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NEW: Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

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Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

Sure you can get a camera or audio baby monitor but if you like your baby to sleep then think about this Nanit Smart Baby Monitor.

The Nanit baby monitor is a camera that hangs above your babies crib and watches over the little one while it sleeps and it does more then just giving your a look inside the crib as it also tracks the sleep of your lovely baby so that you know what is happening at night.

The Nanit camera has a great night vision look so that even in the dark you can see what is happening and you don’t really need the internet either as it just works with WIFI.

No need to have sleepless nights as you don’t know what happened with your baby at night because now there is the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor.

Apple Classic T-Shirt

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Apple Classic T-Shirt

If you like a cool and geeky t-shirt then check out this Apple Classic T-Shirt.

This t-shirt is unisex making it perfect for both men and women and it is available in 17 colors and sizes Small – 3XL.

On the t-shirt you can see a classic Mac and it has a big friendly face on the screen and then behind the computer it shows the Apple logo surrounded by a bunch of colors and all that feels like Apple like it once was before we all get iPhones and other cool Apple gadgets.

Come and show the heritage of Apple by wearing this Apple Classic T-Shirt.

Make Your Own LED Christmas Tree

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Make Your Own LED Christmas Tree

If you would like something fun to do this holiday season then check out this Make Your Own LED Christmas Tree set.

Besides this set you just need your tools and especially your soldering iron and you can build a fun circuit board Christmas tree that will be covered by LED’s that you all have to solder on there yourself.

This fun pine tree is a great little project for everyone that likes to get better at soldering as there is a fair bit of that needed when building the fun tree.

So get ready to have a Christmas tree with lights in your home by ordering your Make Your Own LED Christmas Tree set.

Red Christmas Snowflakes Mousepad

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Red Christmas Snowflakes Mousepad

Now you can have a festive spot to put your mouse all thanks to this Red Christmas Snowflakes Mousepad.

This mousepad is red and on the red you can find many snowflakes with some being a lighter red in the background and on top you find white snowflakes in many styles.

The whole mousepad is just great for to have on your desk at home or the office as it really brings the Christmas feeling  as it is just so nice and festive looking.

The mousepad has a nonslip back so that you can use it for all your mouse tasks like doing your work but also doing some gaming.

Get ready for the holidays by ordering your Red Christmas Snowflakes Mousepad.

LEGO Duvet Cover

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Lego Duvet Cover

Now everyone that loves to place LEGO blocks can sleep in style all thanks to this LEGO Duvet Cover.

The duvet cover is white on the back but the front is covered in LEGO brings in many colors and sizes and has a hidden zipper to make your duvet fits securely inside it.

And you can get this LEGO duvet cover in many sizes like Full, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, and King.

Now you can dream about LEGO bricks while not having to worry that the bedding is made from actual LEGO as that would make it really heavy.

Get ready for a nap under your LEGO Duvet Cover.

Classic Joystick T-Shirt

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Classic Joystick T-Shirt

Now gamers can dress up in style by wearing this classic joystick t-shirt.

The joystick shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and it is available in many colors and sizes and even as hoodies.

On the shirt you can find an image of a big classic looking joystick that is black with yellow which makes it look pretty cool on it.

Now you can start a new video games because you have a clean t-shirt to wear that also fits with your favorite activity playing video games.

So if you need a new cool shirt then come get your Classic Joystick T-Shirt.

2019 Minecraft Wall Calendar

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2019 Minecraft Wall Calendar

Now there is a 2019 Minecraft Wall Calendar that is a must have for all the players of Minecraft.

Each month will bring you a new image based on your favorite video game. The images are made of 4 colors which gives it a cool classic look and is blocky like Minecraft.

Below the big image of Minecraft there you find a calendar grid that has a background that reminds you of many block pallets. On the calendar grid you find the major holidays filled out while leaving you lots of room to fill out important appointments and birthdays.

So stop looking for you new calendar because you can get this 2019 Minecraft Wall Calendar.

Motion Sensor Speaker / Scream Box

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Motion Sensor Speaker / Scream Box

Now there is a cool motion sensor speaker / scream box that you can use to scare people at your door this Halloween.

The scream box is a nice loud speaker with a PIR motion sensor and this speaker can hold SD cards with MP3 files so you can use it to send scary sounds with Halloween or maybe some festive sounds with Christmas.

The speaker can be a great addition to your holiday decorations and will be fun to use for many years to come.

So if you like to make people get scared or happy then check out this Motion Sensor Speaker / Scream Box.

Mini USB LED Light

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Mini USB LED Light

If you like to have a light handy where ever you go then come check out this Mini USB LED Light.

The LED light has two nice LED’s that give your the light you need when you plug it into a USB port.

So you can have light when you put it into your laptop, USB charger, or even a power bank to be super portable.

You can use these fun light for fun projects too as they are cool to make into a nightlight or maybe to have inside your computer to bring light to the outside.

And this mini LED light comes in a set of 5 and they are super cheap and even have a hole for hanging it on your keychain.

Come and check out more info about this Mini USB LED Light.

Blue Robot Chocolates

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Blue Robot Chocolates

Now you can get a box of blue robot chocolates and that is just something a true geek needs.

The box is white on the top and shows a friendly blue robot that is waving at you.

Inside the box you will find 40 Belgium chocolates and it is a mix of milk and dark chocolate.

The chocolates can be engraved in different themes like:

  • congratulations
  • baby
  • get well
  • Happy birthday
  • Holiday season / Christmas
  • thank you
  • valentine’s day
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Fathers day
  • Mothers day
  • fireworkds

And if you don’t like small chocolates then you can choose a box with one slap of 2 pound chocolate too.

So time to surprise someone that like robots with this box of Blue Robot Chocolates.