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45 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

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45 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

We all know how difficult it get to open your tools like a phone, laptop, and other electronics as you often need a special size tool but with this 45 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set you will be ready to open most things.

There are 45 pieces in this set including a screwdriver handle with extension, tweezers and many bits in different heads and sizes.

Having a handy set like this tool set makes you life a lot easier because now you don’t have to look where you put that one screwdriver as everything you need is in this set and it will make it possible to open most things that do not use a unique tools specially made for only that device.

Come check out everything that you can find in this 45 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set.

Red Mario Backpack

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Red Mario Backpack

If you need a backpack and you like Mario then you should check out this red Mario backpack.

The backpack is red on the front with a big face of Mario on bag with a smaller version of his face on the front pocket.

The Nintendo backpack is 17.75 x 12.25 x 5.75 inches and can hold a laptop up to 15 inches making this a great bag to have for school, work, and hanging out with your friends.

Just adjust the black straps to fit your back perfectly and you are ready for a new adventure with your Super Mario friend so come and get your Red Mario Backpack.

USB Home And Car Charger

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USB Home And Car Charger

If you like a USB charger that you can take on a trip then check out this useful USB home and car charger.

The charger has 2 USB ports that can charge your device at 2.4A.

And this is not just any USB charger this is one you can use in your home and in the car as it has the normal power plug that you use at home but it also has the 12volt plug that you can use in the car and both connectors fold down so that they only come out when you need it.

A USB charger like this is really useful in your travel bag because then you have USB power in your rental car and hotel room so come check out this USB Home And Car Charger.

Solar Emergency Or Camping Lantern

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Solar Emergency Or Camping Lantern

When the power goes down you know what it is in the darkness and then you find out that some emergency lighting is good to have and that is why you should check this solar emergency or camping lantern.

The lantern fold flat when not in use and inflates when you need it and you can charge it by solar or choose the version that also allows you to use USB power.

The LuminAid lantern will even float so you can light up the pool too.

Having an emergency light is something we all should have and this lantern is great for camping to so very multifunctional.

Get ready for when the power goes down by ordering your Solar Lantern.

Periodic Table Mousepad

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Periodic Table Mousepad

If you are looking for a new mousepad and would like the periodic table of the elements on your desk then you have to check out this periodic table mousepad.

The mousepad is 9.25 x 7.75 inches and has a nice nonslip back so that it says in place on your desk at the office or if you use it for gaming at home.

A useful and maybe slightly nerdy mousepad like this will make you desk look more fun and a mousepad will make your mouse work so much better and makes it collect less dust.

So come and get your own Periodic Table Mousepad.

Super Mario Doormat

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Nintendo Super Mario Doormat

If you want your home to be clean and love gaming then you want to check out this fun Super Mario doormat.

The Nintendo doormat is made from coir and is 17 x 29 inches and officially licensed by Nintendo.

The doormat has a blue background and on that you can see Super Mario while he points to the word “Welcome” and then there is his Super Mario logo too.

So now you can have the Nintendo doormat in front of you game room or just at the front or back door so that no dirty feet enter your home or room.

Get one now so come get your Super Mario Doormat!

Lightning And USB Flash Drive

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Kingston Lightning And USB Flash Drive

Now you can get a Kingston Bolt Lightning And USB Flash Drive.

The flash drive looks like most flash drives with the exception that besides the normal USB connector it also has a Lightning connector.

Now you can use it as a normal USB 3.0 flash drive but also as a storage devices for your iPhone or iPad making it perfect for backing up your pictures and even to take picture to directly but it can also store files you want to access on your phone.

You can get the Kingston Bolt in 32, 64, and 128GB versions so that you can get the perfect size for your needs.

And this flash drive comes in it’s own carry pouch that still gives easy access but makes it easy to have it on your key chain.

Come and check out his Kingston Bolt Lightning And USB Flash Drive.

Kids Super Mario Suitcase

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Kids Super Mario Suitcase

If your child loves Mario and other Nintendo characters and is getting ready for a trip then you have to check out this kids Super Mario suitcase.

The suitcase is just the perfect size for your little one and measures 14 x 11.75 x 6 inches and has a retractable handle and wheels so that they can pull it around.

The Nintendo suitcase is blue with on the front you can find a big picture of Mario with next to it his name “Super Mario” and below that you can find  Toad, Luigi, and Yoshi.

So now your kid is ready for a trip and will love to pack its own Kids Super Mario Suitcase.

USB Powered Mosquito Trap

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USB Powered Mosquito Trap

Nobody seems to be enjoying mosquito’s and that is why there now is a USB powered mosquito trap.

The bug trap is available in black and in white and is simply powered by USB power and that makes it perfect as you can use it almost anywhere. At home with a USB power adapter or even on the go with a power bank.

The mosquito killer has a blue LED light that attracts the bugs and then inside the bugs get killed so you have to clean it out once in a while.

No more flying bug problems for you after you got your USB Powered Mosquito Trap.

Desk USB And Power Bar

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Desk USB And Power Bar

If you want your desk to look nice but offer power ports and even USB charging then you just have to check out this desk USB and power bar.

This black power cord is 6 feet long and easily screws into the wood of your desk and then will offer two power ports and two 3.1 amp USB ports for easy and quick charging.

A power bar on your desk like this one will make your desk look great and now you always have power when you need it for charging your phone and your laptop.

So get that loose power bar from your desk and get your Desk USB And Power Bar.