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Baby’s First MP3 Player

author Posted by: George on date Mar 15th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Music

You can’t start early enough and so why not start your baby off with an mp3 player?

This MP3 player is made by molded rubber that meets FDA food grade specifications to make it safe for your child to put it in his or her mouth.

It has all kind of parent features that make it adjustable to your child’s needs.

1GB is the amount of music space you have and it even comes with some preloaded music from award-winning artist Susie Tallman & Friends and Jim Weiss, award winning storyteller.

Of course you can also just put your music on it through the included USB cable. And you can make up to 3 playlists to have one for each activity of the day.

And with this kids friendly mp3 player you do not have to worry about your own iPod being used for anything your kid can think of now they can just enjoy there own music.

Check out this Baby mp3 player at ThinkGeek and let your baby fall asleep with some nice music.

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