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Bluetooth Bracelet

author Posted by: George on date Jul 30th, 2011 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

A bluetooth bracelet that tells you who is calling and makes you never loose your phone again

Our cell phones are always somewhere we can’t get at quickly but most calls are not important any ways. But how do you know what call to get and witch one to ignore?

Simple get this bluetooth bracelet that has a caller ID and will buzz on your wrist to tell you someone is calling. You never have to miss an important phone call again.

And there is another great feature that is a must for people who loose there phones. Once paired with the bluetooth bracelet  the bracelet will let you know when you get more then 5 meters away from your phone.

And if you don’t like this stainless steel version then you may want to look at the black neoprene one.

So don’t wait till you loose your phone again just go check out this Bluetooth Bracelet.

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