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Third Hand Adjustable Parts Holder with Magnification

author Posted by: George on date Mar 31st, 2009 | filed Filed under: parts

We all know the feeling when we get our soldering iron out, how do we keep all thos wires in place when we try to solder it?

With this third hand stand you have two clips to keep stuff in place and a magnifying glass to help you see things better.

A great tool for a geek with a soldering iron.

Check it out at our friends at ThinkGeek.

Don’t ask just Google it Jersey

author Posted by: George on date Mar 29th, 2009 | filed Filed under: T-shirts

We all know the questions people ask without even looking at the Internet for the answer.

So now you can show people what to do without asking you with this cool Jersey (availible in different colors)

and if they still don’t get it the use this link to have some fun 🙂

If i where you i would go get youself this great Jersey before it is to late!

Close Min Max Rectangle Magnet

author Posted by: George on date Mar 28th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Home use

We Mac users all know about the 3 little symbols on this magnet we can’t live without them.

And now we can have these cool little icons on our fridge.

Check out this coolf FRIDGE MAGNET and enjoy your time infront of your fridge just a little bit more

Plantsense Easybloom – USB

author Posted by: George on date Mar 25th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Home use

Lot of us have the problem that our fingers are not green enough when we talk about plants and often the plants don’t survive or look miserable.

But with the Plantsense Easybloom that is a thing from the past.

Just put the Plantsense stick in with your plants and leave it there for a few hours or days and then connect it to your computer and see what is wrong. The Plantsense Easybloom can tell you what plants grows best on that spot or can tell you what you can do to make your plant do better. It even can tell you if you need to just water the plant.

As you guess this Cool USB device can help you crate a healthy plant world in you home.

Check out the Plantsense Easybloom and enjoy the fun of plants.

TickerPicker v2.0

author Posted by: George on date Mar 24th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Applications

Looking for some help with your stock portfolio?

This application can help you out with that. TickerPicker version 2.0 offers you almost all you would like to have in a stock application.

First you can make your watch list on there you put the stocks you like to follow. On this screen you can also see the current price and the daychanges. By default the list is refeshed every 5 seconds so you can see your stock move.

And then there is the Stock chart this screen (as you see above) shows you Candlesticks, volume, RSI and MacD so basicly everyting you look for to help you decide to buy or sell.

The graphs may look a bit small and they are it helps to turn you device to landscape and you can zoom in.

After using TickerPicker for a couple of days I have to say it is neat it does what it says it does and it does it well.

What I personally would like is a way to keep my portfolio in here so that i could track my gains in one application. But besides that it is just a splendid application for a very low price.

If you are still interested after read this little review then click on TickerPicker to bring you to the itunes page.

Podium for iPhone 3G

author Posted by: George on date Mar 23rd, 2009 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, iPhone / iPod Touch

I’ve had my iPhone 3G for a while now and it has become an all-around-useful tool that I whip out for almost anything. This means that I try to avoid just setting it down somewhere.

For instance, my iPhone works great as a digital clock and also shows me real-time stock market info, but how can I see all this when it gets buried under a pile of work on my desk?

Luckily I now have a Podium. A Podium is a stand for holding your iPhone up and above your desk clutter. The Podium even swivels so that you can turn it 90 degrees to watch a movie, graph, or any other visual in landscape orientation, without having to get your iPhone out of the holder.

For this swivel function, the Podium has a nice ballhead that’s tight enough to keep your iPhone in place and loose enough to be moved around with one hand.

The flexible plastic holder keeps a firm grip on your iPhone while still making it easy to remove.

Watch this little video to see what the Podium can do:

As you can see from the video, the stand is very sturdy and very shiny (also comes in white). Of course, shiny will soon show the prints of dirty fingers, but we’re used to that on our iPhones anyway.

The Podium has a nice opening in the back, which – as shown on the video – is for guiding your connection cable through. This works great and keeps the cable from being in the way in front of the Podium.

I tried some other Apple gadgets on the Podium, and I can say that both the new 2nd generation iPod touch and the original iPod touch fit nicely in the Podium. I don’t have a case around my iPhone so I could not give that a try, but the clips on the Podium are somewhat flexible so an “encased” iPhone could fit.

After testing out the Podium for a couple of days, I’m now using my iPhone in completely new ways at my desk. I look at it to check the time. I prop it up like a board so that I can look at my notes (previously entered into the iPhone) while I work. The Podium is proving to be a highly practical accessory for my iPhone 3G.

The Podium is available in a version for the old iPhone and a version for the iPhone 3G (it also works with iPod touch).

Conclusion: With the Podium, Pivotal has made a practical, useful, and nice-looking product. I use this stand all the time, and it goes some way towards keeping a clean desk. It would be great for watching a movie on the plane, although the metal might set off Airport Security. The Podium will make a great stand for your iPhone while you use the speakerphone or, like me, follow stocks throughout the day.

Go to the Podium website and see for yourself how nice it is.

I Brake for Penguins Bumper Sticker

author Posted by: George on date Mar 22nd, 2009 | filed Filed under: Stickers

How cool is this. If you love Linux like lots and lots of us out there then this is the bumper sticker to have.

It says it all doesn’t it 🙂

Go check out this cool “I Brakge for Penguins” Sticker NOW!

USB Hidden Flash drive Watch

author Posted by: George on date Mar 21st, 2009 | filed Filed under: Jewelry, Memory Sticks, Storage

If you have really important data you can’t live without and you want to keep it save and close to you then maybe this Watch will help you out. The Watch has a build in 4GB flash drive that you can remove from the watch to put in your computer.

The Flash drive fits so well in the watch that you completely forget about it till you need it again.

Now you can carry around your secret data on your secret missions.

Check out this watch at our friends at ThinkGeek!

MAC OS X keepsake box

author Posted by: George on date Mar 20th, 2009 | filed Filed under: Jewelry

We all have some of those things that need a special box something like jewelery or some cool gadgets.

Now you can have your own hardwood box with and OS X logo on top printed on a ceramic tile.

The box is all lined in velvet and can keep open or closed on it’s own.

Go have a look at the box and see how cool the OS X box is.

Wire Glue, No more soldering!

author Posted by: George on date Mar 19th, 2009 | filed Filed under: parts

Sick of those soldering irons? I am!

But now there is Wire Glue and that makes it possible to use this glue instead of solder and that means no more waiting for you soldering iron to get hot, No more waiting with your fingers under the cold water to heal your burns.

This glue is just magic. Now you can just glue all your low voltage electronics projects. Of course this makes it fun for kids as well to play with electronics wihout having to worry about the old fashion soldering iron.

Go check out the Wire Glue and see how much easier it is!