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NEW: I’m The Gamer Elf T-Shirt

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I'm The Gamer Elf T-Shirt

Now you can play video games during the holiday by simply wearing this I’m The Gamer Elf T-Shirt so that everyone knows why you are just sitting there with the controller in your hand all day long.

This gamer Christmas t-shirt is available in styles for men, women and kids and it comes in lots of colors and sizes so that you can get the perfect one for you.

On the shirt it says “I’m The Gamer Elf” and that is also the body of the elf and you can see that it has a typical elf hat and shoes and socks and there is also a green game controller so that you know that you are the gamer elf.

Get ready for the holidays by getting yourself this I’m The Gamer Elf T-Shirt.

Christmas Robot Pillow

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Christmas Robot Pillow

If you like robots and the holidays then check out this cute Christmas Robot Pillow.

This robot pillow shows the same design on both the front and the back and is available in different sizes and you can choose between a pillow case or one with a pillow insert.

The festive pillow has a red background color with a festive pattern in a different red and that includes holiday items like presents and Santa hats but there is way more to admire and then on top of it all you can find a square robot and it is wearing a tiny Santa hat and even buttons and stuff are red and green and sure the robot does not look to happy but that is only because he does not have a mouth just a square mesh screen.

If you want a fun holiday pillow then look no further and just order this Christmas Robot Pillow.

USB C To Headphone Jack Wire

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USB C To Headphone Jack Wire

Now you can get this USB C To Headphone Jack Wire to add headphone options to devices that only have USB C.

This wire converts the USB C to and standard 3.5mm headphone jack and the wire comes in a bunch of fun colors and is 0.6 inch long making it a handy little wire that you can take with you where ever you go.

This is what everyone with a smart phone with USB C or maybe with an iPad Pro or the new iPad Air because now you can wear your normal wired headphones when ever you want to.

Come and get your own USB C To Headphone Jack Wire.

2020 Minecraft Advent Calendar

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2020 Minecraft Advent Calendar

Now there is the 2020 Minecraft Advent Calendar for everyone that loves Christmas and Minecraft.

This Advent Calendar is the 2020 edition but can of course be use any year you want to count down to Christmas.

The Minecraft calendar is a nice box with 24 pockets that hide 24 presents of which 12 are mini figures that included things like the famous red Minecraft bed but then decorated for the holidays and there is a Christmas tree to and much more. Beside the figures there are lots of stickers inside it too.

The calendar is rated ages 6+ so if you know a Minecraft fan that likes to know when Christmas is then get them this 2020 Minecraft Advent Calendar.

Nintendo Themed Neck Gaiter Face Mask

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Nintendo Themed Neck Gaiter Face Mask

Now there is a Nintendo Themed Neck Gaiter Face Mask that you can wear while leaving the house.

If you are a gamer that like the classic Nintendo stuff then now you can have a neck gaiter that can be you goto face mask for when you are going out.

The gaiter is black and white with a camouflage print in the background and on top of that you can find all kind of Nintendo stuff including controllers.

Face masks are something we will be using for a while and that is a good enough reason for getting something really cool so come and get your Nintendo Themed Neck Gaiter Face Mask.

Portable Phone Holder

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Portable Phone Holder

Now there is this Portable Phone Holder that you can take where ever you go to get your phone held in place so that you can watch video’s and stuff.

If you are on the go a lot and want to have you phone in place so that you use it then this is what you want.

The holder can be connected to lots of things like a chair, table, and even like on the picture a tray table in an airplane and even free standing to watch.

And when not in use the phone holder folds neat and flat so that you can even have it in your pocket.

Come and check out this Portable Phone Holder.

Minecraft Creeper Swim Shorts

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Minecraft Creeper Swim Shorts

If your child like Minecraft and swimming then you need theses Minecraft Creeper Swim Shorts.

The Minecraft swimwear comes in boys sizes 5 -14 so that lots of kids can enjoy swimming in creeper shorts.

The swim shorts are black with a green drawstring and on the black fabric you can find a small Minecraft logo but lots of face of a Creepers and they are green making it really cool as the green looks great with the black.

I am sure that this fun swimwear is what your child wants so give them a special surprise that could go boom so come get these Minecraft Creeper Swim Shorts.

Metal Robots Puzzle

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Metal Robots Puzzle

If you like do have something todo at home then check out this Metal Robots Puzzle.

This jigsaw puzzle is all about robots as it has lots and lots of classic metal robot toys on it and you can admire them all when you finish the puzzle together.

And this robot jigsaw puzzle comes in nice metal box so that you can keep this puzzle stored in style.

And you can get this robot puzzle in different amount of pieces so that there is a puzzle for all ages. You can get the robot puzzle from 30 – 1000 pieces and many in between.

So if you like to build some robots then start with this Metal Robots Puzzle.

Lockable USB Flash Drive

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Lockable USB Flash Drive

If you worry about your data then you have to check out this Lockable USB Flash Drive as it is a flash drive nobody can get to when it is locked inside his housing.

This USB Flash Drive is just like any other thumb drive and it comes in many sizes and the stick does not just have one but two connectors and there are versions with USB A, USB C, and Mirco USB so that you can use it with all our devices.

And then you can put that stick inside a barrel with numbers on it and those numbers turn to lock the drive in place so that nobody can access your drive unless they have the code.

And yes you can set the combination code so that only you know the code to get to your data.

So if you have things to store you don’t want others to see then come get your Lockable USB Flash Drive.

Wall-E Costume

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Wall-E Costume for kids

Now there is his cute Wall-E Costume that is perfect for children that love the Wall-E movie.

This Halloween costume includes a headpiece that has the famous eyes of Wall-E on it and then there is a big tunic that includes the whole body of the robot and that really makes you child look like this famous movie robot and to make it all complete they even included gloves that fit completely with the Halloween outfit.

And this kids costume is available in a bunch of sizes for kids and even toddlers.

So if your child love the Wall-E movie and wants a fun costume then get them this cute Wall-E Costume.