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author Posted by: George on date Oct 6th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Home use

I found this new little gadget that seems interesting if you like to keep track of what you do in a day.

The Fitbit is basicly a clip that you carry with you all day and night and it keeps track of you activities like a stepcounter does and keeps track of the calloties you burn.

And it does more at night you clip it on a wristband and it keeps track of you sleep patern, it tells you when you fell asleep and how often you woke up at night.

And then once in a while you place the clip on the stand and it will charge and send the data to the Fitbit website where you can then see how you did.

It seems like a very neath exercise tool that tells you some basic info about how you move in a day. Do you move around enough or is there way to little fisical activitie in you life.

To me this gadget seems a neath way of keeping track but for now it only is availible in the US so if you are interested check out the Fitbit website.

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