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USB HUB with build in card reader and storage

author Posted by: George on date Jun 21st, 2006 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Home use, Memory Sticks

4 port usb hub with memory card reader and card storage

This USB 1.1 and 2.0 HUB has 4 ports and a SD, MMC & RS-MMC memory card reader.

And as fun extra it has a tray to store your memory card. Just slide the top and there you can put your important / Spare memory card so that you don’t loose it.


It is just a shame that the hub only has 4 USB ports but besides that it is a perfect little HUB for on every body’s desk.


More info at the Parco Pacific website.

Oakley Thump USB sunglasses

author Posted by: George on date Jun 17th, 2006 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Music, travel

Cool USB sunglasses with build in mp3 playerOakley thump sunglasses with buildin mp3





Do you also wear an MP3 player and sunglasses? If so then this can make it in to one. The Oakley Thump sunglasses have a build in MP3 player that you can connect through USB to your computer.

So on a sunny day just take you glasses and the party can start. It come in different memory sizes starting at 256 MB and the Sunglasses come in different colors 🙂 so you can get the once that fit your personality best.


For more info see the Oakley Thump website

Sitecom CN-131 USB on-the-go copy box

author Posted by: George on date Jun 16th, 2006 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Home use, Memory Sticks, travel

Sitecom Copy box. Copy your date beteween usb devices like camera and hardisk

Are you also always running out of space on you digital camera? This Copy Box can be the solution for you. Just connect you camera on one side and a memory stick (or something else) on the other side and press the button and your data will be copied to the new location. Just be aware that the copy box from Sitecom will not give enough power to power up you hard drive so you need power for that but besides that the USB copy box runs on some batteries and will do the trick for you.


More info can be found at the sitecom site

Or read this review.

USB Mini Desktop Aquarium

author Posted by: George on date Jun 15th, 2006 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Home use, Lights

Your fish taken care by USB with this Mini aquarium

Almost ready for a pet but not really? This Mini USB aquarium can be the solution. The fish are plastic so you only have to provide the water and a USB port and they will do the swimming for you. No worries about them dying on you.

The USM aquarium comes with blue lights build in so you can even see your fish swim in the dark. A little moter makes the water move so this is the easiest way to keep a pet 😉


For more information about this mini aquarium check the Thinkgeek site. ThinkGeek

Liquid Filled USB Hub

author Posted by: George on date Jun 14th, 2006 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Home use

Liquid Filled USB Hub with color full things in it

Sick of those boring USB hubs?

Then maybe this this Liquid Filled USB Hub is the solution. I didn’t find out what is in those nice colorful Hubs.

But now you know that there are more fun hubs out there that can house you USB devices 🙂

Look at this site for more info.

Car as USB memorystick

author Posted by: George on date Jun 13th, 2006 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Home use, Memory Sticks

Red 256 MB USB car. Race arround the globe with all your data

Want a bit more manly usb stick? Then maybe this car is something for you 😉

Just plug it in to your usb port and fill the 256 MB big car. Just like a normal memory stick but now designed as a car.


Click Here for more information!

USB Beverage Chiller

author Posted by: George on date Jun 13th, 2006 | filed Filed under: (home)Office, Home use

USB cooler for drinks. Hmmmm a nice cold drink next to my computer

It is so hot here in Europe that your drinks get hot so quick 🙁 But there is a solution of course 🙂 Look at this USB Chiller.

Just plug the Beverage Chiller next to your computer and of you go. The cooler will cool your drink to 45F (Fahrenheit).

Maybe have a talk to you boss about this USB Beverage Chiller, I am sure you will work better and faster with a cold drink next to you on these hot summer days 😉

And the good thing is the Beverage Chiller just need a USB port nothing more then just the one usb cable.


For more info look at the ThinkGeek website website.