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NEW: Pac Man Out Of Luck T-Shirt

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Pac man being bullied t-shirt

This t-shirt shows what happens when Pac Man looses.

You can see Pac Man being cornered by the ghosts and he can’t go anywhere. The ghosts say things like “What’s the matter, round boy? ” and “Ran out of pellets?”.

A shirt like this is perfect for someone who like  the classic video games.

You can get this Pac Man t-shirt in a men and women’s version in sizes ranging from Small – 6XL.

So if you want to tell the world about ghosts being bullies then you should take a closer look at this Pac Man Ran Out Of Luck T-Shirt.

Medical Emergency USB Flash Drive

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Personalized Medical Emergency USB Flash Drive

Do you want to makes sure you have all your medical info ready incase of an emergency?

How about this USB flash drive that can of course store all your data and record on it.

But this flash drive is special as on the metal clip it will have your information printed on it.

On the front and back it will have things like name, doctor, emergency contact on one side and on the other important info like allergies and medical problems.

This USB flash drive come as USB 2 or 3 and in sizes from 8GB all the way to 64GB but lets hope you don’t need that much space for you medical records.

Come take a closer look at this Personalized Medical Emergency USB Flash Drive.

New York Skyline Laptop Sleeve

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New York Skyline Laptop Sleeve

How do you protect your laptop while traveling?

Sure you can dump it in your backpack but then it may get scuff marks or bad scratches.

How about a nice laptop sleeve like this one?

This laptop sleeve comes in 3 sizes for 10, 13 and 15 inch laptops and is made from lightweight neoprene.

And as you can see above this laptop sleeve has a black and white picture of the New York City skyline with right there in the middle the Empire State Building. Not only will your computer be protected when stored in the sleeve this laptop sleeve also makes it look even more cooler then it is.

Come check out this New York City Skyline Laptop Sleeve.

Our Wedding USB Flash Drive

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Our Wedding USB Flash Drive

Where do you store all those wedding things like photo’s plans and more?

How about a special USB flash drive just for your wedding plans or memories?

This flash drive comes in different body colors and the metal cover shows 2 hearts on it and beside it text (example says “our wedding”) you can decide the text on the front and back.
You can put your names and wedding date or maybe “Wedding Photo’s” the options are limit less.

And this wedding flash drive comes in many sizes from 8 – 64 GB and in USB 2.0 or 3.0 so that you have the flash drive you need and will keep for the rest of you life.

Store your own wedding memories on this Our Wedding USB Flash Drive.

USB C To USB 3.1 HUB With Card Reader

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USB C To USB 3.0 HUB With Card Reader

So you got a new laptop that only has a USB C port but how are you going to use all your old flash drives and other devices?

No worries this USB hub will solve that problem for you.

This hub offers 3 USB 3.1 ports and two SD card slots so that you have everything you need and it all connects to your USB C port of you computer.

Why get a bunch of adapters when you can do it with one.

And yes the USB 3.1 ports are downwards compatible so that you can even use those really old USB devices if you wanted to.

Come take a closer look at this USB C To USB 3.1 HUB With Card Reader.

Robot Pencil Case

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Robot Pencil Case

This pencil case is blue and has robots in all kinds of shapes and colors on it.

If you are sick of loosing pens and pencils or running behind you kids collecting all the pencils they leave behind then this pencil case would be a great solution.

Of course a robot pencil case is super cool for school and even fun for the office.

As there are robots on this pencil case could be enough reason to get it and then you can put your pens, pencils erasers and more all in this cool looking case.

Come and get ready to organize your pens in this Robot Pencil Case.

Flybot Robot Backpack

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Flybot Robot Kids Backpack

If you little one needs a backpack for preschool or a visit to the grandparents then this backpack could be perfect.

This backpack looks like a little robot and he wears a hat with a propellor so he should be able to fly and that is why he is called “Flybot” The backpack comes in blue (picture) and orange.

The robot backpack is 10.19 x 7.8 x 3.9 inch and is made from cloth to make it soft and even more fun.

And this robot backpack is looking for a home one where kids live that love robots that can take him out for walks and stuff.

Come check out this Flybot Robot Kids Backpack.

Gamer Heartbeat T-Shirt

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Game controller heart beat t-shirt


Male and female games are gone love this t-shirt.

This t-shirt shows a heart bead like you see on those machines in the hospital but on the end of the chart there you find a game controller. So if video games make your heart beat then you maybe want to take a closer look at this t-shirt.

You can get this video controller t-shirt in a men and women’s cut in many fun colors and in sizes going from Small – 6XL.

So now you can show the world that your game console keeps you alive by simply wearing this fun Gamer Heartbeat t-shirt.

Tablift Tablet Stand

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Tablet stand for you iPad or Nexus tablet

If you have a tablet then you know the feeling of holding your tablet while lying down and trying to watch or read something and it’s not very comfortable.

But now there is the Tablift a stand for almost any tablet that can hold you iPad or Android tablet for you.

The stand has 4 bendable legs that you prop over your body making it the perfect way to watch your tablet.

Now watching a movie in bed is so easy that you can say bye bye to your TV.

The flexible legs are not only perfect to make the perfect position of your tablet they also fold down a lot so that the Tablift does not take to much space when not in use.

Come take a closer look at this Tablift Tablet Stand.

Captain Sonic T-Shirt

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Captain Sonic The Hedgehog T-Shirt

What happens when you combine Captain America and Sonic the Hedgehog?

You will get what you see on the t-shirt above Sonic dressed up like Captain America and with a big S on his head and yes of course his running boots and the shield of Captain America.

This Captain Sonic t-shirt comes in a men and women’s version and is available in many colors and in a range of sizes going from Small – 6XL so that many people can enjoy this super fast superhero.

If you like Avenger Captain America and Sonic the Hedgehog then you should check out this Captain Sonic T-Shirt.