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La Crosse BC-9009 Battery Charger

author Posted by: George on date Mar 6th, 2009 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Home use, travel

Looking for the perfect way of charging batteries?

Stop looking and get the La Crosse BC-9009 it is all you ever need.

It can charge up to 4 AA and AAA batteries at once and all 4 channels are separate so you could charge 4 different type of batteries in one charger. And it has an LCD screen that tells you what is going on with you batteries.

So now you can know how much live is left in you old batteries. The La Crosse battery charger can even bring you old batteries back to live with a special cycle to make them work great again.

Doesn’t it just sound great if you can have the perfect battery charger? I know I as tech person use a lot of batteries and what is easier then keep them charged and ready to use.

Go check out the La Crosse Battery Charger with LCD today and you will have the power of the future!

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