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Cut The Rope Om Nom Laptop Decal

author Posted by: George on date Aug 21st, 2012 | filed Filed under: Stickers

Cut The Rope Om Nom Laptop Decal

If Cut The Rope is your game and Om Nom your favorite monster then you should have a look at this decal.

This decal works great on almost any laptop but specially on the metal Finnish of a Apple Macbook.

As you can see on the picture the decal has Om Nom the you stick on the bottom of the screens back and then there are rope that of course need to be placed so that your computers logo becomes the candy that Om Nom wants.

And now you computer is Cut The Rope the game and Om Nom is just waiting for the Apple or other logo to fall in his mouth.

Come have a close look at this fun Cut The Rope Om Nom Laptop Decal.

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