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Corsair Flash Survivor

author Posted by: George on date Oct 30th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Memory Sticks, Storage, travel

Corsair 32GB Survivor USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Some people carry around a lot of data that they better can’t damage. And a normal Flash drive is not the strongest so they can get damaged by some rain or maybe a drop.

And that is where the Corsair Flash Survivor comes in. The Flash drive is housed in a aircraft grade aluminum shell that protects the stick inside. This canister is water proof till 200 meters and can survive some nasty drops because of build in molded shock dampening collar.

So with a Corsair Flash Survivor you can sleep better and don’t have to worry if you data falls from your window or if you accidentally keep it in your swimming trunks.

Go check out the Corsair 32GB Survivor USB 2.0 Flash Drive and see how safe your data can be.

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  1. BJ Smith Said,

    I hope perhaps you can help me. I’m a 62 year old granny who loves her laptop and all the bells and whistles….well not quite. I am not exactly enamoured with my year old Vista ! Quite frankly it has given me gray hair !!

    I recently got a 16GB Corsair Survivor Flash Drive. When I went to use it I had to go to the windows help section on how to use it. I learned that Vista needs a certain speed and tried to research this further. Now my addled ol brain has gotten a bit confused with all the stuff I read. ~sigh~

    I need someone who is willing to write me directions on what to do. No directions came with this thing. I dearly want to save pictures of my grandkids to this flash drive…and transfer my games and files too.

    I would be so thankful if somebody somewhere would be kind enough to help me. Thank you.

    Granny Smith

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