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NBOX Media Player

author Posted by: George on date Dec 1st, 2009 | filed Filed under: Home use

With more and more electronic media getting available to us I was looking for a way of putting it on my TV instead of on my computer.

My first idea was getting an Apple TV but I didn’t really want to spend the money on it. But then I ran in to the NBOX player.

The NBOX is not an Apple TV and does not even come close. But it plays electronic media by in an easy way.

OK what is the NBOX Media Player. The NBOX is basically an player without any storage and that they solve by adding an SD slot on one side (Supports SD HC) and on the other side they have and USB port where you can connect your Flash Drives or external hard drives. As you can see at this little video.

But let me start at the beginning.

The NBOX Media Player comes in a sleek white box with in there of course the NBOX, a small power supply to power the NBOX, a sleek and small black remote, AV Cable and a manual. Beside this my supplyer NBOXPLAYER also includes an Y/PB/PR Component Cable and about that later more.

Connecting the NBOX is really easy just follow the pictures on the box or in the manual and you will be ready to go in less then a minute. Using the default AV cable gives a pretty good picture but if you use the ext Y/PB/PR cable you will notice the difference it is accutally very easy to spot when you see the default NBOX screen.

The Nbox as many product coming from China have way to many things they do and in my idea they are kinda useless. The nbox for instance lets you open documents but NO PDF’s but really are you gone read documents on your screen. It also plays music and I guess that could be nice but I normally don’t listen to music through my TV. Then the NBOX lets you watch pictures and that could be fun to show friends you holiday snaps. But for this review I will just focus on the in my view the only real feature and that is watching movies.

it is all pretty easy if you have files in the right format (about that more later) just put the movies on for instance a Flash drive and plug it in. As soon as you plug it in you will see USB with a flash drive icon showing up now you can just browse to the file of the movie you want to watch and when you have selected it but not clicked through you will see a preview of the file starting on the right to make it easy to find the right file.

And then it is easy just select the right file and it will start playing. The included remote is nice and small and extremly responsive so very nice to work with when you watch a movie.

The NBOX has a really need feature. When you watch a movie and you want to stop for whatever reason just turn it off and next time when you turn it on it will go on where you left off. Have said that I normally unplug all my TV related equipment and in that case it does not always remember where I left it, it seems as the machine forgets without power after a couple of days. And in the case you completly unplug the NBOX it has the nasty habit to automatically boot up even if I don’t want to use it.

So what does the NBOX Media player play?

It plays Divx, Xvid, AVI and VOB (copy of files on a DVD) that is what i got working. They say it plays Mpeg-1 and Mpeg-2 that I didn’t test and it says it plays MOV and MP4 that I tested and in my case did not work. And that is ashame because that is what I use in iTunes and my iPhone.

Conclusion: I love the NBOX and can’t really imagine live without it. I have the movies I want to watch on a small external harddrive that seems to work without extra power (be prepared to give you harddrive power the manual states that it does not supply enough power for all drives)

I would recommend the NBOX without must hestation and would recommend  the extra video cable to make you video quality a lot higher (720p)

Go look for a good NBOX Media Player Deal.

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  1. Jynxx Said,

    Hi. Does anybody know if it’s possible to plug your laptop into the NBOX? I bought this for my Dad for Xmas thinking it could do this, but having just looked at the instructions found it doesn’t mention that – yes external drives.

  2. USBgeek Said,

    Connecting your laptop to an NBOX hmmm didn’t think of that one before.

    But I think the answer is NO I don’t think you can connect you laptop to the NBOX. Unless you could make you laptop show as a external drive but i don’t know about any laptops that can do that.

  3. sid Said,

    Hi, I recently got my hands on one of these little units and while it works well, I would like to update the firmware and get the latest codecs on board – does anyone know where to get the download?

  4. USBgeek Said,

    I try to get info about firmwares and my supplier tells me that there are currently no new firmwares.

  5. Fatin Said,

    Do you how to increase the subtitle font? The subtitle font from the nbox is white and small. I’m not comfortable with the font size.

  6. burnspogi Said,

    the response is kinda slow, anybody knows how to turn the preview off?

  7. josh-safrica Said,

    I received my NBox today and started it up without a problem, i then connected my 500gig external harddrive and now it doesn’t pick up any of the files. If i use smaller flash drives then its fine. Why am I having this problem?

  8. USBgeek Said,

    Ok there are a couple of things i can think of.

    First does your 500gig have it’s own power? because i am not so sure the the NBOX can power it.

    And if the files system FAT?

  9. Brent Beck Said,

    My nbox will play movies to around the 1 gb mark and then mov eon to the next movie. Anyone know how to fix this?

  10. Sudhakar Subramanian Said,

    I got the nbox player yday through ebay India. I checked it with a 500GB external powered USB HDD. It’s a NTFS filesystem format. It worked well for all the movies in different folders except that it could not browse through the one folder where I have kept 90% of my movies. Only that folder is not accessible. But I also know that this folder structure is corrupt so if I make another folder at the same dir. level then all the movies inside that played well. I predominantly download avi (XVID & DIVX) movie files and so I don’t have any format problems. Today I found that there is a new NBOX player which supports mp4, flv and higher resolution(1,360 x 768)

    I asked my seller if they have got any updated firmware. But he is not aware of what firmware is.

  11. Patrick Said,

    Hi, does the nbox have a repeat function so it can be left to play a film on a continuous loop? Also, I know it has a years warranty but if it is left on 24/7 does anyone know if it would be likely to break or go wrong?

  12. rohan123 Said,

    i got my Nbox media player from ebay. But PbPrY connection doesnt work on my TV. Also MKV file doesnt play!. AV mode display has bit of lines!. Disappointing for the things that i expected from this product! Cnt find any firmware upgrade as well

  13. zEn Said,

    how to see what version firmware is?
    where to find a new firmware?

  14. USBgeek Said,

    As long as nobody knows if there if exist a firmware that could be upgraded by someone this discussion seems kinda useless 🙂

    So my question is does anybody know if it is possible to update the Nbox and if so How????

  15. Martin Hack Said,

    Don’t think there is firmware upgrade yet so have to hang on. I just got mine and like others have found that video files on my external hard drives are not recognised at all i.e. vob, avi (xvid & divx) etc. They have their own power supply & different usb leads. I thought the USB port was damaged but a small USB pen drive (16Gb) is fine, and so is an SD memory card but of course all my media files are on the large external drives. If this player only operated with FAT format drives it should have said cos that an ancient format!!! Any thoughts?

  16. Tiberiusduck Said,

    Don’t waste your money on “NBOX” folks. It says it plays multiple video formats but I’m lucky if I can play “1 out of 10 videos”? in any of their video formats. There is a really good reason why this crappy media player is so cheap. There is absolutely no customer support and there is no website to get video codec upgrades although the company says there is and there is no video converting software included to match this products video codecs.
    Buy a Western Digital where you can get support !!!

  17. USBgeek Said,


    Sorry to hear that you have problems viewing your video’s. I personally did not have many problems watching default divx movies.

    I agree the nbox is cheap and do not expect support any where besides maybe people who have one themselves.

    Video converting is something personal i guess and there is lots of free software out there to convert movies. For instance I as a mac user use handbrake.

    And sure if you don’t want the risk go with a big brand name. I eventually got myself and Apple TV just because it is easier to get movies on and the interface is much nicer but also here I did not get any converting software 😉

    I would say Nbox or something else it is a personal experience for me the Nbox worked fine but yeah I like my Apple TV much better.

  18. Tiberiusduck Said,

    Problem solved !!! For weeks I have been trying to figure out why my Nbox is only playing 3 of the 4 movies I have on my new Sony Vaio 32 GB memory stick. As it turns out the first two movies played flawlessly but being that the third movie was slightly corrupted. I finally noticed it was corrupted because I could not fast forward that movie. Anything else I added to the memory stick after that corrupted movie, simply would not play.
    SOLUTION: Format the memory stick, reload the new movie and “VOILA”, problem solved. Now anything I add to the memory stick, now plays. Please keep this in mind for future customer complaints. I now love my new Nbox. Thanks!!!

  19. kox Said,


    Only one question, Have Play video files whith AC3 sound codec?

  20. Fuddy Duddy Said,

    I see a lot of questions asking if this box can be flash upgraded, but not one person explaining what the heck they want to upgrade too. Sheesh how dumb. If you dont like the deatures why would you buy the box in the first place? The book says it can be flashed. If the Manufacturer doesn’t have a flash upgrade that means the box is working as designed. Since when is that bad news???

  21. soloymi Said,

    for 30$, this device is great. you can buy new model of nbox with hdmi, hd and it supports mkv.

  22. Cathaldub Said,

    @Fuddy Duddy
    I’m assuming people are looking for a software update to fix a few known problems with the box or add support for more file types (add codecs)
    one of the main problems with this box is that it does not show the files in alphabetical order, so if your using an external hdd with a couple of hundred files on it, its very hard to navigate and finding your movie is all just down to luck lol
    Also the menu that shows the list of movies along with the preview only shows the 1st 10(could be less) characters, you need to leave your selection highlighted for a few seconds to get the name to scroll, this can slow down navigation too.

    Dont get me wrong this is a great player for the money though, quality is very good and I haven’t had an issue with any HDD’s yet, both self powered and externally powered.

  23. NBox User Said,

    My NBox.. plays pretty well then sometimes it freezes up and I have to reboot.. I then fast forward my movie to where it stopped and it will continue to play again for a short period ..and then freeze up again..

    I normally spend rebooting 5 times just to get through the movie.

    Any ideas? I read some guy above had a corrupted movie on his USB drive and that he reformatted and was good to go. anyone else experience this?

    Kind Regards,

    NBox User.

  24. zen Said,

    Manufacturer Site
    You can download the firmware and a forum.

  25. kox Said,

    I can confirm now, nbox play videofiles with AC3 sound codec 😉

  26. Ronni Said,

    i’m having the same freezing problem. nbox will freeze once in a few hours and i would have to reboot. anyone find a fix?

  27. Random Said,

    Did anyone use the updates from there?

  28. kushan Said,

    Hi dear friend;

    I purchased an NBox flash player unity recently (exact similar one as shown on this website). It’s a great product!! Movies are very clear and operation is user-friendly. However, when it play a movie, looking at the screen is somewhat difficult, because of the low refresh-rate, I suppose!!! I checked this with three TV sets but the problem remains same. I hope this issue can be addressed by upgrading the firmware. have u guys any idea of this issue ?



  29. box45 Said,

    this device is pretty good i use it a lot, yes the remote isn’t powerful, but I still enjoy it. I have a problem there are no new media codecs out there so I’m having trouble playing flv files like youtube videos and I don’t really want to start converting them into mpeg or avi now. Hope there will be updates soon.

  30. kiet Said,

    I recently acquired one of these for my parents so they can show their traveling pics to their friends on the t.v. The 2000 pics(or so) were organized in sub folders of where they were taken but when I put them on a sdhc pic and plugged it into their hdtv the photos were only recognized into the one photo folder. The sub-folders are recognized in text but cannot be accessed. This sucks because who wants to scroll through 1800 pics just to get to the pictures they took in Petra. Anyone know about correcting this so that pictures can be accessed in sub-folders? I would hope that this could be possible.

    thanks in advance because this seems to be a well designed little unit

  31. idevon Said,

    Great idea, but poor quality OS. I too am lucky if I can get 1/10 AVI files to play and I have been pouring or the web looking for a solution. Firmware upgrade with greater codec support, video conversion to a more compatible codec, different usb devices… and nothing seems to be able to work. Not even support forums! The manufacture’s website listed above I dare not go o as my browser says it is a ATTACK SITE.

    Maybe I got what I paid for… a cheap piece of tech. Next time I buy name brand… unless someone has any suggestions!

  32. sdwdg Said,

    I bought the updated second generation version on ebay. Quite good for the price, but a basic feature is lacking/not working – While playing music, I have to manually select each file (track) to play. It does not automatically play the tracks in sequence or radomly, even though there is a control to do this under OSD button.

    A bug?

  33. Heather B Said,

    Everything on mine is black & white…what’s up with that?

  34. USBgeek Said,

    Heather you devices is probably at PAL instead of NTSC check the settings.

  35. PicsOnly Said,

    Kiet, hi! I’m interested in doing slide shows of pictures and have taken and interested in your comment. Are you starting a slide show with the primary file and assuming that it would pick up the pictures in the sub-files and display them as well? That is strange that it would display the subfile name but not able to dispay the pictures.

    What if you took the 2000 pictures and put the into multiple files for example, File1-Florida, File 2-California, etc… can you then play the pictures in File1 and then in file2…will that work?

    I need to find a good solution to showing my pictures on the TV which acts as my larger monitor without a major investment.

  36. phatBOY Said,

    my nBOX always displays the current time at the bottom of the TV screen.. distracting when watching movies..

    anyway to turn this off?

  37. kiet Said,


    When I say that the folders are recognized I mean that in the sense that in the text section of the nbox, or the movie section or the Mp3 section the folders are there. It’s just that in the photo section ALL the pictures are just there. For example there are pictures in one folder titled Amman, another folder titled Petra, another titled Nile. In the photos section of NBox the pictures just come up as one section. You have to scroll through all of the thumbnails to get to a certain part of the trip. I hope that maybe a firmware upgrade could fix this but I don’t know. Maybe that’s why it only costs 30 bucks. The picture quality is excellent though.

  38. zEn Said,

    I updated the firmware, installed, works fine,
    you can download it here:

  39. Random Said,

    | |

    What does the update do? Will the language still be in English?

  40. phattie Said,

    .m4v files (as creatred by handbrake) are not recognised by nbox? even upgraded the firmware as above and still not recognised…

    anyone got them to play? most of my library is in .m4v.. *sob*

  41. bricky23 Said,

    Hi zEn, what does this firmware fix?

  42. phatBOY Said,

    does the nBOX play .m4v files? i installed new firmware but it still doesn’t recognise them… any way i can get them to work, most of my library is on .m4v files!!

  43. setty Said,

    hy, anyone can reup the update?
    the link is dead…

  44. geth Said,

    try this link i found a couple of firmware together with the original version for nbox.

  45. pink1e Said,

    I bought the “second generation” NBOX N32. Got the same problem as sdwdg (comment # 32). The videos won’t play sequentially without having to stop, go back, and select the next file. Other than that, the “next file” button seems bugged too since it can on forward one file then you’ll have to exit out and scroll to the next one. This is when I’m in movie / video mode, haven’t tried the others since I use the nbox purely for videos. I contacted the manufacturers to see if there’s a fix.

    phatBOY: NBOX generation 2 (model N32) plays m4v files. The original one does not, to my knowledge via trial and errors at least.

  46. mrjake Said,


    Simple rename to your .m4v files to mp4 😉

  47. sid Said,

    the latest firmware updates the user interface (looks cool btw) and now files are arranged alphabetically within folders and not all over the place. Recommended

  48. NBoxCan Said,

    Hello guys,
    My NBox is the very basic one (V1 as described in I already downloaded the latest firmware upgrade from Can anyone explain how to apply the upgrade to the NBox, please?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  49. pipkinz Said,

    Hi, I think I may have found a small fix for the freezing problem. After watching a few hours of video, my film would lose audio and a few seconds later it will just freeze. At first I just kept unplugging and reboot, but this was very cumbersome. However, instead of rebooting, I pulled the usb stick out and plugged it back in again and the video played immediately where it had freezed. It never freezed again after for the whole duration of the series I was watching, which was hours. Even if this solve the actual issue, at least there’s no need to reboot constantly. Hope this helps.

  50. MeLikeNbox Said,

    “My NBox is the very basic one (V1 as described in I already downloaded the latest firmware upgrade from Can anyone explain how to apply the upgrade to the NBox, please?”

    Download the .rar file. Right click and choose to extract the file. Drag and drop the extracted file to your usb drive. Plug in your usb drive with the file and turn your nbox on. On the nbox menu screen where you have a choice of Photos, Movies, etc., choose files. You should see the file you transfered onto the usb there. Select the file with your remote and press OK. Then, you get a selection of two things. One to continue and one to go back. I believe you push the left arrow and press OK. Then either you choose update or it begins updating. An updating counter shows on screen. At 100% the nbox turns itself off and back on again. If you are using the A/V connector choose “AV” on the remote. The go to setup to change from Chinese back to English. English is the only word not in Chinese so it should be easy to find.

    After the update your nbox should now be dark colored, files should be alphabetized, and you should be able to choose dvd menu options from a dvd folder. One thing is on some movies the language on the dvd menu is in Chinese, but the movie is in English so you have to poke blindly through the dvd menu. Other movies, it works perfectly.

    Another thing is I had trouble playing some vob files so I changed them from .vob to .mpg and then they played fine. Avi files made from acidrip seem seem to work flawlessly on the nbox. You can also use SuperConverter. But you have to make a 30 second test piece and play with the settings, because only one of the encoders worked correctly for me. Acidrip is faster, Super Converter takes longer but is easier once you get the hang of it. Look on youtube to learn how is the best advice I can give.

    Thanks to the guy who provided the link above.

  51. Sunny Said,

    Have anyone tried the latest version NBox V3 yet ….how’s the 1080p output on the box……..?

  52. MeLikeNbox Said,

    Just got another Nbox player. Did the upgrade and everything works fine on the box, but the buttons on the remote are now scrambled all around. So if you buy one with the remote having orange arrow keys, chinese characters and a silver face, be warned that you’ll either have to have the original small–all black–remote or learn which button is which and use it that way or teach the controls to a universal remote.

  53. MeLikeNbox Said,

    Oh, just found out buttons on the box are scrambled, too! and not all the buttons work, so now the remote is necessary to power on/off and choose menu items. This happens using the upgrade at I already downloaded the latest firmware upgrade from So if you don’t have the small black remote or lots of patience don’t upgrade.

  54. MeLikeNbox Said,

    Dam mit! Copied and pasted the wrong link above. The upgrade link is —but be warned about the different remotes as noted above.

  55. antony Said,

    Just got one of these from ebay. Looked like it was going to be good for my needs from my initial test, but then I tried to update the firmware… it now appears to be dead 🙁

    Had the 2009-07-09 firmware when I bought it, tried to update it to the latest firmware 2009-11-06. The NBox appeared to be upgrading, as the process bar went upto 100% then the NBox turned itself off, which it’s supposed to do. Unfortunately it now doesn’t seem to want to turn back on!

    The power light is still lit, and I’ve tried both composite and component connectors and pressing the “AV” and “”YPbPr” buttons to no avail.

    Is this now a bricked unit? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated!

  56. spybob Said,

    to antony

    same problem here no picture after update! waiste a lot of time to try make it work again and finally understand that i have to plug it on a av yellow only and reset setting. try that! after you will be able to switch to HD mode ( have to close and open my tv too) cya

  57. spybob Said,

    and also try using TVD20091106.bin.img latest firmware

  58. ReynierPM Said,

    Can any share or send to my personal email (reynierpm @ gmail . com) the firmwares updates? I trying to download from everywhere but without success because they doesn’t exists.

    Cheers and thx in advance

  59. Jared Said,

    I bought this for a friends b-day and luckily had it shipped to my place first, plugged it in and it only plays black and white, also the screen is not centered, its cut off at the bottom is this a defect or a simple fix….I really dont want to have to send it back please if anyone can help let me know……

  60. USBgeek Said,


    I am pretty sure you have the wrong tv standard selected.

    If you are in NTSC area’s (North America) then when it is set to pall it will show everything in black and white and a bit off.

    check you settings for this.

  61. Jared Said,

    sorry to sound stupid but how do i do that?

  62. antony Said,


    Already tried using Composite video (yellow cable) on two different TV’s… nothing on either of them 🙁

    Looks like I’ve had a bad Firmware flash and the unit now simply does nothing. I can’t try reflashing the firmware, because it seems like the only way to this is via the “file” menu, which requires the unit to be in a working state to begin with!

    The ideal would be to reflash it using a bootable USB flash drive, bypassing the onboard memory/boot-up altogether, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to do this.

    Under the settings menu select “NTSC Composite” (it probably says “PAL Composite” right now), or press the “AV” button on your remote until the picture is correct.

  63. francisco Said,

    I want to say that i have successfully upgraded the firmware for my NBOX v1 ( ). Before the upgrade,the subtitles for AVI were not working, but, after the upgrade, the subtitles works great (only for english characters). I have used this firmware: TVD20091106.bin (I have downloaded it from (I have selected the megaupload link from one commentary)

    Thanks MeLikeNbox

  64. stever Said,

    Can someone upload the firmware TVD20091106.bin.img to a file sharing site like rapidshare or It is down evrywhere. Also if you can get the original to flash it back to it origininal setting would be nice for people that say their units are bricked. Thanks.

  65. GreenBox Said,

    The firmware is available here:

  66. Garry Said,

    GreenBox, thanks for the new link as all the others have been “disconnected” – Could you or someone else please upload the original firmware to an easily accessible site just in case someone needs to downgrade?


  67. Noob Pwner Said,

    Does it Record!?

  68. USBgeek Said,

    @Noob Pwner No it does not record. The nbox is just a playback device.

  69. Alpinkz Said,

    Hi all!

    Do you know if it is normal that NBOX can’t play HD avi movies with more than 1 giga files? Thanks.


  70. Akjunke Said,

    My Nbox has a problem with audio lagging about a second behind the picture on a lot of .Avi movies. I think it’s because the audio bit-rate is lower than the video bit-rate. Does anyone have any insights on this? Thanks.

  71. Bexx Said,

    I downloaded the TVD20091106.bin.img file, but I’m not sure how to open it, says something about disc burner… Anybody have some heplful hints???

  72. MattC Said,


    I have the same problem with audio sync on the NBOX. I just tried a DVD rip and that seemed perfect. When the problem does occur on my other files it seems pausing and then playing makes it much worse. You can actually see the video start before the audio kicks back in. Anyone else have this?

  73. Isuru Said,

    here is new link to the firmware update

    I have update my dive now it got new 3D like UI

  74. timone baker Said,

    Could someone please upload the orignal firmware.

  75. Dakshesh Said,

    Hi Guys,

    I have bought NBox in Nov 2010.
    I believe there is an another update in 2010(20100315A) which my device has it.

    can any body tell, how to extract firmware from NBox to USB stick so that the same can be used by other as well…
    Detail: NBox N32 HD Media Player
    Ver : 20100315A
    HD Playback: YPbPr1280*720p, NTSC 720*480

  76. andre Said,

    mine nbox is v2009-12-25

    but i just bought another new is v2009-07-09

    how to update to latest one, the TVD also change the logo

  77. frank Said,

    To those of you still looking for the Nbox firmware upgrade I FINALLY found it and its definitely worth it.

    It adds media support, a cooler UI, files are now sorted alphabetically (thank god), and much more.

    download it here:

  78. General User Said,

    I bought the NBOX V1 from eBay with the v2009-07-09 firmware on it. It’s the black color with the black remote. I just upgraded to the (TVD20091106.bin.img) firmware and now my files are in alphabetical order.
    Previously, I had to format all my drives from NTFS to FAT32 to get the files in alphabetical order and even then sometimes it wouldn’t be. But making them FAT32 did solve some of the ordering problems. But with this new firmware I might be able to format my drive to NTFS again. I’ll need to try that out another day.

  79. Jose David Said,

    Well, first of all i want to thanks for this page that was very useful. I just bought the nbox and i was really afraid with the problem of the sibtitles (i´m from nicaragua and the mayor part of my movies comes with srt subtitles), so i did the upgrade and the font was better, but still doesnt show the á, .. ú, ñ, and another special characters. So this was my solution: with a program for linux called gnome subtitles i open the srt files and with a replace option i change all the letters á -> a, … ú -> u, ñ ->n, etc.
    Another way, but less easier, is a program called avidemux, that paste the subtitles to the video (the problem is that you have to convert the movie)

  80. Alexandre Said,

    Hi, I am from Brazil and would like to know if there is any avaiable firmware in portuguese or any compatible with letters like á, é, ã ?
    Thank you !!

  81. kris85poland Said,

    Hi frank, I’ve downloaded this firmware. Could You tell me which type of nbox do You have? I wouldn’t do something wrong, meaning try to update wrong nbox with this file. Look this site
    I have nbox v1, do You have it also? Greetings, Kris

  82. Daniel Boone Said,

    I bought the newest version of the NBox, and the thing is rather sort of terrible. I’ve tried to play files that the documentation claims are compatible with the unit, but most of them just don’t work, and many of the ones that do work have sound and/or image quality issues. The worst thing about it is that there doesn’t appear to be any consistency to what will or won’t play. It’ll play one .mkv fine for example, and another of the same bitrate won’t work properly. And sometimes a file that wouldn’t play properly one moment will play fine the next. The unit also locks up pretty frequently too, and at the most innocuous times to boot. For example, simply going from one folder to the next has resulted in a lock-up that required me to power down the unit completely in order to restore it to a functioning state.

    I’m going to contact the e-mail address included in the documentation, and if I can’t iron out the many problems with the unit, I’m going to send it back to Amazon as defective for a refund. There are tons of similarly priced alternatives on the market after all.

  83. FanDeAliFee Said,

    The NBOX N32 unit I received uses software version 20100315A. “Beware the Ides of March”? This unit freezes too easily, but so far not while playing a file. The remote red power button cannot always reboot the unit, so I attach the mains power unit through a toggle switch. I am delighted I can always make photo collection shows work properly. But for music and video, I can only play files once each, as #32 sdwdg and #45 pink1e above state. If I try anything else, the unit freezes after the first file play ends. (Curiously, however, at one point I could make all media collection shows work – but the need to use “restore default setting” voided this capability. Is there some mysterious systematic method I can use to recover it?) The unit works with multiple thumb drives and hard disks – it can read FAT, FAT32 and NTFS partitions – even a hundreds of gigabytes in size. The analog electronics are fine – there is no noise or image distortion.

  84. Dakshesh Said,

    Hi Guys,

    I believe the Discussion has really help NBox Users.
    Note to all, kindly read full thread and then only post comments.

    Going to Upgrade the Firmware to 2009.11.06. but affraid if mine one is latest 2010.03.15A, as the current firmaware doesn’t arrange contents in alphabetical order and also hangs in between(using 500GB HDD). will try to brake down the HDD into 100GB Partitions and try.

    Needed expert help if any one can initiate coding the frmware to customize the use.(like playlist playing, shorting content, copying /moving files, etc)


  85. FanDeAliFee Said,

    Further investigation reveals there is a way to assure that music and video shows on my NBOX N32 can play more than a single file (once) before ending. A necessary and sufficient condition is that the storage medium is WRITE-ENABLED. Many flash drives include a read-only (“safety”) switch, so the NBOX documentation falls short in not explaining this CRITICAL need. While it is nice to discover how to conduct audio and video shows, I find it disturbing that the NBOX needs to write to my memory device, because in the event of error it might compromise the files on it! By the way, I still attach the mains power unit through a toggle switch so that I can do a cold reboot, which is sometimes needed when I switch the socket between storage devices.

  86. Lorenzo Said,

    I recently purchased a NBOX n32 2nd generation digital media player. I was initially frustrated in the setup process, and thought it did not play MP4 files, but it played my downloads perfectly. i do not know about Divx, but i just download Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in DivX format, and will soon find out. Overall, i am satisfied with the machine.

  87. Shah Said,

    I have NBOX v2. My firmware version is 20091231B.

    My NBOX hangs when I dont do anything for 3/4 minutes after switching on the power. It also freezes if I dont play for 3/4 minutes after pausing a movie.

    Is there any newer version available which addresses the above issue ?

  88. gregb49 Said,

    Thanks for all your great comments. I move ‘tween UK and US and have a lot of UK MP4 and MPG TV on a hard drive. At the moment I use Avidemux and Devede to make a DVD for use with a DVD player, whilst in the US, which is quite a painful way to watch these recordings. I anticipated that this device would make this whole process easier and was about to buy one, but reading all these comments, I think I’ll stick to the DVD route. I’d love to hear if you think I’m wrong in this, and why.

  89. Dakshesh Bohra Said,

    Hi Shah,
    Yes the newer version available. but the problem of hanging persist in it as well. its because of hard disk size.(more than 32 gb) since the major power is taken by HDD, NBox hangs. still waiting for some solution for it, temp solution( do not pause running movie, and dont press remote buttons too frequently.)

    its really nice to have media player as it saves Space, time, its modern, stored content have longer life, its organised.
    but its all depend on your attitude toward system/machine, u like it/can use efficiently, you buy it.

  90. Marion Said,

    I have a NBOX N32 V2. My firmware version is 20100324A.
    I sort my files for any FAT32 USB Stick/HD with the program foldersort 1.1 (Freeware) on PC. Anytime when I put new files on the HD/Stick.
    Then the files are and can play alphabetically in folders on the NBox and other USB Player (DVD/Sat Rec).

  91. Dakshesh Bohra Said,

    Thanks Marion, Software Worked Very Well…

    Do you have more info on FirmWare of NBox???

  92. Francesco Said,

    I have a NBOX N32 V2.
    My firmware version is 20100324A but it’s damaged.

    Can i restore it?

    Can anyone send me yours file version?

    Thanks at all… Francesco

  93. SmaRkieS Said,

    I have an Nbox that i bought earlier, and the firmware version is v201011002A … so it means 2010-11-02 it’s the latest… but i dont know how to extract the firmware so that i can share it to all.

  94. TH Said,

    I am using nbox v1. upgraded the firmware tvd20091106 from the website post above. but after upgrading the firmware, my nbox couldnt read any hard disk despite me formatting it to various format. it can only read thumb drive. does anyone have another firmware or original nbox firmware??? now my nbox is juz a brick. damn sad….
    pls help

  95. chronos0309 Said,

    hey can someone pls. help me…. when i try to play a video/movie after 15 minutes or less… it won’t finish and it will play back to the start again. pls.. help. 🙁

  96. chronos0309 Said,

    hey can someone pls. help me…. when i try to play a video/movie after 15 minutes or less… it won’t finish and it will play back to the start again. pls.. help. ……..

  97. LC Said,

    I have a Nbox v1. I upgraded firmware with wrong type (averlife firmware). Now remote is all messed-up. Want to restore to original firmware TVD2009224. Can someone please send this file to [email protected]. Thank you

  98. Michael Said,

    Hey all, my Nbox (V2) enters the main menue but when i trued to press the confirmation button/ok button the box is not responding-the box is non responsive to the remote even though the remote is working. Happened after 2 days. Help!-can I flash the Nbox back to it’s original firmware? bootable USB?

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