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NEW: Robot Beach Towel

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Robot Beach Towel

If you like robots and the beach then you want to get this robot beach towel.

The beach towel has a nice green background and on it that you can find a big robot and the robot may not look like what you expect these days but it looks a lot like a classic robot we seen a lot in toys.

And as this is a beach towel you want it to be nice and big and the robot towel is 74 x 37 inches and is available in a smaller bath towel too if you don’t want a huge robot towel.

Time for the beach and pool is coming so come get your Robot Beach Towel.

Dual Port USB charger that comes in many colors

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Dual Port USB charger that comes in many colors

We all know the problem that you have multiple devices that need charging but too few power sockets to make it happen.

But now there is this dual port USB charger that has two 2.4A ports to make your device’s charger at a good speed and yes it does work with smartphones and tablets like the iPad.

And this dual port charger has a foldable power plug so that you can have it in your bag without worrying that they damage things and that makes this USB charger perfect for travel.

And you can get this dual USB charger in red, black, white, gold, and rose gold to make it just perfect for your color needs.

Come and get your Dual Port USB Charger.

Power Symbol Power Bank

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Power Symbol Power Bank

If you like a powerful portable storage then you really need this power symbol power bank.

This is a 10400 mAh power bank with 3 USB ports for charging you devices so now you can charge your phones, tablets, and other USB devices. You can charge 3 devices at once and it will give an output of max 3.1 amp.

So now you never have to worry about losing power because you can have this nice power bank ready whenever you are away from a power socket.

Make sure you never to run out of power again by ordering your Power Symbol Power Bank.

LEGO Robo Creator Set 31062

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LEGO Robo Creator Set 31062

If you like LEGO and robots then you just need this Robo creator set.

The Robo Explorer set is number 31062 and includes 205 pieces including a light brick.

And as it is a creator set it includes building instructions for 3 different robots.

First, you can build Robo Explorer that is a really cool robot with tracks so that it can explore faraway planets. And this robot is about 4 inches tall. And besides the main robot, you can also build a robot dog and a robot bird and that means you can enjoy many building sessions as you can keep changing the robots.

Come get your LEGO Robot Explorer Set.

LED Fidget Spinner With Built In Bluetooth Speaker

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LED Fidget Spinner With Build In Bluetooth Speaker

Sure you can get a fidget spinner anywhere right now but this fidget spinner is different.

First of the fidget spinner is available in many fun colors and then when you spin it you will notice that there is LED light built in so your spinner will bring light to the dark and to get the party started they even build in a Bluetooth speaker that you can easily connect to your smartphone so now you play music while you make your spinner spin.

Just charge your spinner and start the fun.

And fidget spinner are just great for keeping your hands and minds busy so it maybe even perfect if you want to stop smoking.

Come get your LED Fidget Spinner With Build In Bluetooth Speaker.

Minecraft Creeper Mug

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Minecraft Creeper Mug

If you like Minecraft and would like a fun mug then this Creeper mug is what you want.

Like expected this mug is square like the blocks in Minecraft and it is green and on the green, you can see the face of a Creeper and there is nothing to worry it will not explode on you and make a hole in the living room.

The Minecraft mug maybe square on the outside but the inside is round just like a normal mug.

Made from BPA free plastic this mug is strong and can hold 8oz of your favorite drink and yes it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Come get your green Minecraft Creeper Mug.

Ice Cream USB Flash drive

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Ice Cream USB Flash drive

No need to have boring USB flash drives because you can have them that looks just fun like this ice cream USB flash drive.

The flash drive comes in 3 sizes 8, 16, and 32 GB and you can even choose what kind of ice cream you like so if you don’t like the yellow one then just pick a different one and yes they do have chocolate just click on the picture to see.

So now you can always pick you flash drive in a stack of thumb drives as yours just looks fun and different.

Come and get your Ice Cream USB Flash drive.

Nerd Life T-Shirt

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Nerd Life T-Shirt

OK so you are a nerd and you are proud of it how to you get the rest of the world to know?

Simple wear this Nerd Life t-shirt that shows a computer that looks a bit like a classic Mac and says “Nerd Life” around that computer.

You can get this nerdy t-shirt in men and women’s styles and in sizes Small – 6XL and it is made from 100% cotton and comes in many colors.

Now you just have to leave the house and show the world that you are a nerd by wearing this fun t-shirt.

Don’t wait just come and order your Nerd Life T-Shirt.

Flash Drive Fish Stick T-Shirt

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Flash Drive Fish Stick T-Shirt

If you like USB devices and funny t-shirts then this is the shirt you want.

On the t-shirt, you can see a USB flash drive that is shaped like a fish and as you can see the USB connector normally hides in the head of the fish. And as fish are not that smart the flash drive only has a capacity of 1kb. Below the flash drive, it says “Fish Stick” and that is fitting as it is a fish shaped USB stick.

You can get this fun t-shirt in styles for both men and women and it is made from 100% cotton and available in sizes Small – 6XL.

Show the world a funny shirt so wear this Flash Drive Fish Stick T-Shirt.

Flower Shaped Fidget Spinner

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Flower Fidget Spinner

We all know that fidget spinners are all the rage but most of them just all look the same and that is kinda boring.

But this fidget spinner is different in shape and color making it just the one you deserve.

The fidget spinner is called flower shaped and it sure looks amazing and the strange colors on it make it even better because that will look amazing when you spin it.

And spinning it will thanks to the high-quality ceramic bearings this spinner moves super smooth and that makes me wonder how long you can make it spin.

A toy like this is great for people with ADHD, ADD, Autism, and everyone else that wants to get their mind off things and maybe even improve hand strength.

Come and have a much closer look at this Flower Shaped Fidget Spinner.