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Protect your iPad for less then 8.5 Dollars

author Posted by: George on date Jun 8th, 2010 | filed Filed under: iPad

OK so now you own a beautifull iPad and of course like me you love this machine.

But what if something happends to it?

The back is nice but really prone to a scratch here or there, and how about the glass on the front? yes it is strong and probably does not scratch to easy but do you want to risk it?

My friends at send me a suprise package that can really help every iPad owener.

  • A hard shell to protect the iPad from bumps and scratches. The one I got (see picture above) is made out of stronge plastic and this one is shiny black. It easily clicks on the iPad and stays in place without any problems. Now all the corners and side and back are protected agains bumps and scratches. If you want to get it of even that is not to much efford but you need two hands because on it’s own it will not come off.
    There is a perfect gap for the volume and tilt switches. This case has a big hole in the middle that shows the Apple logo. Personally I would have prefered it without the hole but it has a huge advantage to. When you normally put your iPad on a flat surface to type you notice it wobbles because it is not flat, now with this case and the hole it does not move at all.
    I really enjoy this case I like the grip it gives me and the protection it offers.
  • The second item was this:

Yes a screen protector. Now I don’t have to worry about the screen getting dirty or that it get scartched. It is nice to be see my iPad protected like this and this screen protector comes with a cleaning cloth so that you can get all the dirt of you screen before you put it on. It is not to difficult to put it on but you need to focus when you do so.

As you can see now my iPad is safe from most acidents that can happen to it and you know what is even better, it does not have to cost much either.
Let me show you.

Bright Black Hard Case costs $5.84
Screen Proctor costs                  $2.47

And that makes the total $8.31 and that is including world wide free shipping. And because the Budgetgadget people like our site they offer you 5% discount on anything if you use the coupon code GM5OFF2 and that will make it that you can have those two items for less then 8 Dollars.

I would say be smart and protect you iPad because it is to expensive not to.

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