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Adjustable Standing Desk

author Posted by: George on date Jun 11th, 2013 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Adjustable Standing computer Desk

A lot of people start to prefer standing desks and if you are thinking of something like that then you should have a look at this desk.

This is a standing workstation desk witch comes in a 3 color versions Cherry (on the picture), grey and oak.

You can adjust the height of the work top between 35 and 49 inches so that you get the perfect height for optimum productivity.

Below the work top there is a keyboard shelf witch is retractable and then there is two more shelves for other needs like maybe a printer, scanner, external hard drive.
The Safco standing desk comes on wheels so that you can move it around and they have locks to make it a permanent fixture.

So if you are thinking of doing you computer work standing then have a look at this Safco Standing Workstation Desk.

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