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Doctor USB Flash Drive

author Posted by: George on date Jul 29th, 2013 | filed Filed under: Memory Sticks

nurse thumb drive


How about this little fellow, he looks like a doctor but only when his head is on.
Just pull his head off and it becomes a USB flash drive that you can use to store all kind of data on.

A great gift for someone who becomes a doctor or is going to medical school.

This little doctor can move his arm and legs and of course wears a little stethoscope around his neck.

So not only is this a fun looking figure to play with it is also really useful for storing your files.

Come and check out this Doctor USB Flash Drive.

Nintendo Game Boy Beach Towel

author Posted by: George on date Jul 23rd, 2013 | filed Filed under: Videogaming

Nintendo Game Boy Beach Towel

What does a gamer, geek and nerd have in common?

They all need this beach towel if they want to go to the beach.

This beach towel looks just like a Nintendo Game Boy and OK it doesn’t say Game Boy on it but it nicely says Beach Boy.

Made from 100% cotton this towel will be your favourite towel of them all. It measures 30 x 60 inch making it perfect for the beach, pool and shower.

Get ready to get have some fun in the sun with this Nintendo Game Boy Beach Towel.

Robots Notebook

author Posted by: George on date Jul 17th, 2013 | filed Filed under: (home)Office

robots journal / notebook great for back to school

A notebook we all need for school, work or just at home.

If you like robots then this notebook could be the perfect one for you.
On the outside you can see all kind of fun drawn robots and on the inside you will find white pages with lines

The inside offers 192 pages of white paper with lines and they are perforated and this journal is bound to make it sturdy for school.

Back to school shopping should start with this Robots Notebook.

Angry Birds Lunch Box

author Posted by: George on date Jul 11th, 2013 | filed Filed under: Videogaming

Angry Birds Red Bird Lunch Box


Angry Birds is so popular with the kids that a nice lunch box all themed Angry Birds would be really nice.

And now there is one. This metal lunch box is red like Red Bird and even has his face on the front. And to make it more like Angry Birds they put picture of different Angry Birds on the side.

This Angry Birds lunch box is great for school and day care but even if you eat lunch at home this Red Bird lunch box is great to play with or to store things in.

When you are ready to go back to school then store you lunch in this Angry Birds Lunch Box.

Angry Birds Leggings

author Posted by: George on date Jul 5th, 2013 | filed Filed under: Videogaming

Angry Birds Leggings

Are you one of those gamers who can’t get enough of playing Angry Birds?

If not then maybe it is time to dress appropriate and these Angry Birds leggings would be perfect.

These leggings shows the target of the Birds complete with lots of green pigs around.

You can get these fun gaming leggings in sizes Small, Medium and Large and they have a soft touch and of course they stretch.

Come and have a closer look at these fun Angry Birds Leggings.