will use the SIP phone so no worries that it calls through your wireless.

For me SipPhone is a great way to bring my bill down. I spend a lot of time in locations where WiFi internet is available and now I can use that free internet to call.

If you have a SIP account somewhere and an iPhone then why not use it go try out SipPhone on iPhone yourself and see how easy it is.

And I guess that this application would work on an iPod Touch to as long as you get a microphone. (did not test this)

tag3 Responses to “SipPhone on iPhone”

  1. Cool Usb Toys » Blog Archive » Call for free on your iPhone with MagicJack Said,

    […] me trying to find a Sip application for the iPhone and that was easy there is an application called SipPhone (review will follow) that you can use to call through WiFi. Then of course I needed to get it […]

  2. JOFTAA Said,

    I must be a moron. I cannot find SipPhone at the iTunes store when I search for it. Is it a victim of one of Apple’s restrictions and is now MIA?

    I was looking forward to giving the Magicjack a try on my iPhone. My dream is being shattered. lol

  3. JOFTAA Said,

    Found it. Renamed iSip, for those who are wondering.

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