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NEW: Sinclair Always Use A Rubber T-Shirt

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Sinclair Always Use A Rubber T-Shirt

This black t-shirt is for people like me who’s first computer was one made by Sinclair.

Sinclair was know for the rubber keys keyboards like the ZX Spectrum.

On this shirt you can see the typical keyboard of the Spectrum with all it’s special functions and above it you can see the rainbow colors just like your Spectrum had but no Sinclair logo here just a funny text that says “Always Use A Rubber”.

You can get this nostalgic and funny t-shirt in men and women’s styles in sizes going from Small – 6XL and yes all shirts are made from 100% cotton.

Come and check out this Sinclair Always Use A Rubber T-Shirt.

Star Wars R2-D2 Power And USB Socket Bar

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Star Wars R2-D2 power charger for at home

If you have a standard power socket in your home then you know that two AC ports often is a bit to little. But now there is R2-D2 that can help you with that problem.

Just put this Star Wars power station on a default power socket and you know have 4 AC ports and 2 USB ports so that yo can charger your phone and tablet and still have room for 4 more things that need power.

The power station looks like it is R2-D2 in half as it is flush against the power socket and the USB charger offers 1 2.1A port and 1 1.0A port so even faster charging is an option.

Come and check out this fun looking Star Wars R2-D2 Power Station.

SD Memory Card Carrying Case

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SD Memory Card Carrying Case

If you have a lot of memory cards lying around then you know how difficult it is to keep track of them and how easily you will loose them.

But no worries this carrying case will solve that problem for you.

Inside the case you will find 22 pockets for memory cards, 18 can hold cards up to the size of and SD or SDHC card and 4 are even bigger. There are 8 pages for you cards all ready to use and it comes with stickers for labeling the pockets so that you can organize you things the way you want.

The memory card case comes in a bunch of fun colors to so that it becomes even more personal.

Come check out this Memory Card Carrying Case.

I Love Robots USB Flash Drive

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I Love Robots USB Flash Drive

Now you can have a USB flash drive that shows your love of robots.

On the wooden flash drive you can see a picture of a robot and an I Heart making it it like ” I Love Robots” and that is the perfect flash drive for a geek that likes robots and cute tech.

This flash drive has the same image on the front and back. The flash drive is made from wood with the cap that keeps in place with little magnets.

And what size you wonder? It is available in sizes 8 – 64 GB and you can also choose between USB 2.0 or 3.0

Now is the perfect time to stock up on memory and maybe it should be this I Love Robots USB Flash Drive.

Smart Power And USB Surge Protector

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8 port power bar with 4 USB

Power bars we all use but most of them are long and not that easy to all weirdly shaped chargers but now we found the perfect solution for your desk or home.

This little tower has AC power ports two on each side and there is more as the little black tower also has 4 USB charging ports and to top it all off they also put a surge protector in it to so that you devices are safe in case of a power surge.

And if black is not your color then you are in luck as you can also get this power strip in light blue.

You know you can use this so come check out this 8 Outlet Power Tower.

Computer Motherboard Luggage Tag

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Computer Motherboard Luggage Tag

If you need to travel and you are a computer geek then this luggage tag is just what you want. And because you could need more then one suitcase this luggage tag comes in a set of two and each of them shows the same image of a mainboard inside a computer.

On the other side your info will go on a card or maybe just by putting you business card.

Now you can’t stop worrying where you luggage is because this luggage tag set will help it find it’s way back to your incase it would get lost.

Come and take a closer look at this Motherboard luggage tag set.

I Love My Computer T-Shirt

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Women's I Love My Computer T-Shirt

If you computer is one of the most important things in your life then maybe this t-shirt is what you really need.

On this women’s t-shirt it says in colorful letters “I Heart My Computer” and the fun font and colors really bring that to life specially on a dark shirt.

You can get this computer love t-shirt in a wide selection of colors and is available in women’s sizes Small – 2XL and also comes in different styles just in case you like a v-neck or a loose fitting shirt.

Come and tell the world who your true love is with this Women’s I Love My Computer T-Shirt.

My Memory Is Terrible T-Shirt

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Computer My Memory Is Terrible T-Shirt

This t-shirt is funny and geeky.

On the shirt you can see an really old PC one that even still has a floppy drive and the computer does not look happy and it says “My Memory Is Terrible”.

You wonder if it’s broke or if it just needs more memory as now it needs all it’s space and no room to remember anything new.

It’s a great shirt to have and that is why it comes in unisex sizes Small – 3XL and it also comes in many fun colors to make it perfect for you.

Come and check out this Computer My Memory Is Terrible T-Shirt.

Silicon Valley Pied Piper T-Shirt

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Silicon Valley Pied Piper T-Shirt

If you watched all the episodes of Silicon Valley then you just want to own this t-shirt because then you must be a true fan of this geeky TV series.

This green t-shirt shows the Pied Piper logo and below that the words “Silicon Valley” so it’s almost like the one on TV.

It’s just a great shirt and I am sure that you may have to explain yourself a bit when you start wearing this t-shirt but hey that also means that only true fans will truly understand what you are wearing.

You can get this Pied Piper t-shirt in men’s sizes XSmall – 3XL and all are made from 100% cotton and look good on girls to.

Come and check out this Silicon Valley Pied Piper Logo T-Shirt.

3.5 Inch Floppy Disk Sticker

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3.5 Inch Floppy Disk Sticker

This sticker shows how many years ago we took files with us. Yes this is a vinyl sticker of a 3.5 inch floppy disk that could hold up to 1.44MB.

A sticker like this is great fun for on a laptop, portable hard drive or anything else as you could even put it on your car.

The vinyl sticker can be removed without leaving residue behind and that makes it fun as you can just remove it when you want.

This die cut floppy sticker comes in many sizes so that you can get it the way you would want it.

Come take a closer look at this 3.5 Inch Floppy Disk Sticker.