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Minecraft Bow Tie

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Minecraft Bow Tie

Now there is this fun Minecraft Bow Tie that is just perfect for when you are playing Minecraft or maybe for Halloween.

This bow tie looks like a dirt block from Minecraft so that all gamers that like this block building game will recognize it.

And you don’t need to fold the bow tie yourself as it just connects with an adjustable necks tap with a metal clasp.

So now you are all dress for some Minecraft playing or maybe when you dress up for a wedding or something or maybe you can wear it when you stream on Twitch.

A Minecraft bow tie is just so useful to have so come get yourself a Minecraft Bow Tie.

Minecraft UNO Game

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Minecraft UNO Game

Now there is this Minecraft UNO Game that is a great game to play with friends at home or on the go.

UNO is a really famous card game that most people know about and maybe even played and now there is a special Minecraft version with Minecraft themed cards and even some special rules like if you get the Creeper card you get 3 more cards.

You can play this card game with just one or many more friends so now you just need to find a great occasion to play a game so turn of you phone, computer and TV and enjoy this Minecraft UNO Game.

Couples Power And USB Costume

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Couples Power And USB Costume

If you want a fun couples Halloween costume then you are in luck as we found you this Couples Power And USB Costume.

This costume set will make it clear to anyone that you belong together.

The women’s costume is a black dress and shows on it a power wall socket like you have at home and below it a USB port and then there is the men’s part of the costume that are just some white shorts but on the front there are 3 prongs sticking out like a power plug and from the back a USB cable comes out with a USB plug. The couples Halloween costume is available in 2 sizes so that you can get the perfect fit for you.

A Halloween part is just waiting for you to show off you fun Couples Power And USB Costume.

Portable UV Sanitizer

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Portable UV Sanitizer

Now there is this Portable UV Sanitizer that is perfect for doing some sanitizing where ever you want.

We are all a bit more worried about viruses, bacteria, germs and stuff and that makes us want to keep cleaning and to make that a bit easier they made this wand.

The portable wand runs on a included battery and gives of UVC light that can kill viruses, bacteria and things like that just but the light on it for like 10 seconds and clean it is.

This is great to clean you phone, tablet, door handle, car and stuff. And sure it may not be perfect but it better than nothing so come and check out this Portable UV Sanitizer.

Power And USB Strip

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Power And USB Strip

now there is this really useful Power And USB Strip.

If you need more power and USB charging then this could be it as it offers you 3 normal power ports on the top and on the front it has 4 USB ports that offers 2.4 amp charging for each port and all that comes with a 5 feet wire so that you can place it almost anything. And it even has an on off switch witch is a great feature to have.

So now you can have all the sockets you need at your home office. But it can even be screwed on to things so that you can put it under your desk or maybe on the side of your bed.

Anywhere you want power you should think about this Power And USB Strip.

Wall Locked USB Charger

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Wall Locked USB Charger

If you always miss you charger because someone took it then you need this Wall Locked USB Charger.

This set includes a chargers brick and a retractable wire with connecters for your iPhone and Android phone and even USB C and then there is a holder that will look your charger to the wall and that prevent it from being stolen.

This charging set is a great way to make a fixed charging location in your home or the office.

This locked USB charger fill easily connect to any standard North American power socket with a special locked screw that you put in with the special included tool.

No more problems finding your charging wire by owning this Wall Locked USB Charger.

Vinyl Record Player With Speaker And USB

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Vinyl Record Player With Speaker And USB

Now you can get this Vinyl Record Player With Speaker And USB that is great for all your music needs.

This record player looks like a classic record player with a wood look base with speakers inside it that shows up on the front. And then on top there you find the vinyl record player and this player can play 3 sizes of record at 3 different speeds.

And if you want to play different music then you can as there is a USB port for a flash drive to play from and the build in speaker is also a bluetooth speaker so that you can play directly from your phone.

And to make it complete they even added AUX In and RCA out.

So if you like music in your life then you know you need this Vinyl Record Player With Speaker And USB.

Circuit Board Puzzle

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Circuit Board Puzzle

Now you can get this Circuit Board Puzzle that is just perfect for anyone that like electronics and would like something todo.

This jigsaw puzzle is available in different sizes from 30 – 1000 pieces so that there is the perfect puzzle for your experience level and each puzzle comes in a nice metal tin with the a picture of the puzzle on top.

As you can see the jigsaw puzzle shows a piece of a circuit board and it does look like a fun project that could be tricky to make as it has a lots of similar items on the puzzle all in the same color too.

So lets get puzzling by ordering your Circuit Board Puzzle.

30 Inch Wide Monitor Stand

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30 Inch Wide Monitor Stand

Now you can get this 30 Inch Wide Monitor Stand made by Rocelco.

If your monitor or maybe iMad has been standing to low then you probably feel that in your neck and or shoulder. So in that case you can really use this monitor stand that will makes things stand a bit taller while offering space under it so that your desk can look so much better.

And this monitor stand is 30 inches wide and that means that you can put two screens on it, and it maybe smart to measure as there are some big and wide screen available.

This monitor stand also has a 4 port power bar build in that also holds 2 USB ports and has an on / off switch and has a 10 foot wire so that it even works great if you put it on a standing desk.

Now is a good time to think of your health and desk organization so come check out this Rocelco 30 Inch Wide Monitor Stand.

Free Wi-Fi T-Shirt

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Free Wi-Fi T-Shirt

Now there is this Free Wi-Fi T-Shirt that is all about open Wi-Fi or at least that is what I think of it.

You can get this Wi-Fi t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and it is available in lots of sizes going up to an adults 10XL and is made from 100% cotton.

On the t-shirt you can see the Wi-Fi symbol and there are bars on top of it like it is in jail and then around it you can see the text “Free Wi-Fi”.

So if you come in contact with a lot of locked up wireless signal then wear this t-shirt to help us to get it free.

Come get your Free Wi-Fi T-Shirt to release Wi-Fi from jail.