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Belkin F5U706 a 2 in 1 7 Port USB 2.0 HUB

author Posted by: George on date Jan 25th, 2010 | filed Filed under: Hub

Belkin made a two in one USB HUB that seems great

Belkin did it again.

As you may know Belkin often comes with products that offer something different then the competition and also this time they made something special.

OK what is special?

First of all this is simply a 7 port USB 2.0 HUB nothing special there but when you look closer (see picture) you notice that the top 4 ports can move of and that makes it interesting for laptop users that want more ports at there computer. Because now you can plug the top part of the hub in to your laptop and you have 4 ports right there and when you don’t need it just plug it in to the base and then they are available there.

So basically this is not one but two USB HUBS both with 4 ports or 7 in total when you move them together.

Have a closer look at the Belkin 7-PORT USB 2.0 HUB and see how nice it would work for you.

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