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Cool Feet Laptop Airspace Stands

author Posted by: George on date Feb 12th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Uncategorized

We all know the feeling when you work with you laptop on your lap, heath and yes those computers get warm don’t they.

But now there is the perfect solution. Cool Feet are two litle feet for under you laptop so that there is enough room to get some cooling and you do not have to get one of those noisy laptop fans.

The nice things about these laptop Feet is that they are removable and they create a nice angle for you to work on because you keyboard gets a slight angle typing will be even better.

I would say go check out the Cool Feet Laptop Stand and see for yourself how perfect they are.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Laptop Sound Card

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Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Laptop Sound Card

Why accept the sound from your laptop?

You know you could go so much better with this Sound Blaster PCI Express card from Creative.

Just plug it in and from then on you can listen to the best sound you have ever heard from you laptop. Right through your headphones or speakers.

If you want beter sound and who does not then go check out the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Laptop Sound Card and read some of the customer reviews.

Free FedEx Home Shipping

author Posted by: George on date Dec 10th, 2008 | filed Filed under: Uncategorized

As you may have noticed we often talk about great products that we found at ThinkGeek and if you are still thinking of getting some cool tech gifts for the holidays than have a look at the button below that offer you Free shipping with FedEx.

Free FedEx Home Shipping for orders $40 or more

Just keep in mind this offers is only valid till December 16, 2008 so be on time and get those holiday gifts to your home one time.

And if the offer ran out before you read this then try to use the code “BRAINS” for extra discount on orders over 25 dollars. You see it is worth it visiting we tell you about the coolest gadgets and tell you where to get the discounts to.

Go have a look at ThinkGeek and I am sure you will find the perfect gift for you friends, loved once and who ever needs a geeky gift.

USB Pole Dancer

author Posted by: George on date Oct 9th, 2008 | filed Filed under: Music, Uncategorized

USB Pole Dancer

Here she is the perfect USB present for you single friends. This pole dancing lady will perform a nice little dance on a default dance track or on the music that comes out of your mp3 player when you connect that one.

The USB Dancer does not need batteries she is completly powered by the USB port of you computer.

Get a USB Pole Dancer and start enjoy the dancing from you new USB friend.

Coolest Tech Baby stuff

author Posted by: George on date Oct 2nd, 2008 | filed Filed under: Uncategorized

You know when a geek gets a baby what do you get? A Super Baby of course and what do they wear? Let me show you some of the coolest baby stuff out there.

Geek Inside Maternity shirt

Geek inside shirt for before the baby is born

Before the little one gets born you need to prepare the world. Everybody should know that a new geek is on the way and this maternity shirt will help you with that. The big Geek Inside will spread the message.

Check out the Geek Inside Maternity Shirt

USB Bib for geek babies

They can’t eat without letting some out of there mouths but does it matter, most times I have a difficult time with that to so the little babies have their own little USB bib.

Check out this cool USB Bib
I Hate Computer Body suite

I hate computers body suite

We all have those days when things will not want to work so even the little genius will have to deal with that once in a while so that is why they made this cool body suite.

Look at the details of the I hate computers body suite

I Love Daddy Binary Clothes

Baby Linux body suite

Babies will grow fast so don’t stop now with teaching them the important things in live and that is binary and Linux and this body suite will help him or her remember the important things in live.

I love daddy binary body suite a must have for every baby.

Internet Goddess Bear

Internet Goddess Bear

If your little geek is a girl then this bear is the gift to give her because she knows right away that she will be one of those creatures that all the boy geeks will rave about.

Order you Internet Goddess Bear!

Google infant Hat

Organic Google hat for baby

Of course a REAL geek baby uses google so what else then an infant baby hat from Google made from 100% organic rib cotton that is what you baby want to wear.

Check out the Google Baby Hat

Geek in training shirt

Geekintraining tshirt

Of course you can tell your babies friends that your kid is in training with this geek in training shirt. Of course this shirt comes in infant and toddler sizes. I am sure that all your friends will be wanting one of these t-shirts to tell there friends about there training.

Order your Geek in Training shirt now!

I believe that with this post you get an idea about what your geek needs to wear and of course there are many many more options out there many of them will show up if you look at the linked pages. For now go enjoy your little geek and look out for some cool geeky clothing.

USB T-Shirt

author Posted by: George on date Sep 30th, 2008 | filed Filed under: Products, T-shirts, Uncategorized

USB tshirt

You are use to seeing some cool T-Shirt at Cool USB Toys but did we ever show you a T-Shirt with the logo of USB on it?

I don’t think so so lets do it today and if you like it there are more different once to find

Check out all these USB T-Shirts

New iPod on the way

author Posted by: George on date Sep 4th, 2008 | filed Filed under: Music, Uncategorized

Apple Store

I know there are rumours and even pictures of new iPod models but I found out that there are more signals that there are new iPods on the way to YOU sooner then later.

Today I was visiting a Wal Mart in Canada and there Apple iPod display did not contain a single iPod while and all the pricing lables where gone to. And this while last week there was still more then enough stock at Wal Marts that I visited.

The display bottom part now just has some apple accesories but nothing that links to a current model iPod.

My guess starting September 10 this display will be full of brand new iPod models including the nano and the touch.

UPDATE September 5e, 2008

Today the back of the display change to a guy lying enjoying music.

Top 5 Tech Geek T-Shirts

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What is a real geek without a Real geeky T-Shirt.

Let me list a top 5 of the hottest Tech T-Shirts I found.

1. Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

Detect wireless internet with you tshirt

What more do you want. Now you can see on your T-Shirt the strenght of a Wi-Fi service close by

Yes I am not joking you this T-Shirt will tell you the signal strength of 802.11B or G Wireless network. And the Shirt is Coton to.

OK maybe you will need to remove the batteries before washing it but it works.

Read more about the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt and see how cool it is.

2. NO, I will not fix your computer

No i will not fix your computer t-shirt

We all bin there people think YOU know about computer so YOU fix my problems.

Now there is a simple way to tell people without hurting there feelings with this T-Shirt doing all the work for you.

Check out all the details and real geeks with the No, I will not fix your computer on.

3. Got Root?

Got root T-shirt is of course clear to us geeks

A shirt that says it all. Don’t get it? don’t worry I won’t tell you friends.

But you want this shirt because you want to know if you friends got root or not.

So go check out this got root? T-shirt.

4. i void warranties
I void waranty tshirt

You know there are two kinds of people that want to get a shirt like this.

First there is the kind that think they know what they are doing when they try to fix things and then of course break it. And then there is the kind that know what it is doing but there modifications don’t fit in to any warranty.

Again go see the i void warranties T-shirt and see how cool it looks on people.

5. It must be user error.

it can only be a user error tshirt

And this one is clear again “It must be user error.” like it most times is. Maybe if you put this shirt on when you go to work the users will think a little bit longer before they call YOU. And if not then you can make them feel BAD when you tell them what THEY did wrong.

Every Tech geek should have this It must be user error T-shirt in there closet.

When in doubt try another hole – T-shirt

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When in doubt try another hole

A real geek of course has a shirt with all the computer ports on it you can dream about.

This shirt is so cool it offers lots of them. USB, firewire, network and lots lots more.

Check out this cool shirt at ThinkGeek

External USB hard drive dock

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external USB SATA hard disk dock

If you are one of those geeks that has a lot of hard drives hanging around that you still “need” then maybe this cool USB gadget is the way to go.

Just click a 3.5″ SATA disk in the dock and press the button and you are ready to go. And not only that it also supports 2.5″ laptop hard disks to 🙂 so this seems to be the ideal tool for a computer service department or just for at home where the disks are everywhere.

You can hook it up to a normal USB port or a ESATA port so that you are looking at your disk in no time.

Check out this cool USB device at ThinkGeek!