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DPad USB Hub With Lights

author Posted by: George on date Sep 27th, 2017 | filed Filed under: Hub

DPad USB Hub With Lights

USB hubs come in all kind of shapes and forms and most of them are pretty boring. But this DPad USB hub is fun and has lights as you can see on the picture.

The USB hub looks like a black plus sign aka DPad and each direction has an arrow that lights up when you plug things in and that is kinda fun.

The USB hub has 3 ports to plug your devices in and will look unique and really cool on your desk.

So time to change that boring hub on your desk with this way cooler DPad USB Hub With Lights.

Bamboo Pad Wireless Charger For iPhone

author Posted by: George on date Sep 21st, 2017 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Bamboo Pad Wireless Charger For iPhone

Now that Apple started adding wireless charging to it’s phones starting with the iPhone 8 and X you want a nice wireless charger.

And the people from Fonesalesman make an nice wooden wireless charger and that will look really nice on your desk or table specially if it is made from wood.

The Qi wireless charger is a round pad made from bamboo and has the mico USB inside so that the wire looks nice come out of it making it look even nicer.

As the wireless charger is always ready to charge you just have to put your phone on it when you start working at you desk and you never really have to worry about running out of juice any more.

Come check out this Bamboo Pad Wireless Charger For iPhone.

Child’s Robot Costume

author Posted by: George on date Sep 15th, 2017 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

Child's Robot Costume

This child’s robot costume will transform your child into a really amazing looking robot.

The robot costume is available in different toddler sizes and includes a head piece, top, and pants with build in shoe covers.

So just put this outfit on your child and a little robot is born and it will look just perfect for Halloween and trick or treating as little robots do love candy so make sure they have a great big treat bag.

Besides Halloween, this costume is fun as just a dress up costume too if you kid loves to be a robot.

Come and check out this fun Child’s Robot Costume.

I Must Go My Computer Needs Me T-Shirt

author Posted by: George on date Sep 9th, 2017 | filed Filed under: T-shirts

I Must Go My Computer Needs Me T-Shirt

If you like computers a lot then you should get this amazing t-shirt.

On the shirt, you can see a guy running and a computer is on his mind and around the graphics, it says “I Must Go My Computer Needs Me”.

And this cool computer t-shirt is available in style for men, women, and kids, and it comes in many sizes and a bunch of colors.

So when you wear this computer t-shirt people around you will know when you need to go and they will know that you really want to spend quality time with your computer instead of hanging out with friends.

Don’t wait just come get your I Must Go My Computer Needs Me T-Shirt.

NASA Snapback Hat

author Posted by: George on date Sep 3rd, 2017 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

NASA Snapback Hat

If you like space then you probably like NASA and now there is this NASA snapback hat that is perfect for on your head.

The orange snapback hat has a cream colored patch on the front which has the NASA logo sewn on it.

As this a cool hat and it is adjustable in size you can wear this where ever you go and every time you look up at the sky you know that the NASA is looking with you.

No need for that boring baseball cap you have now because you can now have this NASA Logo Hat.