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Nodehost Webhosting Review

author Posted by: George on date Jun 25th, 2019 | filed Filed under: Uncategorized

Nodehost webhosting review

If you are in the market for a hosting for your website and you have been looking around you will have noticed that most info out there is not the honest truth but just based on who pays most. So let me be clear I am not being paid for writing this review but you do have the option to use a special link in this review that will get me a bonus when you sign up and will get your 30 days of free hosting.

I have been using web hosting companies for more than 20 years now and I moved around as you see great hosting companies often being bought out by big companies and then transforming it into a hosting hell.

As of writing this review (June 2019), I have been at NodeHost for 1.5 years now and I will tell you my experience so far.

Let me start by telling you a bit about NodeHost, they offer an affordable option for hosting your blog, cms, or development environment. And they offer a range of plans for your need, for instance, this site is run on a plan that cost $0.04 a day and includes plenty of storage, email, databases, and bandwidth and even comes with free backups which is a great feature to have. You can also pick the location where your site is stored and you can pick between New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. I run multiple sites and I have spread them out over different locations which help in case ever something may go wrong not all my sites go down which is something that happened to me in the past with different hosting providers. And secure connections are important these days and that is why it is great that NodeHost also offers free https for your website.

NodeHost like most hosting providers, these days do not offer phone support but they are great at email support and you can reach them through twitter too and there is a great community where you can ask questions and also find a lot of useful information. I used the information on the community to find an easy way to move my WordPress sites quickly and easily.

In the last 1.5 years, I did need support and they were always more the qualified to help me and they did this in no time at all which was nice as my last host A Small Orange took more than 16 hours to respond to support requests at the time I left.

And yes, there was some downtime too and unfortunately, this happens at any hoster you choose and most time this downtime is just minutes but if it takes a bit longer then you could be surprised and may even see a credit in your account.

All in all, I am more than happy with NodeHost and their great service and I am not thinking about moving as long as they stay as amazing as they are now.

I may edit this post in the future if my opinion changes as I want to be honest and clear. And if you have any questions about Nodehost then leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer it.

If after this you are interested in finding out more then feel free to google NodeHost and go to their site or use my LINK which will get you 30 free hosting or click the logo above.

And if you wonder what others think about NodeHost then you can read some more reviews at Trustpilot.

Bedside Lamp With Wireless Charger

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Bedside Lamp With Wireless Charger

Charging your phone in the bedroom could be a problem but this Bedside Lamp With Wireless Charger will solve that.

This is a really nice looking lamp that will look great on your nightstand or even a side table in the living room.

The lamp has a wireless charger just perfect for charging your phone and there is a USB port too so that you can charge your other USB devices. And if you wonder how to control the light then just simply touch the base as it is touch control and it even has 3 different light levels and there is even an LED bulb included with the table lamp.

So bring light and the charging to any room in your home with this Bedside Lamp With Wireless Charger.

Luigi Baby Bodysuit

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Nintendo Luigi Baby Bodysuit

If you need some clothing for your baby and you like Nintendo then you should check out this Luigi Baby Bodysuit.

The baby bodysuit is green and on the front, you can see a circle and from the circle, you can see Luigi that seems to be trying to come out and he is waving at everyone it sees.

You can get this baby snapsuit in sizes 6 – 24 months and if you like Mario better then you are in luck as there is a red version that has Marion on it that you can see by clicking on the bodysuit.

The bodysuit is just cute and it will make it clear your little is a Nintendo fan already so come get them this Luigi Baby Bodysuit.

Mercedes Benz 300SL USB Flash Drive

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Mercedes Benz 300SL USB Flash Drive

Sure they make amazing flash drives but most look boring but not this Mercedes Benz 300SL USB Flash Drive.

This flash drive is a classic black Mercedes that actually drives so it is also kind of a toy and then you slide the USB connector and it will show from the trunk of the car and then when you plug it into your computer you will see the light go on.

This 300SL is 16GB and USB 2.0 and will work in almost any computer and if the car is a bit weirdly shape to fit in your laptop then you are in luck as in the cool box it comes in there is also a USB extension cable.

So anyone that likes cars and need a thumb drive should check out this Mercedes Benz 300SL USB Flash Drive.

Desk Power Solution

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Desk Power Solution

If you have a need for power ports on top of your desk then check out this Desk Power Solution.

The power strip has a nice black house that you can screw to the back of your desk to make it secure to your desk and from the back, an 8 feet long cable goes to one power port in your home or office. Now you will have 3 normal power ports and next to it you have 4 USB ports for charging and they charge up to 4.0 amp.

If you often have to plug in devices into power for use on your desk then this is what you really need so come check out this Desk Power Solution.

Minecraft Sticker Set

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Minecraft Sticker Set

Minecraft fans can now enjoy this Minecraft Sticker Set to make anything you have into a Minecraft item.

And this is not just any set of stickers, as this set has more than 295 stickers of many Minecraft things like blocks, animals, hostile mobs and even cookies.

4 pages full of Minecraft stickers is what you will get and it will be perfect if you like to decorate things. School binder, lunch boxes, and maybe you bike helmet it all can use a sticker of something from Minecraft. Just put an enderpearl sticker on your shoes and maybe you can just really far.

If you like Minecraft then you should check out this Minecraft Sticker Set.

Geek Inside Stickers

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Geek Inside Stickers

Now you can put these Geek Inside Stickers on everything you own.

These stickers look a lot like the classic Intel Inside logo that we have seen about everywhere but is famous because of the stickers they put on computers.

And if you are a computer geek then you are going to like these stickers and these stickers come in a whole bunch of sizes and a made from vinyl so that you can stick them on almost anything and the first one should go on your computer and maybe one on your forehead so that everyone knows that you are really geeky.

So let’s start by ordering your Geek Inside Stickers.

Minecraft Torch Light

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Minecraft Torch Light

Minecraft fans all know about the classic light in the game and now you can own a Minecraft Torch Light.

This torch looks like the one we all use in the game and now it can be part of your home.

You can use this torch standing on its own or you can unfold the bottom and hang the torch on a wall just like you do in Minecraft.

The torch light is 11 inches long and runs on AAA batteries so that you don’t need any wires which means you can basically hang it anywhere in your home.

So if you are a Minecraft fan with a dark spot in your home then come get your Minecraft Torch Light.

World Invasion Game T-Shirt

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World Invasion Game T-Shirt

If you like the classic Space Invaders game and need a cool shirt then check out this World Invasion Game T-Shirt.

This black t-shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and comes in many sizes going all the way to and adults 10XL.

On this t-shirt you can see a world map and it is made out of the same aliens we try to shoot in Space Invaders and there is also the little cannon to shoot the aliens.

A fun shirt like this shows that you like to protect the world and that you like classic video games so come get your World Invasion Game T-Shirt.

Fun Creature Power Bar

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Fun Creature Power Bar

No longer do you need a boring power strip because now there is this Fun Creature Power Bar.

This power strip is funny shaped and is light blue with a white belly and it even has a cute face. The power strip has 4 power ports and two USB ports so that you can charge your USB devices too.

And this power strip also has a surge protector built in to protect your devices from power surges.

So if you need a power strip and want something cool then come check out this Fun Creature Power Bar.