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Keyboard Shaped Waffle Iron

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Keyboard waffle maker

If you are crazy about waffles and a bit of a computer geek then this waffle maker is what you need.

This waffle maker does not make the typical waffle, it does make a waffle that looks like a computer keyboard. And as keyboards are bigger than most waffles that means that your waffles will be bigger too. The keyboard waffle maker can make waffles that are 10 x 3.5 inches and they are 1-inch thick.

You can use this waffle maker with a gas or electric stove, grills, hotplates, and even a campfire.

So get ready and make waffles for breakfast with this Keyboard Shaped Waffle Iron.

Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator With Build In Solar Panels

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Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator With Build In Solar Panels

If you want to have power when and where ever you are then you need this Phoenix portable generator from Renogy.

The Phoenix is a black suitcase and inside it, there is a 16Ah Li-ion battery that is replaceable. And when you open the lid you will find 2 10 watt solar panels and you can expand that to 120watt of solar.

And besides the sun you can charge this suitcase through AC or the car cigarette lighter.

And then when you need power you can get it through one of the many ports, there are 4 USB, 1 AC, 2 DC, and 1 cigarette 12v car port.

Now you are all set for when the power goes out or is unavailable so order your Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator.

LEGO Minecraft The Village Set 21128

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Lego Minecraft The Village Set 21128

If you are crazy about building then you probably like LEGO and Minecraft and this time you are in luck because both came together and here is the LEGO Minecraft set that makes you build a village.

The LEGO set is rated ages 8 and up and has pieces including pigs and other Minecraft creatures.

And yes you have to build the village that includes multiple buildings and many open up so that you can go inside the houses.

1600 pieces of LEGO is a great start for your real world Minecraft set and this LEGO building kit has number 21128 and would be a great addition to your LEGO collection.

Come check out this LEGO Minecraft The Village Building Set.

Heath Changing Game Boy Mug

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Heath Changing Gameboy Mug

If you like classic game consoles then you probably like the Game Boy and if you do then you should get this mug.

The square mug is made from ceramic and on it you can see a Game Boy that is off but then you put hot coffee in it and it comes on and on the screen, you can see Mario rescuing the Princess.

So now drinking hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate will feel like you are playing on your Nintendo Game Boy just like when they were the hot thing to have.

And because this is a heat changing mug you have to wash it by hand and you can not use it in the microwave.

So get ready for a day of gaming while drinking lots of coffee from you Nintendo Gameboy Mug.

Robot Face Leggings

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Robot Face Leggings

If you like robots and need some fun leggings then you came to the right place as these black leggings are covered in heads of robots.

The robot leggings are made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex so that they feel and look great and have a nice stretch.

Sure these leggings may be a little bit nerdy but if that is what you are and are proud of it then wearing these leggings should be something you need to do.

The black and robots really make for a nice combination and something that quickly can become one of your favorite pair of legwear.

So get your robot on and order you Robot Face Leggings.

PhoneSoap 2.0 UV Sanitizer For Cleaning Your Phone

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PhoneSoap 2.0 UV Sanitizer For Cleaning Your Phone

We all use our smartphones a lot and that, of course, leaves lots of germs on your device but how do you clean that?

The PhoneSoap 2.0 can do that for you in 5 minutes and it does not use any liquids so your phone is safe.

The PhoneSoap is a UV sanitizer. Just place your phone in the case and close it and in 5 minutes your smartphone will be cleaned and if you want you can even charge your phone while it is being cleaned.

Yes, smartphones big (like iPhone 7 Plus) and small (like the original iPhone) will all fit in the PhoneSoap and if you want your tablet to be clean then you are in luck as they have a much bigger version too.

Kill the germs on your cell phone with the PhoneSoap 2.0 UV Sanitizer.

Kitten 10000mAh Power Bank

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Kitten 10000mAh Power Bank

If you like kittens and cats and need a power bank then you are in luck because this USB power bank looks like a cat.

You can get this power bank in white or black and its ears have lights in them as indicators of the battery level.

This cat power bank is 10000mAh and that is enough to charge most smartphone multiple times.

Just have this cute cat lying around for when you need power on the go so that your phone never have to run out of power again and a nice extra is that it just looks amazing.

Come and order your Kitten 10000mAh Power Bank.

IZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera

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IZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera

Now there is a way to interact with documents thanks to this wireless document camera made by the people of Ipevo.

The IZiggi-HD Document Camera is wireless and lets you show your document to tablets and computers. PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablets they can all use the camera making it great for in a classroom or at home. As the camera is so easy to use it offers many opportunities like showing documents for people with eye sight problems or show work from a child to the whole classroom.

And if you want to see how it work then you should check out this VIDEO and then come get your IZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera.

USB Car Charger With Safety Features

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USB Car Charger With Safety Features

If you want a great USB charger for in the car then this is the one you need as besides two USB ports it also adds some safety features.

The USB ports have 2.4 amp each so it will help charging your devices a little bit fast.

Besides the USB connectors, the car charger offers two car safety features and they are a seatbelt cutter and a glass breaker so that if you get into an accident you will be able to free yourself or you could help others in need.

So stop using that cheap car charger you use now and go for great quality with amazing features by ordering this USB Car Charger With Safety Features.

Lipstick Power Bank

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Lipstick Power Bank

Power banks come in all shapes and sizes but most of them are pretty ugly but now there is this lipstick power bank that looks just like a normal lipstick that you may have in your purse.

The power bank is 3000 mAH and that is plenty to fully charge many phones and if not then it will give you enough power to use your device again for a while.

And the lipstick power bank also comes with a nice wire that can help you charge devices like the iPhone and many android devices.

Bring power and style to you to go bag with this Lipstick Power Bank.